The Glenlivet 12 Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky #40

Scotch 4 Dummies review of Glenlivet 12.
1.5 out of 4 average rating!


Johnnie Walker says:

Great review guys The Glenlivet 12 is an everyday of the week dram keep up the good work cheers.

cato says:

Not a lot of love for the ‘livet 12…lol. $38 is way too much but I do love this whisky. I pay $24 and I always have an open bottle. Tip: summer time, it’s hot out and you aren’t in the mood for an Islay. Add lots of shaved ice to a highball glass, fill with Glenlivet 12 = Glenlivet slushies!!

thiskory99 says:

I find it funny that they gave this fantastic dram a 1.5 and gave something like Black Label a 2.13. Black label is basically water with some subtle flavors. I take this channel as a joke after seeing this review. The Glenlivet is not supposed to be an offensive or dramatic dram. It’s supposed to be something simple, not complex.

Ivo Pires says:

Scotch 4 Dummies. Why is not everybody wearing the same cap! He looks stylish. I agree with the scores 1.5! 15 years old will score higher.

Deltarocks1 says:

would you drink this over a chivas regal 12 year old? I had the chivas regal 12 year old and it was one that would turn me away from whiskey because all I tasted was burning and no flavor at all. I also am new to whiskey when I drank it which was probably only a year ago but I have not tried whiskey again because of that experience. When I drank the chivas regal it basically felt to me like I was just drinking some mouth wash because all it did was burn and I did not taste any flavor at all.

Sanford Hamby says:

Thanks for a great review guys. I love all your reviews I have watched. I truly enjoy seeing four points of view. I myself find honey and a slight tea note. I tasted this yesterday for the first time. My favorites have been Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban and Talisker 10. Please keep up the great reviews.

Ebbhead2424 says:

Hi guys! Always entertaining to watch. Too be honest I haven’t understood your rating system yet. Is it 0-4? I guess its not comperable with other systems where this scotch would probably get 8 out of 10 or 80/100. Surely I cant translate 1.5/4 to below 50 out of 100. That would mean its undrinkable shite. 🙂

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