Costco Kirkland Signature 12 Year Blended Scotch Whisky Review WW 263

Costco 12 Year Blended Scotch – is it worth the extra 15 bucks? Can it hold its own against Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 Year, the market leader? (Cont’d below)
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Mark compares Kirkland 12 Blended Scotch with its younger sibling Kirkland Signature 80 Proof(NAS) at $15 less, and with world #1 Johnnie Walker Black Label, which is $20 more for the same size. This 1.75 liter bottle is too big to gamble on, so I took the gamble for you. Does Kirkland Signature 12 hold its own? Watch and find out!

Should be on your list for your next trip to Costco? Find out! Watch on, you gorgeous whiskyphiles! And don’t forget to hit like. Have you had the pleasure of either of these Kirklands? Share your thoughts, good or bad!
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Alex K says:

Nice concept. Costco also offers various “Kirkland” single malts. I’ve tried the 16-year Highland bourbon matured and still drinking the 18-year Speyside 46% sherry finished. They are NDS (no distillery statement) but at $45-50 quite the value. Seems to fly in the face of stories about stock shortages.

WhiskyThrottle says:

OH BTW great sample portion!

Gachain says:

Loved the thorough review Mark and the fact that these have a nice price will encourage folks to give Scottish Whisky a try. It proves that if a person watches and reads reviews and shops smart; there are enjoyable whiskies at good prices. I definitely look for that fine line of quality and price.

It was also great to see Rocky again!!


Heavy Corrosion says:

I added a splash of lagavulin 16 to my dram of the 12 and it was really great together I also tried it with a splash of connemaria cask strength peated irish and it was also really good! BTW Mark if you have not tried the connemara cask strength you really should its terrific stuff it reminds me of Ardbeg 10 on steroids!! I would love to see what you think and what you would compare it to!

foodquig says:

Great job on this review, Mark! You mentioned Cutty Sark a number of times during this video, and all that I could do was nod my head as I was sipping on Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition… It has become my favorite blended scotch, and I can’t keep it on my bar long enough to be sure that I always have some. Slainte Mhath!

Nitrox Hockey says:

Hi Mark, thanks for the Kirkland reviews and smart move to compare it to the trusty JWB. Hope you and the family get nicely settled in the Peg.

Whisky Neighbour says:

Good review Mark. I appreciate hearing about Kirkland and other store blends too. They are often a very good value, but hard to find quality thoughts on.

JasonWhiskyWise says:

Great review Mark, I’ve found a similar thing when opening some bottles as they can be rather sharp around the top so what I was told is remove the full top bit and no cuts. Cheers buddy and great comparison!

Cyril 19 says:

$35? It’s 51 in our local Costco. Bummer

Michael McElligott says:

Hi Mark – fellow scotch/whiskey lover here, had a slightly off-topic question for you. I moved to Seoul about a month ago (scotch prices are not treating me well compared to the US!), and was curious how you went about learning Korean. You sound quite good in your videos. I’ve learned Hangul already, and been using a few apps as well as hiring a private teacher for a 1-hour lesson weekly. Are there any particular books or methods you would suggest for me? Any response would be great…I’m not sure how long I’ll be here, but I’d at least like to possess a conversational-level of Korean if I’m here for a few years. Thanks and 건배!

young ho Kim says:

제가 영어를 잘 못해서요ㅜㅜ 저는 커클랜드 위스키를 마셔봤는데 제 입맛에는 좀 향도 적고, 시바스리갈12&조니워커블랙보다 등급이 떨어지는 느낌을 받았습니다.
심지어 벨즈 위스키보다도 좀 떨어지는 느낌을 받았습니다.
영상에서는 그냥 커클랜드보다 커클랜드12년산이 더 향이 깊다고 하셨는데, 차이가 많이 나는지 궁금합니다ㅜㅜ 차이가 얼마나 나는지 질문드립니다.

Steve Klise says:

i am a total noob with scotch/whisky. When I heard hay, I almost fell out. I am more of a red whine guy. I appreciate the color and candor. I got the blended. I think its ok for me, as i don’t have the taste for it yet, but i do enjoy the burn.

eric gilbert says:

Holy handles bro

Heavy Corrosion says:

I really like the kirkland 12 year old it has a nice sweetness and a little peat and i think its very smooth. For the money i dont think you can beat it!

TW G8977 says:

“The purposes of comparison”…that’s what I keep saying when I pour two or more drams to “compare” for the night. If your still in the Peg I’d suggest hitting up The Toad for an excellent whisky selection.

Alex K says:

I doubt Alexander Murray makes anything, most likely is a shell company to conceal provenance. That’s the whole point of Kirkland brand.

Don Nishita says:

Great review! I’ve come to appreciate the Kirkland 12 as a daily dram. I found the Kirkland 12 to to be very sweet up front on the palette and very easy to drink…maybe too easy! I actually found it closer to the Johnny Walker Gold 18 versus the the black or double black with not as much peat/smoke on the finish.

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