Oban 18 Year Scotch Whisky Review – With Oban 14

This week we have been blessed to try the Oban 18 Year Scotch. All three of us are huge fans of the Oban 14 Year. The Oban distillery is out of the West Highlands was founded in 1794 and currently offers three different ages which is the 14 year old, 18 year old, and the 32 year old! (Now that sounds like something I need to try before I’m 32. Challenge accepted.)

The Oban 18 was only released in limited batches up until 2011 and was a lot harder to come by. According to ScotchNoob.com…

“Diageo, owners of the tiny distillery, have just announced that they now have enough stock of the older 18 year, which was previously only released as a limited-edition bottling, to make Oban 18 a permanent part of the lineup.”

The Oban 14 is known for having a refreshing, slightly fruity and sweet taste of the highlands while also adding a slight kick of smoke that you would typically find in one of the Islay’s. For someone like me, who doesn’t particularly like peated whiskies, this is a very delicious and enjoyable dram since it doesn’t overpower and punch you in the face.

As for the Oban 18 you find a very similar and more vibrant aroma. There seem to be a bit more spices in this single malt and coming in at the same Proof of 43%, sports less of a burn on the palate. Honestly, no burn at all. The three of us were a little undecided on the burn of the Oban 14 Year but again both of these are delicious to have.

Something else that shocked us is the fact the Oban 18 Year was $99, which is really $20-$25 over the price of the Oban 14 Year! With the difference of $20, you literally have no choice but to pick up the Oban 18 Year. It’s a fantastic scotch that has a right to be in your library.


WhiskyJason says:

Keep the whiskey review videos coming and #whiskyfabric greetings from WhiskyJason in Germany!

Simple Diversion says:

This will be the next one we try out. Thanks for the review

Curtis says:

Here in Michigan it’s illegal to ship and I have never seen the Oban 18 so I knew I needed to try it. It was $160 at my local store and totally worth it. This will be one I will cherish and keep on the shelf for a while. I am a fan of a more peaty mix, so I can’t say this knocks off the Lagavulin from the top of my list but what I can say is it knocks off almost every other scotch I’ve tried. So good.

Pradeep Rajkumar says:

Dear m square… I will pick this one … OBAN…. 14…. Master OBAN in STAR WARS series….

The Malted Man Cave says:

Great review guys. This will be one of my next purchases. Slainte

Freddie Slaughter says:

The Oban 18 is $140 and has a 90 rating

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