Dalmore 12, Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky Review #47

Scotch 4 Dummies review of Dalmore 12
2 out of 4 average rating


MR HGK says:

just great, now i have to buy this to! 😉 great video!

hillbillywine101 says:

I enjoy your style. Keep up the good work. Cheers

Chuck Ironsight says:

fig newtons , original , is the smell i get and i can no longer smell anything but that when “nosing” it

Frank lampard says:

Your problem is the same as we have with our whisky club, once you’ve tried the King Alexander everything else from Dalmore is just not quite cutting it.

Triplecap says:

i’ve had one for a bit and I opened it to drink along with you. 80 in my opinion

Michael Plaster says:

My favorite 40%er. Found a black box of it at a shop yesterday. In 2016! Grabbed it.

sirbungobeats says:

+scotch4dummies My first Dalmore was the 18yr and i immediately fell in love with it. At the time, best scotch I ever had (until the King). I picked up the 12 and had similar initial impressions as you gentlemen had. Uber drinkability/smoothness and more complexity out of most 12’s in the price range. This dram will certainly grow on you and I urge all those reading this to pick up a bottle. I recently picked up the 15 and I must say I prefer the 12. Thanks Scotch for Dummies for another fun review.

ITZ Whiskey says:

I noticed on your last live stream you said you never had the above mentioned Balvenie. Message me and I’ll send it your way.

Brad Webb says:

I was underwhelmed by the Dalmore 12. I wanted to love it, thought I would and it just fell a little flat to me. It’s a good Scotch and easy to drink, but nothing spectacular about it. If they had bottled it at 46… I think it would’ve been so much better. Anyway, great job. I’m enjoying your reviews. BTW- Can you explain your scoring system? I’m glad you don’t do 1-100. It never made sense to me since everything typically falls between 80-100 anyway. Cheers.

Mark Ray says:

I purchased a bottle of this about a week ago, and loved it. To me it has a strong dark chocolate flavor, Cheers.

Keith Petersen says:

I agree with you guys for the most part. I mentioned before, that I just killed this bottle over a 6 month period. It is smooth, somewhat malty, with a short finish for me. With it being only 40 abv, I think the water kills the profile. Overall its to flat for me, cost $45 and I won’t be buying it again. As for now, I rate the Balvenie 12 yr as my top pick for a 12 yr scotch with HP 12 next in line. Great video.

ITZ Whiskey says:

Just purchased a bottle of this along with Balvenie 15yr Single Barrel Sherry Cask.

cato says:

Thanks for the review guys. Your palates are maturing. I haven’t tried a current 12 yo Dalmore bottling, but I did dig though my stock last night and found a 12 yo bottling from 15 or so years ago. I bought a case on deep discount at the time. Bottled at 43% it is pretty good, nice malt and sherried nose -slight sulfur, fruity arrival develops into a cereal middle, short lightly smoky but bitter finish. Doesn’t sound as refined as a current bottling as you fellas describe. I used to drink this in the summertime over ice as a bottle was only $15 in bulk. I think it was better over ice as memory serves. Overall I thin a 2/4 rating applies to my older bottle as well.

thoarne jones says:

i just bought the Dalmore 12 yesterday. At first i couldn’t tell the difference between it and the Monkey Shoulder i got 2 weeks prior. but after the first couple sips i fell in love with it. that chocolate is to die for. i realize now i gotta take smaller sips to really appreciate it.

John Cook says:

Great review guys! I have the Dalmore 12 and 15… love them both! I can’t wait to try the King… I’ll have to get into the piggy bank for that one! But it’s coming!

Loco Pilot says:

Would you prefer the 12 or 15?

Jason Voorheese says:

guys, i’m trying to decide whether to try glendronach 12, glenfarclas 12, or dalmore 12 as my next sherried dram (because price is an issue, and i’ve tried nothing or them, the revival, 105, 15 year are out of the question. at best, i can pick two out of the three, and would like some variety. i loved the macallan 12, aberlour double cask less so. thanks in advance!

Andrew Glumpe says:

Y’all are very informative and entertaining great company keep up the show the views will pour in over time

Rockdoc St Augustine says:

I don’t touch this Scotch for 30 minutes before I even nose it. Take it easy, guys. Slow down if your going to do a tasting. This is a damn good Scotch. One of the finest 12 year old Scotches on the market. I believe Whisky Advocate gave it an 84 whereas the King Alexander got an 88. Regardless of these scores, I love this Scotch. As a matter of fact, I’m drinking it now. The last bottle lasted me a week and a half.

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