Order Whiskey Like a Gentleman

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Jason’s an expert when it comes to drinking whiskey, but when Brian saw how he ordered it, he knew that he needed Daniel to intervene.
“Barkeep! Hit me a dose of that ‘W’ my good dude, that’s that good smokey sauce.”
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Music used in this episode:
“Trinidad” by Ian Ewing
“Lovely Rita” by Birocratic
“Pine Trees” by Juan RIOS
“Patience” by B-Side
“In Bloom”by Mo Anando
“To The Rhythm of the Funk” by Cullah
“spring waltz” by saib.
This episode was made with the help of:
Brian Brushwood – host — https://twitter.com/shwood
Jason Murphy – host — https://twitter.com/captainmurphy
Brandt Hughes – camera operator / editor — https://twitter.com/gatowag
Bryce Castillo – camera operator / live audio engineer — https://twitter.com/brycas
Max Gillilan – camera operator (sponsor) / live audio engineer (sponsor) — https://twitter.com/djoldfashioned
Daniel Whittington – expert / research


Dave Boreland says:

This video heading and image screams “wankers”……….but it is actually really good. Thanks.

sweetpea 21 says:

He reminds me of Rob off of Threadbanger

TheJusnic82 says:

This video has to be a joke or comedic skit? 15:13 everything you are about to say is complete bullcakka…you do realize they add water to whisky before its bottled…adding a few drops doesnt create some chemical reaction that brings all flavors to the top lol it merely dillutes it and allows the natural flavor in the whisky to present itself to the mouth easier because of the less harsh alcoholic burn. You even say drink it fast after adding water which is totally inaccurate, infact you are better off flavor wise to let it sit for at least a few minutes

Phil Collins Hill says:

I’m drooling over that wall. I’m (was) trying to build a bar but every time a new bottle comes in an old one goes out lol, I can’t keep more than three. Oh well, more fun to drink than to look at I guess.

Harry Emmott says:

Don’t drink and drive kids.

richard de leon says:

Godogit!!! I’m a whiskey man and I’ve been blown away with this info,,, this clip is perfect,,this people are nice I enjoyed the whole thing,I want more!!!do part 10 please.

The Dippin American says:

Great whiskey at a good price? Dead Rabbit. Nice smooth mouthfeel, rich flavors, and not too much burn, aka. The perfect neat Irish whiskey

Ryan Suh says:

If only he could pronounce Bruichladdich correctly. It is called the “classic laddie” for a reason.

NochSoEinKaddiFan says:

14:11 “To quote Brian…” along with the intro are such great moments of people coming together and having a good time. Which can be helped when assembling around something like a nice beverage 🙂

Kevin Roth says:

Just seeing you add ice into a GLENCAIR says everything
Glencairn glasses are designed to funnel the smell into your nose
Ice removes all evoporation and therefore a glencairn is pointless, it just looks fancy.
That basically makes you pretentious, just saying

Have your whisky as you like, that’s correct
Still it is sad to kill the flavour in a good whisky. It is like going to a good restaurant and pouring ketchup over your dry aged beef filet
If you can’t handle the alcohol, add water or drink something else

And by the way, you want to given them a smoky scotch and whop out an unpeated Bruichladdich
Makes no sense

obergruppenfuhrer Sang-Froid says:

Thanks for the very useful & classy video ! My girlfriend and i had a huge discussion about the information you talked about. I love learning new stuff, especially when it’s about something that i am passionate about.

zoogoo says:

Did he mix up Glenfiddich with Glenlivit? Glenlevit 12 does what he is saying, Glenfiddich 12 is a fruity scotch with pear and is mellow . Tastes best neat. Glenlivit 12 is best neat with a little water on top. Don’t trust this guy.

Patrick Hodson says:

Jason’s Brian impression is _absolutely_ on point!!! Especially the head bob at 14:21

Hey I'm here to fix your car says:

I’m almost 17, watching a video on how to order whiskey like a badass..

What the hell!?!

John Juhasz says:

It takes 26 minutes to tell people to say two words? The name of the whiskey and the word “neat”?

Tony Winkler says:

Bald dude has to be related to that cat whisperer guy.

Mp57navy says:

“On the rocks” does not mean “with ice”. It means “on the rocks”. Fucking yanks.

babakht says:

Any way you wanna enjoy your scotch whisky is ok except for cocktails and on the rocks, in that case you’re stupid and you’re a redneck,

fizzgigify says:

i love this guy’s mix of Scottish and Texan accent.

NeuroticLobster says:

Gotta work on that handshake technique, pal. Yikes.

Micheal Kelly says:

Splash of water over ice any day

liquidminds says:

hearing a “whiskey expert from texas” I would have assumed that he doesn’t know much about good whiskey. But I would have assumed wrong.
Nothing like some liquid peat from Islay 🙂
ps: some come as “cask strength” with 60% alc. you only really get the full taste if you add water. Other whiskey that is around 40% has already been watered down for the consumer.

Jenni Anchors says:

give me bourbon and only bourbon

obergruppenfuhrer Sang-Froid says:

Sorry to double dip…but, i just wanted to mention that Bushmills Irish is my all time favorite. That being said, the portion about the older aged whiskey not necessarily tasting better is very true in my opinion. I can only speak for Bushmills Irish whiskey as I have drank enough to float the Queen Mary, but I can definitely say that this holds true for Bushmills.

aeolian says:

Very very good advice on drinks, and not just whiskey.

Xylem Force says:

I once ordered a whisky neat with a drop of water. The guy behind the bar gave me a glass with ice and half a shot of water…. I cried inside

Thomas Burton says:

That necklace with a personal coaster on it is clutch at house parties.

Kenny Chan says:

this guy knows a lot about whiskey. do you make any? if not you should give it a shot.

Kaitlin McLean says:

“some lives need to be ruined” lololol

Robin Browne says:

Want some Rye. Course you do.

Gregory Nash says:

’36 is not a caliber it was Texas Independence

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