J&B’s blended Scotch review

Michigan edge trying out some Scotch!


Shiny Knife says:

I guess I want buy that.. Don’t like cigarette bud flavor lol..

Marwan Ratiug says:

I like makers mark and black label johnny walker. For cheaper bourbon I go with evan williams.

JennysCountryChannel says:

Hey Kevin, good to hear/see you again 🙂 That don´t sound like it´s a good whiskey. I don´t like the smokey taste of Whiskey. Thanks for the review, my friend!

Emi's Knives says:

thats a good review ( honest ), I started a 1 L Jack Daniels (a month ago) and I was nicely surprised, I had a few bottles of jack before but this has aroma and taste ( caramel notes) and it doesnt mess with my stomach . I mainly drink german weiss beers, I have a beer blog and I have developed a taste for drinks. Cheers.


Good video! I’ll have to stay away from J B.

Aaron P says:

this is my number one fav brand, you need to give it a few drinks

The Nightmare says:

Socks and cigarette butts… You would think that bad liquor would just taste like kerosene, how could they fail so spectacularly, that it would have such an offensive profile?

Armed Rogue says:

Not a huge scotch fan to begin with so I’ll def skip this. 🙂

Venom101002 says:

Don’t you hate it when people keep coming up behind you, (or dogs), trying to get in the camera shot.

nicestknives says:

The Glenlivet is a quality whisky, but J&B is fucking awful.  As a general rule most single malt will be way nicer than most blends.  If you mix plenty of ginger beer with the J&B it should go down more easily.  … and whatever you do, don’t ever, EVER, buy a bottle of Whyte & Mackay’s.

Backyard Samurai says:

Glenlivit is nice…I agree. Glenmorangie, Glenfiddich, are my other favorites. Nothing like a dirty sock. LOL. 
    May I suggest,,,for your single malt higher end scotch. Pick up a nosing glass. It will make the experience far more enjoyable. The ones I use are at this link. Just an example…they can be bought elsewhere. Nice review…and entertaining. :O)


KnifeTex says:

I prefer Irish Whiskey; specifically Bushmills.

Texas Edge says:

Happy birthday bro

SilverStrike says:

Several years ago I bought a bottle of J&B. Until recently I thought that was what Scotch was supposed to taste like so I avoided it. But I just tried a bottle of Aberlour 12 year old, and now I’m in love with Scotch for the first time in my life.

Edwin T. says:

Im wondering if what you mean by the ciggarettes is what meant to be the “Islay” style where it can be smokey, and peaty. You did mention you tried “Glenlivet” but that is more a “speyside” style of scotch.(Very little smoke and peat in speysides)

And yes, your drinking a blended whiskey, not the single malt versions.

Marty Fowler says:

ah jeeze I have a bottle in front of me unopened and now I’m thinking it’s going to taste like ciggy’s and dirty socks…

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