Ep 166: Dalmore 12 Year Scotch Review and Tasting with Port Charlotte/Monkey Shoulder Comparison

Today we do a review and tasting of Dalmore 12 Year single malt Scotch whisky and compare it to Monkey Shoulder and Port Charlotte Heavily Peated.

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It’s time to break through the emotional bias with facts and science. That’s what this school is about.

** The only valid definition of “good” whiskey is “whiskey you like to drink.”

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robert lee says:

your videos are entertaining as usual but i was wondering if your can or are willing to do a top 5 or 10 choice for blended or single malt whiskeys from a certain region. not saying you should do one soon but maybe for a special event like obtaining 10K subscribers. i would like to say out of many of the whiskey reviewers on yourtube your is by far the most entertaining. thank you for all your effort on your channel, and Rex AKA “Darth Mooch”, i mootched an entire bottle of Highland Park 12 from my friend because i said i wanted to try some Scotch! I hope i did you proud!

Pew Heretic says:

There’s obviously no standard for the definition of a Dad Joke. I think the tribe has become many and varied and we’re picking sides based on who we think is the best parent 🙂 Rex is permissive and fun-loving, but Daniel is strong and authoritative. Chad’s probably the best of the bunch but I just can’t bring myself to think about that threesome 🙁

(I sided with Daniel. In the end, his rule is law)

D Oliver says:

Richard Patterson will be here in Houston doing Dalmore tasting on Friday. Y’all should come out. Ill buy both of you a drink!

Joe burg says:

Woohoo got mentioned in a video!!! Dalmore 12 has become one of my favorites I also enjoy the Glenfarclas 12. But I’m still waiting to see your take on the King Alexander. Keep the videos coming.

Romeo Lima Bravo says:

I blame you guys (in a good way) for my new obsession with whiskey. I had been given a bottle of Crown Royale Reserve some years ago and had never opened it till just a few weeks ago. Then I tried a MacAllan 12, followed shortly by purchasing a bottle of Dalmore 15. Thank you for opening my mind and tastebuds to the world of whiskey, and damn you at the same time!! Keep the awesome videos coming!

Tracy Simpson says:

Daniel, after watching several Ralfy Reviews, (which, along with modern rouge, i found because of you guys. I’m seeing a trend here) it sounds like many, if not most, whiskies add E150. Does that sound accurite? What are your thoughts?

David Forman says:

if you organise some speyside distillery shoots i’d drive you around the area any time, gratis. take a couple days to do properly. you would need someone else to do the islay area if you make it over tho

darrell hood says:

Hey rex u should have got 2 whiskeys one from the previous dad joke and 1 from this video Daniel got u side tracked and u forgot about the shellfish joke

DPython11 says:

I keep trying but it all tastes like burn!

Beeblebrox42 says:

Instead of wetting the glass and throwing it on the floor you should start a Blendagedon ][.

Raymond Mota says:

You forgot a bit of baby sick haha

darrell hood says:

Best opening ever

Daniel Hoper says:

So thanks to you guys (and my wife’s displeasure, yes I am passing the buck to you and these 9000 like mind individuals) my collection is growing faster than Rex requesting Macallan M. As my piggy bank of whiskey grows it appears to be attracting more and more wild Mooches that congregate in my bar on Friday evenings. My only saving grace (for now) is that they are yet develop palates for the smokey and more complex Islay Scotch. So my question is, when you have the distillery up and running are you planning on distributing to Australia? And between now and then what are my chances of getting a sample of the BLENDAGEDDON, I mean a tube sock in the post?

May your glass only empty so you may have another.

PwnageEngage says:

Did you guys use a different camera or video settings for this video? In comparing it with Ep 165, it’s darker and has less contrast.

IDK i personally enjoy the more vivid color but thats just me 🙂

Ryan Taylor says:

Just picked up talisker 10 and bunnahabhain 12. will you guys review bnnhnhn 12 so I can drink along with two videos? thanks gents, keep up the good “work”?

Shane Ferrell says:

I always get so sad that I can’t afford any of these whiskeys. But at least I get to live vicariously through you guys.

SpiritRadio2112 says:

Hey guys, I’ve been watching for a while now since I stumbled onto your Modern Rogue videos. In a few months I went from knowing nothing about whisk(e)y to fantasizing about scotch at work. My first 3 bottles were Laphroaig 10, Dalmore 12, and Classic Laddie, and I couldn’t be happier with your recommendations. My thanks to you and a few other great youtube channels (Shout out to Ralfy) for showing the wonderful and non-pretentious side of whisky!

Nick DeMichele says:

I bought a bottle because of the cigar video

Ryan Tarabocchia says:

Review Johnnie Walker blue and Gold not original… but its so readily available

Bryan Lushbough says:

Monkey Shoulder just released Smokey Monkey, a whiskey exclusively for bars…how does that work? Do I have to ask a bar owner friend get me a bottle?

Dennis Kraak says:

Hey guys..what about an AnCnoc Cutter review? I think it’s a great whisky but reviews of it are slim to none

The GreyJedi2112 says:

i gotsta try Dalmore 12. it’s on the list

ryan .george says:

American Barrels Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey. for a request

darrell hood says:

Hey Daniel what do a window cleaner and an I.T. worker have in common? They both work with Windows.

Duncan Gasiewicz says:

That Port Charlotte is quickly becoming one of my favorite whiskys.

Wolf tK says:

the crab joke wasn’t a dad joke it was a laffy Taffy wrapper joke. there’s a difference

noob noob says:

Will you make me happy and end with: I do not fear the day I’ll die, because I am sure that when my time comes I’ll have a bottle of whiskey in me hand and an eqal amount in me arse.

Frankie Cerniglia says:

Daniel and Rex, Dalmore 12 is the first scotch I ever tried and enjoyed. My Dad is a Speyside lover. My brother loves the Islay whiskies. The peatiest whisky I can do is Highland Park. I love Dalmore 12. It is probably my favorite scotch of them all. I do like Macallan, Glenlivet and Glenfiddich

Lord Garth says:

What about reviewing that scotch from the Kingsmen movie. Dalmore 62. I’m sure Rex would love another Dad Joke choice. 😉

Mr Greves says:

Guys lighten up, you’re getting so serious….

chuck430 says:

I thought the rule was if Rex READ the dad joke he got to mooch a glass

Keith Morton-Parker says:

Super channel

Chuck Dawkins says:

Y’all should do Palmetto whiskey.

Adam Wong says:

LOL that joke delivery was so badgood. Daniels face already laughing before he gets it out. Great review guys keep them coming.

Joe burg says:

One more thing guys just hear me out try taking a sip of cold to cool water right be bore a sip of Whiskey I find that it opens up the flavors a bit. Maybe Daniel can explain it better but I think it’s amazing.

James S. says:

The Dalmore 12 Year is hands down my favorite Scotch… Followed by Highland Park 18 Year.

Triplecap says:

Where to begin with this one?

1. Octomore is 200 not 400.
2. I like pop music but not E150a
3 I am not fancy. Rex might be
4 4th review in sounds right maybe 5th
5. In my area the 12 is 60 vs 35 for monkey shoulder
6 I always have a Dalmore 12 on hand it’s okay
7 Fun review as always
8 bunna 12???

Scotch N Pipes says:

Hey what about Cosair ryemageddon

Jacob Bradley says:

$50 USD?? its $100 where im from! god damn

Wolf tK says:

Hey Daniel what’s your opinion on E150. I’m wondering if I should steer clear of scotches that use it or will I miss out on actual good scotches if I do. I heard Glenfiddich and Dalmore use it.

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