Review of Glenmorangie 10, Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky #39

Scotch 4 Dummies review of Glenmorangie 10.
1.63 out of 4 average rating!


goudan says:

Hey guys, really like your reviews. Here I find your 1.63 a little harsh, I don’t particularly like rating cuz it puts a rank. I like this one for it’s the base of Glemorangie, very light but yet you get the feel of a great crafting, what it’s entended to be gets right on the spot, fruity, creamy, light in taste but lots of taste, sugary, desert, no garessivity, I mean it’s the total contraire of peated. The nose as even a shortcake feel.

Put it for another 2 years in a porto cask and you will get licorish wine, dark salted chocolat, dry fruits, ho wait, it’s The Quita Ruban 🙂

So this is my opinion, it’s a great start whisky to get the feel of what a great base whisky intended for creating master peices is like, very good to get srtongly the feel of lots of tastes that you will then search as subtile notes as one progress in the world of whisky adventure.

Cheers mates, keep up the excellent work!


My gf loves whisky, what do u think of a Glenfiddich 18 along with a Chanel no.5 fragrance as a b’day gift ?

smelterx says:

Burned up entire afternoon watching your videos. Really enjoying them.

My 1st bottle of scotch was Glenmorangie 10 a few months back. I have since moved on to Laphroaig 10. Can’t imagine drinking Glenmorangie again.

Jackass Whisky and Pinto Beans says:

All four of you are really, really annoying, but like a car crash, I can’t stop looking at your reviews.

Frank lampard says:

Glenmorangie is, for many people, the perfect launch point in their whisky journey. Water does open it up a little but it also losses something. Probably best taken straight for most people.

Gordon Price says:

I’ve never had scotch before. I’ve been doing and watching some reviews. A lot of people seemed to mention this one as a beginner’s choice. What’s your go to advice for a noobie? -I’m in the US. Thanks

Niknod says:

Guys. I mean this in the nicest possible way, but can I suggest you come back to Glenmorangie once your palates have improved a bit?

Maple Leaf Piper says:

Just started collecting Scotch this my first bottle that I purchased I’m really enjoying it you are right tho when you say it packs a punch

matrix86 says:

Just started drinking scotch. For this one, water seems to kill it for me. It kills some of the burn, but the taste gets way too flattened out. But I do have sensitive taste buds. Any amount of water and my tongue immediately says “ech…this is flat.” Actually going out to buy a Glenmorangie tasting pack. Includes 4 different flavors of the Glenmorangie. Original 10yr, Lasanta 12yr, Quinta Ruban, and Nectar D’or. Not putting much faith in them, lol. I’m not much for drinks that have a sharp punch to them flavor wise so scotch drinkers tell me to start with scotch produced in the lowlands as opposed to highlands (like Glenmorangie) but I still want to give these a shot. I did try a Speyside scotch (Glenfiddich) and it seemed almost too mellow and speysides are supposed to be kind of middleground so my expectations for a lowland scotch aren’t very high, lol. Kind of worried about trying Islay scotches. Was watching a documentary and they described those as “pungent.” So not too sure about it, lol.

lvjare says:

it’s a great pairing with an “aging room havao” … both creamy and fruity. both are nice on the back end

SlimDrew23 says:

glenmorange is always in my collection. I have had the original, nectar and currently sipping on the 18 year which is amazing.

TheAxe4Ever says:

Listening to you 4 discuss Scotch is like listening to a liberal discuss what makes a balanced budget. Clueless. Glenmorangie Original is the best selling Scotch in Scotland. And you give it a 1.5 or 2? Aye. Scotch for dummies indeed.

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