Scotch Tasting, Education and Review, Single Malts

Curtis McMillan sits down and educates us on scotch. Our products for the night: The Balvenie 12-year, Balvenie 21-year and Auchentoshan single malt. If you are looking to learn more about scotch than this is the video for you.

It is time to get some education and some tasting notes across a few scotch product lines. Next, we will jump into Ardbeg 10-year single malt with a much different taste.

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Sergio Ramirez says:
Christian Koschel says:

can you get balvenie in virginia?

Robert Chorley says:

Im going out right now to buy a bottle of Balvenie Doublewood. Great video and Info from King Curt.

Francis Ducharme says:

So what happened with Curd’s distillery project?

New trier says:

Where can I buy Auchentoshan in the U.S.? Do you have somewhere that u get it from? Btw I live in California

TheJusnic82 says:

Ive had all three and without being bias towards peated whisky’s Id deff say the doublewood is the most refined best tasting to me.

That being said WITH being bias (since I absolutely love peated whisky) I would buy the ardbeg over the double or portwood Balvenie

A Handsome Gentleman says:

Stopped watching when you started dicking with your phone. Nobody cares about your Facebook. Show more courtesy to your guest and viewers by turning off your goddamn phone for just 30 minutes.

James Miner says:

Ugggh. Host keeps interrupting the subject matter expert with ridiculous comments.

TheJusnic82 says:

as a great example of what you were saying around 6:10 about we being creatures of habit…

I love peated whiskys and recently I thought you know what ill stray off my 120 dollar bottle of my usual favourite and try this other whiskey going for 40 bucks and no word of a lie I was blown away….I wont mention which whisky’s these were but lets just say I wont be buying that 120 dollar whisky again…AND ill be opening my mind to some cheaper whisky’s for everyday drinking from now on.

AlmostJesus says:

Holy fuck can you let the bigger guy talk. Next time make a video without the small guy. The facebook and cellphone thing was pretty unprofessional and rude to interrupt the guy.

Aside from that, I appreciate the knowledge that was provided from the bigger dude.

matrix86 says:

Where can one go to try out scotch? I’ve always wanted to try it, but I don’t want to spend money on a bottle that i’ll probably just take one sip from and then end up with a full bottle that I don’t want. And that’s a waste of money. I worry about that because i’m not a fan of alcoholic beverages. But, I think that may be because I only ever drink cheap wine and beer because I don’t want to drop money on a bottle I may only take one sip from.

Peter says:

Dude, coming from a Scottish whiskey drinking fan, you 110% need to try the Auchentoshan 3 wood , stunning whiskey , really drinkable and you will be able to convert any non whiskey drinker ! 😀

TheJusnic82 says:

ive never tried the portwood Balvenie and ive really been trying to get my dad into scotch, but he likes his rums and brandy’s this will deff be what I bring to him next 🙂

Roddy Yang says:

Wow, I just checked Bevmo…those are some… *EXPENSIVE DRINKS* too much to ever touch except on the rare special occasion, like a scotch lover’s (I don’t know any…thankfully) birthday or secret Santa. Other than that, I doubt I will even touch these bottles. Good luck to the scotch drinkers.

FYI ignore the trolls tiny guy 😉

truetype80 says:

if you dont like whiskey, will you pretty much not like scotch?

Joe Raguso says:

I like my scotch younger.

Common Man Cocktails says:

+Bryan Usrey you don’t want Curtis’s job as he then moved into being a brand manager of their innovations portfolio then got laid off when they ended that division 🙂

sineaeu says:

The Auchentoshan is my favourite malt, however i prefer the three wood rather than the classic 🙂

nairdajun says:

HAHAHA i laughed when behind curtis it says COMMON COCK @0:27

Gooey Senpai says:

As long as you got the Ardbeg 10, I’m happy. That’s my favorite Islay malt. Should’ve also gone for Old Pultney 12 (for unpeated), Laphraoig cask strength (for a different style of Islay), maybe a Highland Park, maybe a Springbank, but definitely a Benromach and Bunnahabhain as well.

liiiiam42 says:

Auchentoshan is $63 in Australia. but tbh $175 sounded more likely haha

truetype80 says:

this is a great video! i truly wish i could afford the scotch shown here. thank you for this

Bryan Breitenstein says:

I would love to have a job that I could wear a kilt to do!!!

lotsofsnow2 says:

GOD dam the cheapest bottle on that table ( in my area) is 139.99$

Rick Contreras says:

Thank you ,very new to Scotch Thank you

Alt Right Keyboard says:

The balvenie 12 year old goes for 105 where i live:( So i might get a dalmore 12 year old or something like that first.

samuel pyster says:

can i use a mix of tonic water and tap water ice in a regular whiskey? will it spoil the flavor or taste?
reason being im hosting a party and the glow in the dark properties of the tonic water is pretty awesome under a black light.

Jose Torres says:

I’ve tried to watch this twice in two days but was bored to tears.

sky says:

i wouldn’t call it a double wood, it sounds like a porn… LOOOL good laugh

brego129 says:

I am not a big fan of peated single malts. I tend to like either the sherried (Macallan) or something like Glenfiddich 15. Anybody have some other suggestions for someone who likes those 2?

M1CKss says:

As much as a enjoy a nice longer aged scotch, I tend to lean towards the 12 year area. Price wise its more to my liking, and just easier to pick up from time to time. The older stuff I savor for more suited occasions.

Also I was curious on how you would pit the Balevie Double Wood 12 next to the Macallen Sherry Oak 12 (I have explored many scotches, mostly just bourbons, but this is a particular favorite of mine!)

Bryan Breitenstein says:

I should have re-watched this before shelling out $30+ on some Buchanan 12 year. tastes like a stale cigar. I decided to try my taste buds out on some scotch since years of craft beer has changed them.

TheJusnic82 says:

This was an awesome video and Curtis is a man of incredible knowledge towards whisky.

Not sure if you have already done this, but a review on the best peated whisky’s would be awesome

Bryan Usrey says:

Highland Park 15?? Wow. I have never seen that before in shops, although I heard it existed. Great video. Check out the other Ardbeg products as they are simply amazing. Also, I want Curtis’ job. 

Ootini4 says:

I bought a bottle of Johnnie Black in 2015 and it has the age on the bottle, 12 years.

Liist says:

I love this video, especially the advice on making your own thing. So far going through a couple of $30 bottles and I found a little-known Speyside at Total Wine that is quite strong and yet smooth. Would love to get into a proper scotch tasting but it’s my go-to drink 

Kiran Arain says:

First video with The Curd! Cool video, love all the information, and I can see the beginning of that great rapport between Curtis and Derrick!  

Elmen Ortiz says:

which one did you like more, the balvenie double wood or the portwood?

Linn Eaton says:

thanks for the info. go ta bottle of glenlivet 15 french oak reserve and wanted to know more about scotch and how to taste it properly.

TheJusnic82 says:

Ive never had a single malt I didn’t like, or a decent blended whisky for that matter.  Im HUGE into peat, but there are days I just want nothing more then a nice citrus, fruity sherry kind of whisky….

Travis Faber says:

I really wish the big guy had allowed him to drink the Balvenie 21 year out of the bottle. That would have made my day.

mark preman says:

Thanks, Im on my first bottle of Ardbeg, love it.

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