Kirkland Signature 16 Year Old Highland Scotch Whisky Review #91

Scotch 4 Dummies review of Kirkland Signature 16 Year Old Highland Scotch Whisky Review #91. 2 out of 4 average rating!



Pradeep Rajkumar says:

Jolly review… KIRKLAND not avialable in Aus mate.. in our cheapest store…

Frank lampard says:

You guys are right about it not being Macallan. Found this article with Steven
Lip of Alexander Murray

Wander Buck says:

You’re always thinking of the price while rating it, but if you’ve already paid for the bottle wouldn’t you always want 4 finger pours?? 😛

Mac Weisgerber says:

Good review guys. Enjoyed it. Maybe I missed it but didn’t see reviews for any Auchentoshan scotches. I just picked up the Auchentoshan Three Wood yesterday and it is a great NAS Scotch. Just thought I’d throw that out their! Keep the reviews coming!

Hogibaer says:

Btw., even the most distinguished (Scotch) distilleries, e.g. Macallan, Highland Park, Bowmore…[…], produce millions of mediocre whisky matured in 4+th fill casks for the blend industry. So even IF there was some malt from a renowned distillery in a bottle like this it’s sadly no indication for quality. And the older an unknown store brand single malt whisky is, the more skeptical I’d be. These days – single casks for familiar people aside – no one, above all a big company gets to acquire warehouse treasures for a small buck.

AllanIceman says:

I liked the discussion at the end. Made some good points about the different “2.5” bottles and why it matters to make your own evaluation. These are the best segments of S4D. Hearing your guy’s thoughts on the industry in general.

Keith Petersen says:

S4D, I have bought Kirkland Vodka many of times and enjoy it thoroughly. Now in Danville Ca, the Laga 16 is $65 all day and $55 on sale, which is quite often. I’ve seen the Kirkland scotch 16 & 21 and just kept walking. This 16 yr bottle does sound good as an introductory scotch, being inexpensive, its age and only 40 abv. But, I have better 12 yr bottles for the same price IMHO…Now when I purchase bottles, I have to ask myself one question. Do I think I will enjoy this juice enough to buy a 2nd bottle. For my palate today, I think I do a pretty good job. Remember I have about 10-15 bottles of juice I would not buy again, so were all dummies at one point. Great review.

Don Nishita says:

Another solid review and I’m with Drew on this one with a 1.5. Took a stroll through my local Costco yesterday, they had a Balvenie 12, Mac 12, Mac Gold, Oban 14, JW Plat and Blue, Glen Moray, Glenlivet 12, Balvenie 30 for $899, and the Lagavulin 16 for $49.99. Great selections at very good prices but I notice even in Honolulu some locations will have a great variety while others will have only a few. My problem is I’ll go in for one thing and somehow a bottle of whisky will make it’s ways into my cart! Hey it doesn’t go bad right and one should always have a back up bottle (or three) of your favorites.

Pradeep Rajkumar says:



Triplecap says:

It depends on the casks. Don’t get sucked in on the age statement.

yerlee4 says:

please do the 24yr scotch review

Hogibaer says:

Hi guys, thanks for the review of this Highland malt! Even though Kirkland is not available here, this store brand whisky can be seen synonymous with many others. Over the years – through trial and error – I’ve come the the conclusion that these are rarely the “secretly great stuff for a small buck”-surprises one hopes for them to be. There’s just no reason for distillers – especially in times of increased demand – to get rid of (in this case) 16yo quality malt that would’ve made their own range of whiskies proud. Meaning they, dare I say: never? represent the best a distillery has to offer and often head from distilleries like Tomintoul & sorts that are not regarded top notch in the first place.
Sometimes the store brand whiskies, be it single malt or blend, are competitively priced for what they are, however, and worth their cost, lately it happened here with Lidl’s Glen Alba 22/27yo blend with sherry finish. Priced 30/37 EUR minus 5 EUR Christmas discount they are pretty good entry malts matching their single malt counterparts in this price range. But I only bought them after I tried them, something I can only recommend. Unfortunately they seem to get some undeserved rave reviews of people just looking at the age and comparing that to single malts… well, let’s put it this way, IF i spent 200 EUR on a 27yo whisky that tasted like this, I’d be pretty pissed… XD Surely one thing worth learning quickly is to become aware of the frame of reference of people recommending/scoring a certain product.
May your hunt for great malts be a successful one! – Still hoping the the Skype thing, though… 😉

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