Monkey Shoulder Scotch Review

Whiskey Blooded reviews Monkey Shoulder Scotch. Overall Score: 78/100. This blend needs to open up more on the mid and finish to earn higher marks.

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rarity says:

may be you should re-visit the monkey shoulder now that you are back to 100%

Johnnie Walker says:

I always take a glass of scotch when I feel sick and go straight to bed.

doseofmax says:

78/100 is spot on, and maybe even a little generous. I was expecting so much more from a grain-free blend. The single malts used in this are exceptionally young, obviously to obtain the low price point, and it comes through quite clearly in the nose and certainly the taste. There are no subtleties to be found here, unless you have an extraordinary nose that can pierce through the youthful alcoholic expression. JW Black, in spite of the decline in quality and consistency, provides so much more value. Even the new Teacher’s, which is now virtually tasteless aside from sweet honey, kills this. Don’t listen to the person who said if you love Speyside single malts then you’ll love this – if you’re truly passionate about Speysides, or any single malts for that matter, prepare for a massive let-down.

I had tried this years ago when my nose and palate were less experienced, and was not impressed. I thought it was probably me and decided to give it another go. Last time!

lorenz yacoubian says:

I’m a Green Label (Malt blend) fan… Would this Monkey Shoulder be a disappointment?

Brandon Hallmark says:

Really enjoyed your review, I’m 22 so new into the world of alcohol and have picked up whiskey. You earned a new subscriber.

roostershooter76 says:

What’s the blend? Is the Balvenie in there somewhere?

Rockdoc St Augustine says:

I hope you can get your taste buds back because this whisky is awesome. I’ve been drinking Scotch for 40 years and this blend is great.

Kegan Wallace says:

I enjoy Monkey Shoulder. For the price it’s hard to beat. Seems to get better as the oxidation occurs.

Rachel Kerr says:

Reduced from £27 to £23 online 0cado. I like it! A scottish blend of 3 of their popular brands. And a funky bottle 😉

Jeffry747 says:

I tried Monkey Shoulder once at a bar, and had ALOT of trouble getting past the smell to taste it. I don’t know why, but this stuff smells like vomit to me. Taste wasn’t all that bad, though. By the way, I’m drinking with you tonight, sipping some Eagle Rare as I watch this.

MRKTM690smc says:

was considering buying this one… think I will pass for now.  Lets see your bar and/or entire bottle collection!! 🙂

Jason Debly says:

Good review. For a blend of single malts, I was expecting higher quality taste. Probably the very youthful whiskies comprising this blended malt is the reason. I was disappointed. Cheers!

Sanford Hamby says:

Very informative review. I was wondering about Monkey Shoulder. Thank you. I truly look forward to next week’s review. I cannot wait.

Yourself says:

Your website is down, and you missed it on this whisky, this whisky is great for the price and taste, I don’t know of any other blends that blend 3 speyside malts. I give you a 50/100 on this review, you can do better. Basically, if you like Balvenie and speyside single malts, you will love this malt blend (at half the price). It’s amazing how low the price is quite honestly.

retxabtrauts says:

78/100 are u totally mad , you must be !

retxabtrauts says:

Whisky adventure, I have tried this after hearing good things but was left very disappointed, best thing was the bottle! “Smooth and Rich” wtf more like Rough and Shit, taste, somewhere between surgical spirits and methylated spirits by my mind, your taste buds must be screwed mate, either that or your on the payroll……

Jim Goldstein says:

I am not a scotch drinker so let’s start there. However, I liked this with a bit of water or rocks due to the malty taste. Maybe this being a novice scotch is perfect for a non-scotch drinker? For the value, I think it is a buy.

poppnfresh66 says:

Hi Dave, was wondering if you could do a review on Tin Cup whiskey. I have see it advertised (not sure if good thing or not) on TV quite a bit and saw my local party store just add some to their shelf. I would appreciate a review the the Tin Cup Whiskey soon!

d r says:

Great review. I bought this based on reviews. And I have to agree with you, its good but kinda left me with a bit of a Meh… feeling at the end. Have you tried Antiquary 12? About the same price, but much better IMO. In the end i’d say its great for beginners or great for mixing.

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