The (Better) Glenlivet 12 Year: First Fill Single Malt Scotch | Whisky Review by 555 Gear

My single malt scotch review of a newly available (to me) limited version of the ubiquitous The Glenlivet 12 year, the First Fill Edition. “First Fill” designates use of new bourbon casks in this special release. Tune in to get tasting notes and my assessment of this deliciously improved floral alternative to the otherwise commonplace Speyside whisky. Very fresh and well under $50 at $39.99 USD.

555 Grade: A-

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William Grigg says:

Glenlivet is normally a brand ive always just looked past. Partly because most of their stuff is 40 ABV, and partly because I prefer some level of peat when choosing scotch over bourbon. But you’ve intrigued me to go pick up a bottle of this! Excellent video! I would love to see the occasional whiskey review on this channel

Nick 683 says:

Hi. How about, from a few miles north along the A95. The Balvenie or Glenfiddich 12’s.

J Rods says:

Gimme my Jameson 18 year

erjam macatangay says:

Good review sir, kept it informative but still short and sweet. I’ve seen that brand in our local grocery and now I’m set on tryin it out. Could you also recommend cigar pairings? Will you also be doing wine reviews?

airmandan916 says:

Yeah more Whisk(e)y. One thing I would ask for tasting is what a little still water does as I have found that some are better that way… my current favorite single malt scotch is Dalmore 12 year.

Jacob Reef says:

Mmm feeling parched

Steve says:

I drink I drank I’m drunk!
Keep the whiskey reviews coming!

Carbonsteelguy says:

Great Scotch, I like Glenlivet it’s a easy drinker. I prefer Laphroaig, try Quarter Cask, it’s a great whisky.

Flippin Zippo says:

More whiskey!!

Patrick says:

Elijah Craig 12 year could be right up your ally!

Bradley Morris says:

Please review Virginia Black

Chris Gennaro says:

This just made my mouth water.. no joke. When you were sipping it I felt my mouth fill up with saliva

Jonathan Lagarde says:

Do a review of Lagavulin. Strong stuff, but I like it.

Brandon Crow says:

Hi, would you consider doing a nutrition/diet video about weight loss?

555 Gear says:

Any subs tried this Glenlivet 12 First Fill?

DreamKiller Gaming says:

Why not some Brandy?

jason starek says:

I always enjoyed Glenfiddich 12 more than Glenlivet 12. But as I don’t like “petey” scotches, I lean toward the Japanese makers.

GroovyCachinDude says:

Haven’t tried this before, but it’s on my short list now.

Sean Pollard says:

Nice review. I will see if I can find a bottle. I just got into Japanese whiskey I got an open mind to try a first fill.

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