ralfy review 721 – Highland Black 8yo Blended Scotch

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Cesar Sandoval says:

Quite enjoyable videos, very informative.. Malt mention: Master Marauders of Malt.

Marque Padley says:

Awesome review and words of wisdom on looking after not just our own hearts but that of others who may be in need. As for the whisky I will be on the look out for that one. (Hopefully some where in Canada!!!)

Vittu Harkonnen says:

I tried it. One time. This whisky is almost as good as that brown rum which Tommy Shelby once chose to taste at Alfie Solomons’ illicit distillery.

TO NO says:

So pleased you and Clive enjoyed the Highland Black.

Stephen McGrath says:

Thanks a million Ralfy. Can you expand on how much peatiness there is, please? you mention it a lot but say it is overridden each tie yet still peatiness again; I like Oak flavours but not a fan of the peatiness. That said, for £12 probably worth just getting it and trying it myself. You and Clive are legends!

Social Engineering says:

I know this is not a political channel but i’d be very interested to hear ralfy’s take on brexit

Trevor 734 says:

I’m guessing the whisky shelves will be empty by the time I get to Aldi. Will be interesting to see how many Ralfy fans have raided my local store.

Theodore raz says:

Brexit ‘all theatre’, lazy comment Ralfy ‘if’ it all goes t*ts up and people lose their jobs #justsayin

Lars Erik Vestergaard says:

Not available here in Denmark…bummer…would love to try.

doryanthes67 says:

$35 at my local Aldi here in Sydney Australia

Ben Turner says:

How you doing Ralphy? Nice to see you going strong mate! And any more plans to do any more videos with your brother?


Alan Booth says:

Just tried it Ralfy. Spot on .Very little peat sweet peach ripe soft fruits some vanilla notes with a hint of liquorice on the finish .
I would say as good as any standard Jameson soft easy drink no water no coke or soda. Not surprised your pleased you brother gave you it spot on review Ralfy. Keep up the good work

Stephen Dunne says:

Ralfy I always look forward to your reviews, please come to Ireland on one of your location v,logs

spankmeister says:

Unfortunately ALDI and other supermarkets are not allowed to sell spirits in The Netherlands, just beer and wine and *shudders* alcopop

eric gilbert says:

Excellent idea. I was thinking there was going to be suppositories involved with the key chain.

Dan TheMan says:

Hello Ralfy, I have told you before and I will say it again. I love your reviews and your charming personality. Thanks .

John Henfrey says:

Thanks for the review Ralfy.

Elizabeth Long says:

“◔◔ .thank you Ralfy

6string42 says:

Ralfy you need to write a book if you havent already! If you have, I’ll buy a copy tomorrow! Cheers!

Mark Phillips says:

Tried all the Aldi whisky.My favourite and one I’d highly recommend for the money is the Islay single malt .The one in the green tube.very nice for £17.50!

korred3690 says:

finally. I’ve been waiting for this review, since I have try it for the first time, totally agree with you. For such price you just can beat it, there are a lot of single malts witch I would swap for this.

eric gilbert says:

Aldi is opening 10 locations in Canada during June, but doubt they will selling spirits. Costco could not even get beer sales licenses

Brian Streufert says:

Not available in the US. US Aldi stores do not sell spirits, only beer and wine.

cantbendknee says:

When I was poorer this was my go to whisky. Although I agree somewhat I won’t be going back to it and prefer to spend 30 quid on a basic everyday drinker.


Anyone tried Grants’ Sherry Cask (Green Label)??
It is £15 at Waitrose at the moment…
I rate Grants as a malty blend..after Whyte & Mackay’s and Grouse…

Ellinon Enosis says:

Peat FTW….thanks to Ralfy I’m a peat fan…..never going back…

J.R. the Expat Canuck says:

Well done on reviewing such an accessible blend!!! Had it in my hands today at Aldi and went for their Islay single malt (17 quid omg). Will buy a bottle of this for my next tasting.

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