Monkey Shoulder Blended Scotch Whisky Review #94

Scotch 4 Dummies review of Monkey Shoulder Whisky Review #94. 2.5 out of 4 average rating!



No Nonsense Whisky says:

It’s a decent price but I wouldn’t go back to it anymore. I find it a bit bland

Jeff Coole says:

Not sure it’s a 2.5 for me, but given the price it’s a solid 2, and could easily be someone’s regular dram to save the more expensive single malts and even some other blends for the occasional drink. Cheers!

Jonathan Kwan says:

thanks for doing this! I just saw a bottle of this at Bevmo!

daddyfatsac7 says:

Great review boys. Just picked up a bottle of this and I’m loving it. Cheers !

The Whisky Hunter says:

Nice review gents. I personally don’t like this expression. I find the youth of the whisky is very apparent in the astringency forward taste profile. But that’s the awesomeness of whisky, 1 person’s astringency is another person’s sweet nectar.

Frank lampard says:

I love a whisky bargain (who doesn’t), so thought Monkey Should would check the boxes; especially given its core single-malt ingredients. However, I have to say it really didn’t do it for me. Tomatin 12 is less money ($26.99) at my store, and I think it’s better. Good review though guys.

Telex2112 says:

I like the Monkey Shoulder – Good, very good three malt speyside blend! Awesome job guys!

Robin Loke says:

this is the cheapest whisky with highest tax in spore n it dont taste nice bad juice some blended is much better in term of price zzzzzzz

Malted In Montreal says:

Good for the price.

HarryWally says:

Went to pick some of this up the other day, and they were sold out. But they had quarter cask on sale, so naturally that came home with me. Still really want to get a bottle of this. Stay handsome boys!

John Deveau says:

Hey guys… another blended scotch that I just picked up after seeing some reviews is The Compassbox Great King Street artists blend. $32 and I liked it a bit more than the Monkey Shoulder. I saw your review of the Speyburn 10. I was going to buy it for $21.99, but decided against it after your review. Thanks again.

Alex Li says:

This one tasted a bit leathery for me neat, I use it for cocktails.
Also, too little E150…need more!

thoarne jones says:

this was the first scotch i ever had. i hated it, but couldn’t stop drinking it. i gotta try it again to see how i like it.

Luath says:

Keep up the Scotch reviews guys. Really enjoying.

John Deveau says:

Hey guys… great video once again! I had a bottle of this, my first blended bottle. It was good for the price at $32. I was wondering how you would compare it to the Tomatin 12 which I got for $24. I liked the Tomatin 12 more as I just thought it had more to offer flavor wise and of course, I wasn’t expecting much from a $24 bottle, but was pleasantly surprised! Thanks, John

Johnnie Walker says:

They pump this stuff out all over the world it’s $48.99 in Australia.

Tribe Time Ty says:

Excellent review fellas. Spot on. Surprisingly good for the price. Keep it around to serve to anyone. Adequate for the scotch lover of cocktail mixer alike. I thought it held up great to a dash of water too. Very impressive Monkey Shoulder can provide such quality in high quantity and at a bargain price. Nice to know there are some financially accessible scotches for people to enjoy.Shameless Old Pulteney 12 single malt plug coming ….. It’s the same price point (maybe even a dollar or two cheaper than Monkey Shoulder). OP 12 offers an exceptional value and complexity for an introductory level expression. It’s for scotch guys though. Not for the bourbon guys or mixers.

Keith Petersen says:

S4D, I’ve had this bottle for about $30 as well. Its ok, but I won’t purchase another.

Simple Diversion says:

Great for the price. We are fans of Monkey Shoulder. Great job on the video. You guys seem very loose and seem to really enjoy doing this. Keep it up!

South Dakota Dude says:

I bought this on Saturday and upon initial inspection I thought “this seems familiar”? Powers Gold Label Triple distilled? So here I am tonight – same thing? Nope – I poured a second glass and did a side-by-side. I prefer Powers’ pear nose and thicker-warm-buttery finish over the (Balvenie burn). They (Powers) claim they put green peppers in it? Who would have guess that? Perhaps it’s the thing I can not pin point and which gives it the unique taste. Thanks for this Monkey Shoulder recommendation though; it is very good. I only put Powers ahead of it by a minimal margin. The good news – Powers and Monkey Shoulder are the same price so keep them both around; and at least give Powers a try. Side note: Lagavulin 16 – 200th editions – 8 year and 12 year; I think they goofed up and didn’t do a 200th Lagavulin “16”, so buy all of the bottlings you can etched with a 2016 year. It’s going to be hugh as a collectible! :0) Good week to you guys.

Jason Voorheese says:

This is surprisingly common and affordable, and very popular with the cocktail crowd.

The-Barker 040 says:

Nice review! U guys also should try the Japanese Hibiki Harmony. Its amazing!

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