McClelland’s Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky

How much is it like Bowmore 12?


dagocleo says:

Fun new music! Gin and tonic season ! When you say getting past the peat, do you feel saturated and it overrides or just that it suddenly comes with the peat. Liked the side by side comparison.

Mark Haakana says:

Nice review! In its information they say this is made at Bowmore so the comparison was very good.

Alex Piron says:

thanks for doing this vid, very informative.. been wondering about the 2 side by side

jawknee5 says:

Drinking it right now. Same size. Costs 26 bucks at a neighborhood liquor store in Texas. Good deal. Good Scotch.

Jackass Whisky and Pinto Beans says:

There is nothing(nothing) better than finding great inexpensive whisky, but the inverse is also true(there is nothing(nothing) worse than finding bad inexpensive whisky.)

DaveFrom Accounting says:

Not bad aroma. I would compare the aroma to the Glenlivet 12 but the actual taste isn’t at par. I can tell it’s a very young scotch but not bad for the price range of $26 in NC. I was looking for something cheaper than the glenlevit but close to it in taste .

Steven Cryar says:

Its $34.99 here in Alabama and we have some of the most expensive liquor prices in the country

Malted In Montreal says:

love the intro not a fan of either scotch. Cheers and great review buddy.

Liraply says:

Hey I just bought a bottle of this stuff and there is this super strong aroma coming of it. The problem is, is that i’m new to the wonderful world of Whisky, and I can’t differentiate between cork and smoke (which i’m assuming what that smell is). Should I be getting that big of a smell and flavor?

Tommy Rainsman says:

great vid! and hey thanks for subbing to my channel!

Btw, did you watch that speech the guy was telling you about? what did you think?

eric gilbert says:

Don’t give out the Special Old Rye secret.

DUB 250 says:

Love from the okanagan here in beautiful British Columbia!

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