J&B Rare Blended Scotch Whisky: WhiskyWhistle Whisky Review 85

Is J&B Rare a Scotch you must buy for mixing and as an occasional guilt free sipper?(Cont’d )

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Z i n o u ProducTion oFFicieLLe says:

الشراب حرام -_-

Aaron P says:

I found a 1993 unopened bottle as well

Aaron P says:

I have a sealed 1971, 750ml bottle and a sealed 1970, 1.75L of J&B rare

Gachain says:

Hey Mark.

Enjoying Face-off weekend the opening of the National Lacrosse League season tonight watching th Rochester Nighthawks vs Calgary Roughnecks with a Glass of WRITER’S TEARS Copper Pot. 

A Very nice Whiskey. This is a Blended Whiskey with Single Pot Still as part of the Blend. 

This glass has a Sweet fruit arrival followed by the signature spice of Single Pot Still.



Aaron P says:

I just got a 1958 bottle of J&B choicest liquors 20 year old bottle. I have a half gallon 1966 bottle of j&b coming as well. I collect vintage unopened bottles of J&b any where from 50ml to 1.75L

Aaron P says:

I got a unopened 1986 bottle of j&b rare in its holiday tin

Aaron P says:

In the USA J&B rare was marketed as a light scotch as well in the early 70s

Aaron P says:

I am enjoying a 1962 seventeen year old bottle of ballentines

willard brickey says:

Very nice, perceptive review. I look forward to hearing others.

Vegard K says:

more blend reviews? im enjoying these.

Gachain says:

Hi Mark;

Picked up WRITER’S TEAR’S Copper Pot Blended Irish Whiskey today. WRITER’S TEARS is a product of the Walsh Whiskey Co. a new Independent Distillery in Carlow, Ireland. It is a Blend od Single Malt and Single Pot Still Whiskey without using a grain Binder,

Here are my Impressions

WRITER’S TEARS Copper Pot Blended Irish Whiskey 5/15/17

This whiskey is a blend of Single Pot Still and Single Malt Whiskies only. There is no grain alcohol used. NAS 40% ABV

Left the bottle open for about 1 hour to breath

COLOR: Deep Golden Brown with many legs running swiftly.

NOSE: Upon opening the bottle there was a rich fruit note; in the glass there is a malt base with a sweet licorice note surrounded by a light fruitiness.

PALATE: A very light creamy coco note in the arrival with a medium creamy mouthfeel. There is very Light pepper on the tongue. The pepper picks up as I swirl it around The mouthfeel stays creamy with a light sweetness. There is another note mixed in that I can not identify but I enjoy.

The second mouthful has a licorice arrival with a bit of a metallic note, but that detracts little from the overall experience. The Coco note fills in with a bit of spice, reminding me of a pepper spiced coco I once had.

FINISH: Light coco going down with light pepper rising from my throat and tongue. A Light Coco sweetness remains on my tongue along with a drying.

I have enjoyed this glass. This is the first time I have experienced Coco notes in a whiskey and it is very enjoyable. It is unexpected yet pleasant to have my tastebuds experience Coco in a whiskey. I also enjoyed the creamy mouthfeel. The stewed fruit note upon opening the bottle led me to expect a fruity nose, but I am very happy with what I experienced.



Welsh Toro says:

A good review Mark, thank you. I tried some of this in Andalucia last year. Most bars in Spain serve a limited range of whisky and you usually only find J & B, Cutty Sark, Johnny Walker Red, Cardhu 12 and the Spanish Malt DYC. Well, I think it has all the attributes of a cheap blend. A Scotch character and no complexity whatsoever. There is a market for this stuff. The Spanish drink tons of the above mentioned whiskies. They are cheap and alcoholic, that’s it. Cheers. WelshToro


I enjoy it. Just bought a 1.75L bottle yesterday.

Whiskey Matt says:

Good evening Mark, Thank you for the History of J&B. I had a chance to try some of this blend and I really didn’t care for it but nice review and keep up the great work!

spartanlegit1 says:

I like mines straight with a corona

Raz Biton says:

Hey, how can i know how old is my bottle? I just got one and i want to know his age

Bader Awad says:

It tastes like apple vinegar + alcohol

Giallo & Eurocrime World says:

Nice review.

Jesse Regenauer says:

I remember getting an occasional bottle of this as a late teenager and enjoying it. I grew up in a family of whiskey drinkers and discovered upon trying scotch in my late teens that it tasted GOOD. Flash forward to now almost 42, and I’m on my way to becoming a single malt snob. Be that as it is, I’m gonna have to get a small bottle of this J&B again sometime for a bit of reminiscing…….

JIM87ification says:

Excellent review and desciption, but i would have giving it an 82. for the money i think J & B is very good

Gachain says:

Hey Mark:

JAMESON’S Cooper’s Croze in my glass tonight. Here are my impressions

                        JAMESON’S Cooper’s Croze 10/28/17

                                  Blended Irish Whiskey
                  43% ABV Uncolored and Non-Chill-Filtered
                                    Triple Distilled NAS

COLOR: Light Gold and Cloudy. Many Legs Running Modestly.

NOSE: Rich Sweet Fruit; with time in the glass the fruit note subsides to a Malty sweetness 

PALETTE:  Light Sweet Arrival with a nice Boozy Fruit note with a bit of Licorice underneath; then Spicy with a Light Sweet note surrounding the Spice. Nice Silky Mouth Feel.

FINISH: Spicy and Drying, a Sweet cream note remains on my tongue as the spiciness subsides.

I am enjoying this Whiskey especially the mouthfeel but I waited until my third sitting with this whiskey to review since I had a chest cold. I remember the first glasses being more Fruity in the palette. I still must say that this is the best example of a Blended Irish Whiskey that I have had in my short experience. I Peg it to the higher ABV and the fact it is Not Chill-filtered. Highly recommended.



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