How to Pronounce Scotch Whisky #1

How to pronounce 30 or so of the most commonly mispronounced brands, names and places in Scotch Whisky.

Shout out what’s missing – the follow up video is on the way!

Viewing is recommended for 18 years and older (or the minimum age for alcohol consumption in your country of residence).

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All opinions expresses are personal. Intended only as entertainment, and a guide.

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Quick Links:

Aberlour A’bunadh, AnCnoc, Knockdhu, Auchentoshan

Balvenie, Benromach, Bowmore, Bruichladdich, Bunnahabhain

Caol Ila, Craigellachie, Dailuaine, Edradour

Glendronach, Glenfiddich, Glen Garioch, Glenlivet, Glenmorangie, Glenrothes

Kilchoman, Lagavulin, Laphroaig, Ledaig, Oban, Old Ballantruan, Tomintoul

Old Pulteney, Port Askaig, Té Bheag, Tullibardine, Tomatin


Aqvavitae says:

Follow up Video: How to Pronounce Scotch Whisky #2

The Whiskey Dic says:

What an awesome video! Saving this link for my own pronounciation!

Nikola Govorko says:

Labor of love…me learning Scottish for the love of whiskey :), thanks for the great guide!

Mike and Billy's Whiskey Review says:

Great video! I should have watched this video before… I have butchered scotch whiskey names for years.

Malted In Montreal says:

Great video. You’re quickly becoming one of my favorite scotch vloggers. Cheers!

David B says:

Fantastic! I’m looking forward to the next video and the pronouncement of ‘Abhainn Dearg’. Not that I think you can find out by simply phoning the distillery. I don’t think they have phones on the Isle of Lewis. They’ll probably send a pigeon, so expect some additional cooing between the syllables. 🙂

Don Castello says:

Hello Roy and thumbs up !!!
What a great review, which shows that my hike will be full of experience and fun.
Often scotch tastes good and then there are days where he is wonderful. I try to
drink him @ the wonderful days. This video was a nice lesson for me, thx for it 🙂
Slainte Don

Pete Thomas says:

Super! Now I don’t have to sound like an idiot when I order a wee dram.

IndiaRubber Man says:

2:00 i disagree, it’s the fastest way to wind a Scotsman up!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep the ‘ch’ soft!

David Wohnlich says:

It ist very helpful that you not only tell us how ti speak out the names but also WHY scottish literation works. To my utmost pleasure I spoke most of the names inconciously the right way without being absolutely secure about it. 
I live in Basle, we caress our own language, too (the so called “Baseldytsch”). I think you couldn’t unterstand one single word (even if you knew german). 
There are a few Swiss single malts, i.e. the “Säntis Malt”. The “ä” within “Säntis is  in “Baseldytsch” pronounced like in the english “as”, but in Appenzell – where this brand comes from – it is spoken like in “live”. 
Nobody cares about that (though it’s a nice hobby to care about those things); that is a aspect in your viedeo I also like: You don’t insist in the correct pronounciation. 
La chaim!

omenalaatikko says:

Cant hear nothing because of your stupid background music

Malt Mondays says:

I thought about doing one of these videos but with an American accent even “correct” pronunciations still sound a little bit off. Great video Aqvavitae, subbed!

Everest314 says:

Thanks for this!
The tea bag killed me! 😀

Markus Strangl says:

Your accent is sooo amazing.. 🙂

Mr.Mister says:

I’m Irish and I remember some of the Irish we were taught in school. This has helped me a lot when pronouncing the names of Scotch because because a lot of them sound and are pronounced like Irish words. There are a few I was pronouncing wrong though, Ledaig being one of them. I was pronouncing it leh-die-g, not le-jig.

Birds of a Feather says:

Damn good video!

Zello Police says:

Great video! A+

Cypeq says:

showing a bottle label wouldn’t hurt… otherwise great idea.

Ryan Benink's Whisky World says:

Great video! As a Dutchie living in Spain and recording in English it’s sometimes hard to get the right pronunciation. I’ll keep on checking the video to correct my pronunciation.

Simple Diversion says:

Thanks for all the great info. Now I just need to remember how to say each one! haha

Bart Damen says:

You could do an entire video of this, solely tackling Bunnahabhain editions 🙂

daniel flores says:

why don’t you use the IP transcriptionʔ
like /,ʃi:vəs ‘ri:ɡᵊl/ or /ɡlen’fidik ll -fidix/

Lloyd Fink says:

haha I always mispronounce Scotches, and some basic English words. Good show. says:

The Malted Man Cave put me onto this
Only criticism is the intro is too long
Instant like, instant sub <3

Scotch Test Dummies says:

Great video!  Just now getting around to watching it!

SOWLEG says:

Awesome accent! And very useful 🙂

Saltire says:

I’m as Scottish as yourself, and I struggle pronouncing half of them!

foodquig says:

This is a most excellent vid, Roy! Yes, I finally came over to have a look… I was just watching you and the two guys from Scotch 4 Dummies having a dram in Edinburgh, and couldn’t resist seeing this! Can’t wait for the next installment!

Paul F says:

Big thumbs up, just watched all your videos, now a subscriber 🙂

Reb Mordechai says:

Fantastic 101 video. A “must see” for all Scotch whisky fans! Thank you.

The end sequence where we see you phone up the distilleries is hilarious. Did you actually do that? What a Chutzpa! (pronounced in Yiddish with “Ch” as in Loch) Ch-ootz-pah.

The Whisky Scout says:

Enjoyed the vid.  I just love saying Bunnahabhain it is my favorite Scotch Whisky word.  I just throw it in conversation out of the blue just to watch my wife’s eyes roll!!!!

Sophie B says:

Finally!! I know how to pronounce Laphroaig!! even in my head I could not figure it out! haha 😀

Christian Ewert says:

Fantastic film!!!!

I’m glad, that for me as a german, the ch sound is nooo problem

justin sauginas says:

Thank you for this video

Danielle Southall says:

Me and my Dad are going on a whisky tour of Islay this month so this is really helpful! I was doing ok with pronunciations on my own, but pronounced Bowmore the second way, and didn’t have much of a clue about Bruichladdich 😛

John Crichton says:

Thank you… helpful.

Sharon Handy says:

Very helpful, thank you!

Morning Skalk says:

Great job and long overdue. I look forward to continuing my education. Slainte Mhath.

Willie Dolier says:

Excellent video Mr D

The Malted Man Cave says:

Great Video….wish this would have been around 2 years ago when I was a noob. I am going to share this video. Slainte!

Graham Currie says:

You got auchentoshan wrong sorry, coming from the area it’s distilled it’s pronounced taw-shan not toe-shan, great video otherwise

JasonWhiskyWise says:

Great video and fantastic editing! Are you using a blue screen?

JosSliv says:

Just found this video, and I’m glad I did. I know that I will need to watch it several times in order to get all the pronunciations down. I sent this link on to my cigar and single malt crew, I know that they will enjoy it as much as I did. Big thanks!

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