Costco Kirkland Signature Blended Scotch Whisky Review WhiskyWhistle 204

Costco Kirkland Signature Blended Scotch Whisky Review WhiskyWhistle 204
You’ve seen it at Costco and you were curious. Is Costco’s Kirkland Signature Blended Scotch Whisky any good? Price aside, 1.75 liters is too big to gamble on. I take the gamble for you thanks to WhiskyWhistle Friend Mark M.
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eric gilbert says:

I hate ice in my whisky. But it does seem to improve quite bottomshelf blends

Dennis T says:

You are easily one of the most annoying reviewer’s I have come across yet. I don’t know what these other guys are talking about, but you’re a jackass

Steve Foster says:

So, if I like J&B and Dewars but don’t care for red label or Chivas would I like this? Normal scotch is Scoresby

foodquig says:

By the way, I like that closing sequence…

lee chan says:

I love North Korea!! Fuck trump, long Kim Jung un!!!! America will fall!!! Allah Akbar!!

AGT0M says:

Thanks for sharing, mate. I’m gonna be getting my bottle delivered in about 2 weeks from now. Looking forward to trying it.

Big Fitzg says:

Dewars was my go to Scotch for years along comes the Kirkland 80 proof . Bam went back and bought two more bottles and of course a bottle of Glenlivet for myself and some tight friends (Who`s counting) looking for comfort in flavor rather than buzz with volume. That being said its like eating a chocalate cherry liquor after snickers your whole life. Having brought myself up between the “Ditmars “and the” Black Rock” two of the best drinking holes in old Astoria, Long Island. suffice it to say There was something always wrong with Dewars but could it be right with Kirkland. Pricewise have i found the balm for life ? like your post rookie and i hope you get some more feedback from the “plebes” out there

Go Davy Go says:

Only tried neat as of yet.. not bad but not great either. It’s good in every sense of the word. Peaty, malty the grain very present, young whiskey.. sweet but not defining..

biglance says:

I like how you placed the bottle, perfect.  Also how you said, “a word from out sponsors”…i have never seen someone say that, much better than just slamming you into an ad…very cool actually! hope all is well, peace from China.

Bronco Rog says:

My Costco doesn’t have liquor. I like to put my barrel proof bourbon on rocks. Nice one Mark.

twarfield1204 says:

Do you miss living in the US or Canada ? Random question, I know, but I had to ask.

cato says:

I haven’t purchased anything in a 1.75L bottle since the 80s. Lol. I drink blends with ice frequently. Delicious that way.

foodquig says:

Our Costco here in BC doesn’t carry it LOL If you feel that trying it with rocks gives you a better picture of what this whisky is like, then more power to you!

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