The Whisk(e)y Vault – Episode 23 – Monkey Shoulder

An episode of The Whisk(e)y Vault hosted at Whisky Marketing School in Austin, TX.

Today we talk about “Monkey Shoulder” from William Grant


MayuriKurotsuchi says:

Didn’t really talk about the taste…

Fran Flo says:

Where can I find myself a pretentious/nerdy box?

Gabo Luján says:

Is that Ragnar Lothbrok?

jacob burkey says:

I have to say I picked up a bottle because of y’all and I love it. Maybe more than my bourbon… Which isn’t saying much I haven’t tried many expensive whiskeys. But for the price it’s one of the best whiskeys I’ve had

White Stone Distillery says:

You damn, magnificent bearded bastards. You two have mentioned this whiskey so many times. To the point that you use it as a price measurement to determine how much other whiskeys cost, ex. Blue Label costs 6 Monkey Shoulders. You have FORCED me to go buy a bottle. And I DO NOT need another bottle of whiskey in the house! But here I am, attributing my high function alcoholic tendencies to the two of you. Cheers and keep it up!

cuda861 says:

Can somebody tell me what the strong smell and taste is? I found out I really don’t like it. It just has a distinct smell I want to avoid.

Brenda's Jeep says:

At $22 for .750 not bad at all.

TrollAids says:

Just bought one for 75. Helps being in Colorado I guess.

Ivaylo Katov says:

Guys, don’t buy this. It is extremely unremarkable.

Davor Azic says:

You guys are f… amazing.Thank you for your videos,I am going through them like crazy, I love whiskey/bourbon, even though my first love are fruit brandy’s(non commercial/no sugars added in mash) which are Croatia’s pride and joy.All the best to you guys and continue with awesome job you are doing!

c K says:

My usual go to bottle is Loch Lomond 12 year but after giving it a try I also really enjoy monkey shoulder. Another bottle to my water of life collection!

bring ruckus says:

It’s bothering me. I’ll ask. Are you guys gay? Your mannerisms remind me of my uncle who is gay. I have zero problems with it, don’t get me wrong. I just need to know lol

Josh Vincent says:

This is my first true scotch. I bought it because of your recommendation and I’m loving it. So far I have bought monkey shoulder, buffalo trace, Jamison, and a few others due to watching you two. Thanks!?

BigHossGun74 says:

Glad I get monkey shoulder for so cheap at work or i would be broke lol.

PlebTier says:

it ain’t good ngl

19 Paul says:

Just picked up a bottle of Monkey Shoulder. AMAZING

Luan Nguyen says:

Just discovered your channel and am loving it! Keep up the good work guys

kris bridger says:

Both me and my brother got banana notes

J N says:

It’s ok. There’s a lotta hype going on about monkey. A bit overrated imo.

Terry Volanis says:

Waste of time…thumbs down

Sean Duggan says:

I hated my first bottle of Monkey Shoulder, but I’d inducted int , wrongly, into the Hall of Whiskey to Drink Loing With Soda. To be fair, whiskys that can be drunk with rocks n soda at 20 and 10% abv are few and far between. But after treating it like a Speyside malt, I was able to cut out most of the few Speyside single malts that I do like. Speysides remind me of beautiful women with no personality or skin blemishes. This has the odd spike that makes it interesting…I’m not talking about facial hair and bad breath, but a good woman with some rough edges.

Sgt. Schulz // NOTHING says:

That´s like calling your deodorant “Asbestosis”

thackr01 says:

I finally bought a bottle of this. It reminded me of my bottle of Buchanan’s Master Blend with a little more humour to it. Very pleased of the drinkability of this scotch for the price ($28 in Northern California). Thank you for the content guys.

harrr53 says:

I’m afraid to have to report bad news. My bottles of Highland Park and Aberlour seem to have developed a similar fault as your Monkey Shoulder.

Ihateyougoogle says:

The smelling kit is a great idea . Especially when you are tasting multiple whiskies

Tim FREEMAN says:

Just bought a bottle after watching you guys. Love it!

Sean McLain says:

Have you guys had “Auchentoshan Three Wood” single malt? I got a bottle from a friend for my wedding and it’s really nice. Bottle comes in a box so you know it’s fancy AF.

Patrick McQuail says:

This will be the toast of my new house! Thanks gents for getting me off Johhnie red and onto more appealing whisky

Rui Fernandes says:

Just bought my first bottle based on all the recommendations I’ve seen in numerous videos. The only issue is that I seem to have a hole in my bottle as well.

Recovering Know It All says:

How do you smell or taste anything but the alcohol? Sipping this right now

Sean Duggan says:

….Daniel…it’s carAmel, nor carmel. caramel is toasted sugar, right up to where it starts to burn

Undead Skill says:

Y’all talk too much.

Crazy Scotch Ranger says:

Thanks for this channel.
The Monkey Shoulder just like you said…disappearing quickly. In your review you mention cloves and being new to Whisky I am not sure I can get that yet…there is something in there that I don’t love but not going to stop me from drinking it.

Nitro1000 says:

It’s funny how much Rex hates the aroma kit when he looks so much like the guy who created it

klone209 says:

I bought a bottle because of you guys but I’m new to whiskey and I tried it neat… tf do you drink it and make it look like your sipping water?

Travis Hampton says:

Watched video now I no longer have monkey shoulder in the cabinet

Wes Mccelvey says:

This is great stuff for sure. I get an awesome banana nut bread on the nose….great stuff!

469steven says:

one of my favorites

H98342mfan asdf9892nmd says:

In 200 yrs we will be drinking Mesothelioma

Isaac Reddinger says:

I’m getting a vomit flavored finish…. #scotchnewbie

Kevin Guo says:

Monkey shoulder is like $60 in Canada :/

ManglinMoray says:

I immediately got banana nut bread on the nose. Very nice

Zachary Howlett says:

This was my first scotch,was impressed how smooth it was

My journey into whisk(e)y’s will be a very inhebriated adventure

wolco003 says:

Bought a bottle last night. New to Whisk(e)y beyond drinking Manhattan’s, mainly with my 75 year old dad. Made a couple Rob Roy’s last night and like the difference. Had my first two neat bourbon’s tonight and some Monkey Shoulder right now…Probably should have started with Monkey Shoulder as it is very friendly and tasty!!

Brandon Boyd says:

i went through 8 bottles in a year easy.

Douglas Williams says:

I buy Monkey Shoulder by the case…for about $29.99, not a bad price and a great taste.

Harold Fitzpatrick says:

I’m naming my new whiskey “Child Labor”

Terry Adrian says:

I love this Whisky, but I keep getting very old black coffee as an after taste, no matter how many time I try it. can you recommend another whisky that may give me a similar after taste.

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