Glenmorangie Signet – Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky Review #118

Glenmorangie Signet – Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky Review #118 | 3.5 out of 4 average rating!

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Malt Mondays says:

Make sure to re-try this after letting it sit in the glasss 10+ minutes. It really opens up with some time due to a good chunk of this being around the 20 yr. age

SilverGold Prince says:

The NAS whiskey craze manifested due to stock shortages that many distillers faced during less profitable years when sales dropped. I do not even consider this an NAS. This was designed from the ground up at a time when there was no such thing as “NAS” Every element of this whiskey was extremely well thought out. A prime example of form following function. There is definitely old whiskey in this as well, which gives it many of its decadent qualities. I would gladly pay $200 for this compared to some 18, 21, or even 25 year old’s I have had. Signet is stellar even down to the very impressive presentation.

alex li says:

NAS in general just have a harsher alcohol burn towards the finish, which makes me a sad panda.

Jon Geppert says:

I love this scotch! I watched your review a few times before I finally picked up a bottle, and then watched it again as I drank with you guys! I know Signet is already a sweet scotch, but it pairs nice with fruit and chocolate!

Dram Dude says:

Love the Signet. Quality dram and well worth it in my opinion. I got my bottle for $170 which is on the lower end of what I’ve seen and would without a doubt by another bottle. Cheers!

cato says:

I was wondering when you fellas would get around to this premium priced whisky. I don’t find the value there, but if someone offers me a dram I never say no.

Wouter Groeneveld says:

Hi guys, Nice review as always. Got one ( € 130,00 in the netherlands, ’bout the same as the king Alexander) so like to do a head to head with some friends. To me, the sound and video wasn’t just right the final couple of minutes. Just me or a editing thing? Do you guys got a website or excel sheet with all the scores? You’ve been a great help to get my collection started! Thanks for that!

Daniel says:

Yup I’m a fan… This is my favorite scotch of all time! Simply put, it’s just damn good!

Saltire says:

This does sound a beauty, and I seem to remember it getting a lot of praise on reddit as well. Perhaps one day I’ll grab one, but currently I’m limiting my max budget to around £65 a bottle, and Signet is double that!

Angel Javier Soler Sepúlveda says:


foodquig says:

Maybe I’ll try it if I ever find this bottle… Your descriptions are intriguing.

The Malted Man Cave says:

Great Review Boys…..the Signet is so good just a little overpriced for my blood.

A-Aron says:

Great review! Sounds delicious. I am off to buy a bottle now. Was debating between Signet, Mac Rare Cask, and the King. I was let down by Mac Ed 2 and already have 3 different bottles of Dalmore, so I went with Signet.

Whisky In The 6 says:

Good review guys. I was left wanting more with this whisky. Thought it was a little underwhelming for the price.

alex li says:

Someone did their homework before the show, very informative, thanks!

Dantheman626 says:

Was considering getting this or finally trying the Mac 18. The ball is in the Signet’s court after watching this video!

George Kaplan says:

This one is an “eventually” bottle for me. Too many other high wants in a more affordable range for me right now. Maybe if I see it go on sale again in NH I’ll have a friend pick me up one.

Jason Voorheese says:

Chocolate malts and IPA casks, oh my!

Juraj Patekar says:

nectar of the gods

Telex the Whisky Tech says:

Can’t wait to have a dram of this with ya Thursday night.

alan ward says:

I have not had this in a while..I think the coffee comes from the special chocolate malt added…I will pour a dram tonite again..mine is about 3 years old version…a unique pour for sure

Santacruzn says:

Good review guy’s .I haven’t been able to find the Signet here in Santa Cruz but I’ll keep hunting

Whiskey Decisions says:

This one disappointed me, interesting how many people enjoyed this.

Brandon Lang says:

New subscriber here! This bottle has been on my wish list for a while so I had to hear what you guys had to say about it. Quick question, what glasses were you using? They look like Glencairns but bigger. Do you prefer these over the standard Glencairn?

Jimidrammer says:

I’ve passed on this for years @ $179. I get the 18yo regularly for $89 and I’ll just have a Stout or Porter on the side if I want chocolate malt 😉 …but the completist in me will probably pick this up someday as it’s like the Laphroaig 25yo, every store has one dusty bottle.

Tom R says:

This might be my Christmas bottle this year. Great review.

Cars Cigars Scotch N Watches says:

Drank my first one about 4-5 years ago and have bought one every year since. Great bottle. I think the NAS keeps many from buying it, but there are few scotches that beat it.

lucid dreaming says:

I just got this bottle, macallan rare casks, johnnie blue, jw Odyssey, mac18, mac12 & mac12 double cask all for $885 (all unopened in the box of course) since it was her ex bf collection and he owed her $10K, someone’s misfortune is another man’s blessing that’s $2,000 worth of scotch!


Please guys, what’s the difference between New Make and Whisky? And is the waiting period in the barrel for Scotch 3 years or 3 years + one day? I’m confused.

Rayomand Darukhanawalla says:

I tasted this Dram first at Amsterdam Airport and fell in love with it. Yes it is a little expensive, but worth Every Penny ! As you guys said, it is something you want to enjoy with your friends who will appreciate a really good dram, next to the Fireplace on a cold Canadian winter night.

HarryWally says:

I’m going to a Scotch tasting tonight guys. This is one that we will be sampling. Great review, I can’t wait try this!

Malted In Montreal says:

Cheers and well done

eric gilbert says:

Nothing wrong a good NAS bottle, but far too often some distillers release some bad whisky under a NAS

Scotch Test Dummies says:

Great review guys, makes me want to go buy this. This is one we haven’t had. May be my Christmas bottle. Also if you were saying the Octomore’s are NAS’s they aren’t. They state an age, they’re just young (5 years on some).

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