Ep 153: Dewar’s White Label Blended Scotch Review and Tasting + Aberfeldy and Port Dundas Comparison

Today we do a review and tasting of Dewar’s White Label Blended Scotch and compare it to our own blend of Aberfeldy 12 and Port Dundas 12.

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Micheal Rozar says:

Hi there !!
Watched all your whisky reviews up to now and just LOVE them !!!
They are so refreshing when you have watched a few of the others – they just remind me of how my friends and I enjoy our whisky : goofing around while nosing, tasting and sharing our findings !!
I’m going to try some Major mooching for Rex now : Daniel, of all the whisk[e]ys you have which one is the most expensive and which one is the most valuable to you ? Could you review them 😉

Pizzaxbandit says:

What do you call a mad nut?


Kevin Vinh says:

Rex I give you props sir. I swear in the past couple videos Daniel has opened at least 2-4 bottles per video. Hats off to you Mooch Master sir.

Zylon Tex says:

DUDE. It’s pronounce pu-Ji-list. Clearly you don’t watch nearly enough Simpsons. Rectify that please.
FYI, you don’t need a whiskey flavored toothpaste cause if you wash your teeth with whiskey you’re Scottish, and everybody knows British people don’t brush their teeth.

Mickie Bowe says:

You bring up Powers at the 11ish mark. We went to Ireland a couple years back and we brought a couple bottles of this home. Both the 12 and the standard. I have to tell you, that what you get in Ireland has a completely different taste than what you get in the US. I can’t gut the US purchase without mixing it, but the bottles from Ireland are amazing. Trip?

Marco Hosfeld says:

So is Rex’s power level over 9000 yet?

Matthew van de Ven says:

Can you legends please review the Glenfiddich Experimental Series? Cheers!

Logan Banks says:

Hey guys i have been watching the videos for about a month now and there awesome!!!! Keep it up you guys But I commented on one of the videos but you guys should try Jim beams devils cut, jack Daniels green label, black velvet or crown royal extra rare

DutchLiam84 says:

I think I started watching like 50 episodes ago; you guys’ livers must be pretty black and shriveled by now!

cyle46 says:

I’d love to see a review of Glenfarclas 30 year. I picked up a bottle (which is really difficult here in Ontario) that I won’t be opening until November for my 30th birthday and I would love you take on it.

Terry Dolan says:

I’ve think I’ve bought 8 bottles as a direct result of watching your channel. I’ve spent probably around £180

bagehi says:

I said I wouldn’t do it, but fine, I’m adding it up. If one of my friends who watches this channel sees this and blabs to my wife, they will officially lose mooch privileges! Prices are estimates, because I really don’t remember exactly what I paid.
Bruichladdich Laddie $50. Yamazaki 12 $100. Glenmorangie Quinta $50 and Bacalta $100 (not directly your fault, but I bought one type, might as well buy another?). Arran 18 $100. Auchentoshan 12 $50. Colkegan Single $50. I bought a few other bottles, not because of your reviews, as well. That’s really not as bad as I thought it would be. It has noticeably increased the number, and variety, of bottles on the shelf though.

Stephen Hill says:

When i was a kid growing up in England (early 1950’s to 60’s) you always saw adverts for Dewars in magazines and newspapers. Now you never see it anywhere and you can’t buy it in supermarkets. I guess you Americans have it to yourselves.

Justanotherparatrooper says:

i have watched so many of your episodes its like an addiction now. i was wondering if you can review Spirytus Delikatesowy a polish whiskey… mostly just to see if Rex will still want to unmooch. it is a meager 192 proof 🙂

Pew Heretic says:

Thanks for the toast, Chad. Great background. Very inviting and sincere. It’s now my goal to have a dram with each and every freaking one of you! I’m loving all of the toasts and hope every video ends with a different toast. I’m also looking forward to the 30-45 minute vids of us drinking our choice of Insta-Awesome. Great channel. Thanks, Daniel and Rex….and to the glorious tribe we have here.

Karuna Ketan Maitra says:

hey guys… still awaiting Singleton Signature and JW Gold. By the way after you guys introduced the the Rampur Single Malt on the day of reviewing Amrut fusion, I was so disappointed when you said shitty things about Rampur (the name is legendary) though I never heard of this whisky before. I did some research on it and found out, it actually comes form one of the shittiest Indian distiller’s house. They mainly produce cheap whiskies in India and Rampur is their attempt to penetrate into the export market. Any way guys you are doing great and keep bringing the great stuff

Austen Tallman says:

Finally looked up the motto, absolutely love it! Couldn’t be more accurate

charlie.g.hague says:

Can you do a review on Port Dundes or any other single grain scotches you have that are good? I was asking you about it a while back bc I want to try to find some to buy. Don’t know that I’ve ever tried or seen one on shelves.

Tyler Bourbon says:

Whiskey toothpaste used to be a thing! https://assets.huckberry.com/uploads/WhiskeyToothpaste.jpg

noneMan1 says:

Watching this show its imperative to enjoy a whiskey… problem for me is its 8 o’clock in the morning. As a Whiskey Vault’st I must comply.

PS. guess the number of bottles in the Whiskey Vault. 738

Patrick O'Neill says:

Hey guys!
I absolutely love Lagavulin; it is hands down my favorite Scotch I have tried to date. Because I love it so much, I wanted to share a glass with my dad one evening. He however, absolutely hated it. To quote him “it tastes like burning tires”. He loves Balvenie, Macallan and the Glens, but I can’t get him on board with heavily peaty scotches. Do you have any recommendations to bridge the gap between the friendlier and sweeter highlands and the peaty Islay’s? I love the peaty flavor and want my dad to grow appreciate too, but obviously I started him out with something too bold. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
Thanks and Cheers!

J Corbett says:

I have been classically conditioned to want to drink whiskey when I watch these videos and vice versa. My mouth begins to salivate when I see a new video has been posted. Am I alone on this one?

Alex Farber says:

I just got off the phone with my brother who I have been trying to get to start watching these videos for about a month. I talk his ear off about all I have learned and totally out smart him “whiskey wise” so I love Daniel’s rants about whiskey knowledge.

speer44 says:

Dollar Amounts? You want to talk dollar amounts? Let’s put it this way: I found your channel 2 months ago, bourbon/scotch collection has gone from 3 bottles to 25 ( as an aside, Angles Envy is the current favorite, it changes my world view with every taste). The good news is the threat of divorce from my wife over these expenditures is no longer realistic because there is no way she can afford to pay a lawyer at this point. Unless, of course, lawyers accept whiskey as payment… cheers!

Taliesin Parker says:

Since discovering your show 3 weeks ago my current tally is at $1237 and counting… dear god what have you two done to me? I used to save my money. Now my savings have stagnated.

Greg Pros says:

Currently sipping some dalmore 15 and fucking loving it.. what made you guys originally get into whisky?

Eshaan Raizada says:

Hey Guy, great video and review. Can you please share the sweetest and smoothest whisk(e)y for someone who has just started drinking neat or at most with splash of water?

adam gartner says:

I AM VERY JEALOUS OF DANIEL. I am in sales and marketing management. I love it. The only thing that would make it better is to add teaching and whiskey.

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