Teachers Highland Cream Blended Scotch Whisky Review

Teachers Highland Cream Blended Scotch Whisky Review – We do a review of Teacher’s blended scotch whiskey


Expel 23 says:

I’d agree with best “Canadian” whisk(e)y show 😀

Go Habs says:

Why do you guys lean towards each other so much? It looks like you want to kiss!

Brandon Lee says:

I go between this and Famous Grouse for my scotch; sort of; romantic slumming.

Whisky Neighbour says:

Good to see you review such an affordable whisky. This was my go to blend for some time before I got in to single malts and became passionate about Scotch. I think it is not as good as it used to be, but that is memory, not an actual comparison.

foodquig says:

It’s a decent blend… There are so many decent blends out there, and there are only a few like this one that are not too bland. I usually go for the Famous Grouse expressions or Chivas Regal when choosing a blend for my enjoyment…

Владимир Комаров says:

Thanks for the review. When I switched from vodka to whiskey, Teachers was my first whiskey. I really like it. I only tried new release. I totally agree with your description. But here in Russia, where I live there is a widely held opinion is that the new release is much inferior in quality than the old one.

Drew Middleton says:

My two favorite blends are Teacher’s, Isle of Skye and Glasgow by Compass Box. The value of Teacher’s is insane. I can get a 750ml for $15 bucks! I’m definitely with you guys that mixing it with a splash of a peat bomb like Laphroaig is delicious

Blind Whiskey Reviews says:

Nice review guys!

peter white says:

Great review but I am still not buying it 🙂

Frank lampard says:

Teachers has developed a bit of a reputation as cheap gut-rot (much in the same way that Wild Turkey has with bourbon) but that’s a shame and really not a true reflection of the expression (or WT for that matter). Yeah, it’s not super complex, and the finish isn’t that long, but heck, it’s only $19 where I live. As a daily dram for anyone seeking a scotch in the sub-$25 range it’s a winner!

Marco Rocha says:

I am a beginner and still haven’t find my favorite whisky but watching you guys sample all those bottles I ‘ll get to it one day

scotch toyburrr says:

Great review! Very entertaining. Nice shout out for Red Arrow brewery!

SOWLEG says:

Around here you can buy choclates filled with Teachers Highland Cream. Having tried them I can only warn you they will not only threaten your sanity but ruin both choclate and whisky.

Joshua Leatherdale says:

Those slo-mo parts are so funny! Good review guys, I’m not too keen on blends but maybe I’ll give it a try.

LOKNES says:

This is one I want to try, nice review as always.

cato says:

I’m happy to participate!! Lol. Sauced up or not, you guys really are my favorite in YouTube!!!

TheOneGlassMan says:

Thanks guys; I like that this shows malty notes over the grain….but I admit that if I want a reliable blend with a touch of peat I’d rather have a good old JW Black, just my opinion

eric gilbert says:

Colour, E150ish

Dan E says:

It was much better before they changed the formula.

Jerry Miller says:

Although, I didn’t make your viewers comments section on tonight’s video, I would just like to take this opportunity to thank Jim Beam for their “Distillers Cut” which made my comment tonight possible. Sad truth is, I don’t need whisk(e)y’s help to make a dumbass comment, but it does help. Keep up the good work.

Jeff Coole says:

Teachers is definitely one of my favorite blended scotches. I found some old dusty bottles at a small store a few years ago, and they are even better than the current bottling.

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