Scotch 4 Dummies review of Lagavulin 16 Year Single Malt Islay Scotch. #35

Scotch 4 Dummies review of Lagavulin 16.
3.25 out of 4 average rating!



Freddie Slaughter says:

They add color to their whisky

Niknod says:

One of my absolute favourites. This bottle is $130 in Nova Scotia.

Flying E says:

I thought you where 4 guys, not 6,- by the voices in the video… 😀

Los Whiskochos says:

Hey guys great video, we always see your reviews. Good job! I am sharing here a video i filmed inside Lagavulin´s Warehouse #1 with Ian McArthur this february, he gives out a lot of great information about Laga and himself… Thanks!

MrYahooFreeman says:

Nothing else tastes like a Lagavulin 16
A classic Islay (eye-lah) Malt

Pradeep Rajkumar says:

I love ISLAY only took me 6 years in Australia to realize..and How to drink Scotch.?After Smoky single malts I did not turn back to blends..

Best Value-Laphroaig 10
Best quality feel of richness – Lagavulin 16-Lot of flavors and sweet burning flavored fish

Keith Warren says:

Good grief Shawn you have surrounded yourself with Neanderthals…..don’t know what Marzipan smells like?……really?

Loco Pilot says:

Hey guys, i love your review! And before i started liking smoky drams, i could not touch JW black either, then grew to love it. I havent had this laga 16, but i do have a bottle of Ardbeg Uigeadail and i love the smokiness, peatyness and sweetness. How does the ardbeg compere to this laga 16 and which one would you prefer?

Hogibaer says:

There’s certainly a lot one can say about the ‘vulin 16, from “great standard malt” to “overrated” to “always a benchmark to compare others with” to “suffering from batch variations” and “seemingly decreasing in quality over the years due to multiple re-filled casks”. Personally I always keep a bottle at home as a benchmark and because I think it’s still very good stuff for what it is –> a classic malt distillery standard bottling, colored @43% abv. Having said so, with experience, there are so many more exiting malts out there, but not many Lagas are readily available. I love the Distiller’s Editions for extra PX sherry notes, the Distillery Only 2010. The 16 YO is just too tamed down for me, just imagine they’d put it out @48% avb like Laphroaig 18! Obviously it’s not about the alcohol per se, but the more concentrated flavors this would grant.
Anyhow, another great review that partly reflects my feelings on the Lagavulin 16. Glad you enjoy it so much, looking forward to your Laga DE review soon! 🙂


Lag 16 is like Guinness, once you fall in love with it, nothing else compares.

Frank lampard says:

Boy, $60 for Lagavulin 16? It’s anywhere from $98 to $112 where I live.

cato says:

FYI..Offerman has a 10 hour version too.

cadmus777 says:

Newby here to scotch in general (bourbon guy), but I started my ‘good’ scotch journey with the Lagavulin 16. First test was one glass in a fine restaurant after a great meal, and I thought it was the greatest thing to ever cross my lips! Waited a long time to purchase a bottle (6 months!), and once I did there was something wrong with it (started off OK but finished like vinegar…). Got it replaced, and while this one is fine, I’m not enjoying it anywhere near as much as I did the first taste. I think I need to hunt down the menu at the restaurant and eat that before each glass. Anyway, loving the reviews and the channel, enjoying them a lot and am watching a heap more to broaden my horizons. Nice work gents, thank you!

Freddie Slaughter says:

Do you guys pool your money to buy your scotch?

CultOfMoMo says:

Love islay scotches. Born and raised in the south, I grew up with bourbon and while there are some great bourbons, I started to enjoy scotches after college. My first islay scotch was laphroaig and I remember the smoke and loving it. Then I had lagavulin and it’s been my go-to whiskey ever since. I love how the smoke and citrus flavor work so well together and for $80 where I’m from, it’s worth it for me

amnesiac29 says:

Here in southern Indiana lagavulin 16 goes for $105 to $121.99 it’s a great scotch and I don’t regret buying a bottle but in my area ardbeg 10 can be had for $51.99 so a much better value imo.

Jonathan Kwan says:

How does Lagavulin compared to JW double black? in terms of smoky? Thanks for the review!

South Dakota Dude says:

This is the first peated whisky I have ever tried and is probably my favorite; I am currently trying Laphroaig’s Quarter Cask so the jury is still out. I tried Laphroaig’s 007 Cask strength; just too hot for me. Love the nose though and the first two sips, after that – feel the burn. It’s well known that as you age your taste buds wane. I am 54 so Lagavulin 16 didn’t over power me; but as you state in this video it’s probably not for the younger palate.


Just tried Lag 16 for the first time… This stuff is a game changer! Thanks for recommending.

Corey Martin - Big Poppa says:

One of my favorites. I also love the distillers edition.
Start a Newbie with peat and smoke with Talisker.
I love Ardbeg Uigeadail better. My favorite Islay scotch hands down . Coming in at 54.2% abv. I drink this neat as well. Sweet and smoky , oh so good!!!

noneMan1 says:

exhale after a sip of this stuff tastes like a quality cigar

Chad Chism says:

Ahhhh! My favorite whisky! NEVER, ever add ice to a single malt! Ugh! haha

Freddie Slaughter says:

Watch this: The Bourbon You Are Drinking Might Not Be What You Think


South Dakota Dude says:

Your review convinced me to try this fella. It is very good. Thanks for the review.

Saltire says:

Never yet tried a Lagavulin but will definitely do so soon as I love smokey whiskies. I know about the burnt tyre note, as I found that with the Big Peat blend along with chimney smoke and diesel, which I prefer to the more medicinal peat character you tend to get in a Laphroaig.

As for introducing someone to a peaty whisky early on, then I personally am all for it, as I got an Ardbeg 10 for my birthday once and previously all I knew was the horrible and very rough and cheap Bell’s whisky, and I fell in love with whisky after that strong Ardbeg, but I can understand its not to everyone’s taste.

Corey Martin - Big Poppa says:

Try the 12 year. Cask strength and highly sought after

roy roy says:

60 bucks? Damm, Best price I can find it here(denver) for is 89 bucks. This is one of my all time favorite scotches. I drank my first bottle in 2000 and have purchased one per year ever since. But the cost increase has pissed me off so you guys are lucky.


I’ve been drinking this Lag for about a week and I already feel like I’m getting desensitized to the peat smoke. funny how that happens.

Johnny T says:

My fav scotch ever! $85 CAD at Costco in Calgary.

Xx..Irie..xX says:

$60???? Where are you guys from so I can move there? Lagavulin is one of my fav’s but I hardly ever buy it because here in Northern Virginia its $115!!! I cant believe you get it for 60

South Dakota Dude says:

No “Woe” here Mark; I’m throwing down the 4 here; a dummie established in August 2016. The jury was out for me on the Laphroaig Quarter Cask comparison but Lagavulin just hits me perfectly. The bonfire/campfire smoke aftertaste and “earthy” warmth that Andrew mentions in the side- by-side comparison just cinches it for me. $82.00 bucks here. It’s a perfect glass as I watch HBO’s Deadwood; they drink throughout the show so I’m there – in the moment. I will be going out and getting the Ardbeg Uigedail tomorrow and trying that; $74.00 in this region. If that rates a 4 as well, so be it. Don’t be afraid to throw out 4’s fellas, I’m pretty sure Dalmore isn’t the only one worthy. Peace brothers in appreciation! Can’t wait for Andrew’s top 10.

Keith Rose says:

$60? waaaah. I just paid $90

Brandon Rodriguez says:

i think every video i watch someone complains about how much they got poured….other than that like watching you guys

jstan28100 says:

Digging the Mizzou shirt. MIZ

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