Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Scotch Whisky Review

A blended scotch called Monkey Shoulder. It is a strange name, but how does it taste? This review will speak for itself, but, in short, you’re probably going to want to dump all the rest of your blended scotch whisky in favor of Monkey Shoulder Blended Scotch Whisky.

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A Liberal says:

So how many reviews did you guys do before you got to this one? 😉 It is a blended whiskey, but since it contains no grain alcohol, it’s essentially a blend of single malts, and it’s one of my favorites.

Teufel Hund says:

It smells like a single malt because it is comprised of 3 single malts Glenfiddich, Balvenie, and Kininvie. Unofficially it’s a triple malt but in reality it’s a single malt X 3…. it’s then aged in first fill bourbon casks and blended by Brian Kinsman. You would think you would do some research before making a review video. I do however concur with you guys. This is a phenomenal non single malt scotch.

fishhead1227 says:

You can buy this at for about $35. $35? Yup.

87Jaws says:

On my second bottle of Monkey shoulder got to say this has surprised me from the first sip. Was use to Jack Daniel’s and Johnny walker taste. Monkey shoulder is smooth and mild on taste. let my father inlaw taste it and he ask if I spent 50 bucks on it cause of how great it tasted. Fan of this from now on.

The Whisky Hunter says:

This is a blended Malt of 3 single malts.  You don’t give us much information on the nosing.  The name comes from when workers spent to many hours stirring the barley and their arm would hang down like a monkey, hence monkey shoulder.  I expected a better review.  You treated this review as a joke 

Dave G says:

Bought it. I think I like it but I will have to try it a few more times. Very different than bourbon. I bought it because of your show. Tell them to give you money. Its only fair.

Chris Tully says:

Most whisky drinkers aren’t as anal as the people in this comment section. About the top comment, no one in Scotland gives a fuck about how you hold a glencairn glass XD

ampark09 says:

This is an absolutely terrible review.  Not only do these guys know nothing about the scotch (not where it’s from or the single malts used, something that could reveal itself with a simple google search), but their review is totally off the seat of their pants.  “Good, really good” … “Solid.”  That’s some great reviewing guys.  

Rosey Lee says:

i had this the other day in the pub i to thought it was a single and it is bloody wonderful stuff its a hit with most . Makes it incredibly hard to drink normal scotch again though thats the downside.

Malted In Montreal says:

It’s a vatted malt. That means it’s a blend of single malts. there is no grain whisky in it.

Thomas G says:

Fun video, guys..
For $27 at the local BevMo, it’s not too bad. The nose is definitely deceptive as it has a powerful nose, but the palate entry is mild/smooth and too sweet for me. I prefer a bit more spice. The middle is syrupy and oily, which might make this for a good, inexpensive winter scotch. I don’t think it has a long finish, and I don’t think it is complex.

Carrinthe says:

I got a bottle as a farewell present from my former colleagues. They made an excellent choice and deserves a place in my collection between the Ardbeg, Talisker and Lagavulin.  

Avraham Hirsch says:

This is NOT a blended whisky. It is either a blended malt or vatted malt, depending on local regulations.

A blended or vatted malt is a blend of single malts. In fact, Monkey Shoulder advertises itself as a triple malt since it is a blend of 3 malt whiskys.

A blended whisky is different as it is a blend of malts and grain whisky. The grain whisky is what makes like Johnny Walker taste funky. Since Monkey Shoulder doesn’t have grain whisky in it, the taste is more like a single malt than a blended whisky.

Ein Stein says:

Don’t bother with this terrible review. ‘Monkey Piss’ would be a good name for this vatted malt. Spend your money elsewhere.

Meytal estima says:

My favorite blend. Great whiskey

TheFreakout74 says:

good to see this review I just bought a bottle of Monkey Shoulder looking forward to trying it

markydasparky says:

the monkey shoulder tastes great
just the bloke on the right doing the review-you need to get a different job cause you are one irritating s.o.b.

Rikitocker says:

Just no … going straight back to Ralfy thanks.

Dave G says:

I didn’t comment on this the first time because I was one of those people who didn’t comment. Now I try to comment when I can. Thanks. I’m thinking about trying this soon.

Brian Wedekind says:

Great review guys. Really want to try this out now. You and Doug make it sound really good.

lou_sasoul says:

this review is awful. you don’t even describe the nature of the product correctly. i will forgive you somewhat because i presume you are both drunk. if not, well, my condolences. in my opinion, just spend a bit extra and get glenfiddich. it’s fresher, greener, more vanilla-oak arrival, more pear and apple intensity. this malt blend isn’t bad, but when i drank it, i couldn’t help but think about the various single malts that were being obfuscated and diminished by the fact that they were blended. all the malts used in this bottling are young, vibrant, and reliant upon the intrinsic quality of the spirit. blended, they crowd each other out. lovely mouth-feel, palatable sweetness, honey, cask vanilla, mild spice, but what else? peat? not really; there are grain/malt blends that do peat much better. a curio, but there are better blends in the same price range

jvidrums says:

big monkey shoulder fan
big fan of the channel to keep em coming 🙂

Brad Bartlett says:

How does this compare to haig club?

Jayo Zombie says:

Its a blended malt, aka vatted malt, not a blended scotch..its a blend of single malts. Specifically 3 speysides with no grain (like blended scotch) sooo not like johnnie or dewars dude

Tyler Comeaux says:

Great tasting scotch that fills the everyday bottle role. As a scotch drinker, it’s not my favorite; however, for less than $30.00 you’d be hard pressed to find anything better.

Freddie Slaughter says:

Have you tried ‘Black Bottle’?

Freddie Slaughter says:

Watch this: The Bourbon You Are Drinking Might Not Be What You Think

Thomas G says:

I’m really wondering the age on this. Anyone know? I’m guessing 5-12 years?

nintendonut100 says:

it’s very easy to find where I live and not too expensive so I was leaning towards it, thanks for answering my question, I’ll definitely get a bottle of this next time I’m at the liquor store.

Skill et says:

Monkey Shoulder is a blend of three Speyside single malts (Balvenie, Glenfiddich, and Kininvie). The first two distilleries you may know but the third is rather obscure. It is a bit unique in this way and at roughly $20-$30 you may want to give it a try.

Cypeq says:

A youthfull round buttery speysider… It’s immorally good. Lively sweet stuff. Vatted malts are rare gems. It’s definitely a dessert malt not as much as pure neat balvenine but damn it does come at almost half the price and knock offs all the 12 yo blends of the shelf.

fishhead1227 says:

I just ordered one online the other day because of the price point and the reviews. I saw this video and hope to have the same results. Thanks for the video.

MattOnComics Reviews says:

Tasted it for the first time tonight and smells lovely and tastes smooth!….. works well with some Canadian dry ginger, great review 🙂

Cybopath says:

I’ve moved tae Canada an a cannae find this anywhere!!!! Come on North America get wi’ the programme.

Michael Jin says:

You didn’t say much in your review but this is the same reaction I had when I tried this. I am going to be watching your reviews as we seem to share the same taste in whiskey.

Whiskey Matt says:

I am drinking it right now as well and its amazing. Love this stuff 5 stars baby.

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