ScotchnSniff review Beginner Bottles of Scotch!

This is a ScotchNSniff video describing five tasty 12 year scotches that are beginner friendly and cover a wide array of flavor profiles. From the Glenfiddich 12 to the Dalmore 12 to the Yamazaki 12 to the Balvenie 12 doublewood to the Macallan 12, these bottles are sure to find a home in heart of any and every scotch lover. This is one of our first five videos and we hope you enjoy it thoroughly!

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Gary Robinson says:

I highly recommend old pulteney 12 year old single malt scotch whisky it’s really nice and seems to get nicer over time.

MRKTM690smc says:

I love each scotch for its own reasons, Although I haven’t had any of the glenfiddichs or yamazaki yet.  I’ve had the dalmore, balvenie, and macallan. Some favorites include: Aberlour Abundh, Balvenie 12 doublewood, Ardbeg 10, Ardbeg Uigeadail, Laphroaig 10 CS, Glendronach CS, Glenmorangie(all expressions), Springbank 10…. I’m sure there are many more…

astcal says:

agree with Scotch 🙂

KatiePhongh says:

5 beginner Scotches? I agree with the Balvenie Doublewood and the Glenfiddich. They are both wonderful, approachable Speyside Scotches and the Genfiddich is very reasonably priced. After that I like Bunnahabhain 12. I think of it as the friendly Islay Scotch. Salted caramel, some fruit, but still plenty of salt, and a bit of iodine with some other earthy notes. To finish out the five I would suggest Glenfarclas 12 and Old Pulteney 12. I don’t necessarily think you need all 5 of these at once in your stock, but none of these should be offensive to the palate and nose of a beginner. I intentionally left off anything too expensive or peaty. But an entry level seated whiskey would be Hakushu 12 if you are coming from Speyside Scotch or Johnny Walker Black if you come from Bourbon or American Whiskey.

Mark McColl says:

Scotch whisky is the best!

The Whisky Hunter says:

Interesting review fellas. I’ve been drinking and collecting whisky a pretty long time and I’ve never heard anyone mispronounce Macallan. I’ve hear Glenfiddich mispronounced 50% of the time and forget about Bruichladdich or any number of other distilleries. My opinions differs from yours on the profile of the Mac’s tasting mostly the same simply because it’s a sherry cask. In fact of the most part I find a huge difference in tasting profile between most 12 year single malts and their taste once they hit 18 years in the cask plus. Especially Mac and Highland Park.
In any case look forward to seeing what you come up with in the future

Bryan Jeffery says:

I fell in love with Arran whisky when I went there last year. Their peated single malt (Machrie Moor) was amazing.
I wouldn’t call the Yamasaki a scotch (not being made in Scotland) but I tried some in a Dim Sum place and loved it. Sub’d for you guys

Dan Vassallo says:

Great channel fellas! I’ve been drinking scotch for years, mainly classic Speyside and Highland brands, but now want to get a bit more serious about it. Now that I’ve moved into a home where I can build a bar collection, what would you recommend as must-have bottles for a moderately experienced palate with a partiality to sherry? Can you suggest 10 or so? Also looking to throw 1-2 Islays and some Bourbons into the mix to keep it real :). Looking forward to your response. Thanks!

Jeremy O'Neal says:

You guys look quite young… how have y’all gotten through all those bottles behind y’all ?! Haha good void

JA M says:

They’re all good bottles that I always have on my bar. As far as “best” goes… I can’t help but think that Glenfiddich is the most reasonable. Around me, the DoubleWood and Mac are 50% more than the ‘fiddich and the Yamazaki is at least double the price. So the Glenfiddich goes as my top “I’ve never had Scotch and don’t have a ton to spend… what should I try?” Scotch. I’d probably recommend Balvenie or Macallan as the follow-up bottle. Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban/Lasanta might make the list as well.

The Whisky Scout says:

Macallan 12 would be my first choice followed by the Balvenie 2nd.  As to the other 3 cannot speak to as I have had older age stated bottles and not those in particular.  I might include Highland Park 12 so the drinker gets a little taste of smoke and peat flavors with out blowing their socks off.

Andrew says:

I didn’t read all the comments below, so if someone already mentioned this, I do apologize. Yamazaki doesn’t use any peated barley in the Yamazaki 12yo, nor in the 18yo. I actually feel confident that Yamazaki doesn’t use any peated barley in their expression, or at least most of their expression. However, the Hakushu distiller, which is also owned by Suntory, does use peated barley in a few of their expressions. I have been to their distillery, and tried, their Lightly and Heavily peated SMWs. I haven’t had their 18yo Hakushu, but their 12yo does have a hint of peat.

I do like this overview but being a bit more informative might help people understand the differences, especially when it comes to Japanese whiskies.

For example, the Yamazaki 12yo, is a combination of spirits that have been maturing in four different types of casks, American Oak: 1., ex-bourbon and 2. white oak (never held anything before), European Oak, ex-sherry casks, and finally, Japanese Oak, Mizunara. I would also avoid over generalizing on the idea of Japanese whiskies. I am also a huge fan of Nikka’s whiskies, from Yoichi, Miyagikyo and Nikka. They are all qiute different. And then when you get into the “smaller” distilleries than you get a new range.

Just a few thoughts.

Lockguy 26 says:

Don’t care much for the Japanese stuff, The Hibiki harmony was drinkable but the Toki was horrid.

Steve Seng says:

Great video guys! I tried 4 of the 5 bottles you have, but haven’t tried the Glenfiddich. Will do that his weekend. My favorite is the Balvenie double cask. Do you recommend any other cask of Balvenie?

SOWLEG says:

The Doublewood – no doubt about it!
Nice review. It works well with the double cameras to up the tempo feel. And extra points for the Stranger Things reference 🙂

artimachtpartyy says:

the right one is the man in their relationship

Joo Kim says:

These are All good Go to whiskeys. I say just have one bottle of each on your top shelf. Then add the 17-18 year of expressions of each one as well.

Simple Diversion says:

Great video guys. You have great content and can tell you know your stuff! Cheers!

JiggyJames says:

Sick oage

Ryan Tarabocchia says:

Lagavulin distiller 2016 was big dicks in my ass. While talisker distiller edition 2015 is the one to get

cvpxballer says:

I have always been really curious about japanese whiskey, however, considering the Yamazaki 12 is over a hundred bucks….. what qualifies it as a beginner whiskey?

Being a beginner myself, I recently bought a bottle of Dalmore 12 and was severely disappointed. Definitely on the sweeter side, it is very friendly…. but honestly very boring. I didn’t necessarily find anything wrong with it, but I struggled to find anything I really enjoyed either?

ps, the wall of boxes and tubes is really cool.

Jason Voorheese says:

I’ve also seen Dalwhinnie, Balvenie, Benriach, and lowlanders like Auchentoshan for beginners. Personally, I went with what was available (and caught my eye): JW and the Glens

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