The Whisky Buyer’s ABCD – A Guide to Good Scotch Whisky Presentation

Targeted towards the whisky enthusiast, this video covers the four main aspects of discovering the attitude of a Scotch Single Malt Whisky producer when offering a bottle to the market, and can help determine the target market – whiskey enthusiasts or a more general buyer. It looks at non-age statement (NAS), bottling strength, ABV, chill-filtration and added E150a spirit caramel colouring. It also looks at three of my recommended NAS whiskies from Glen Scotia, Deanston and Tomatin, which I feel offer a decent whisky experience and value at a reasonable price point. These are opinions only and are no more valid than your own – please share them with the growing #whiskytube community and be a part of it. It’s awesome #whiskyfabric

I am an enthusiast – not an expert.

This video is intended as a guide and for entertainment. It is is a completely subjective creation and review and is wholly self-funded. The whisky is purchased by me, even the t-shirt is purchased by me (although it’s by Urban Pirate and cool enough to warrant a link below – please tell them I sent you; neither of us will enjoy a discount but, you know, they’re a Scottish independent company and deserve our support for creative genius). I did get something for free – and that’s the awesome soundtrack by the even-more-awesome DJ Quads, you can discover more of his genius here:

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Viewing is recommended for 18 years and older (or the minimum age for alcohol consumption in your country of residence).

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mark zubrovka says:

Awesome awesome info. Thanks for this! Just bought a bottle of Powers John Lane Irish whisky which is also meets the ABCD’s. Not readily accessible in Australia… such a wonderful dram.

Also please review some Japanese whiskies if you ever get the opportunity.

dookshi says:

Oh man, you make it not just to the point but explaining it so simply and so well, you punch through like a champ. I’d be surprised if you’re not a teacher by profession. But a whisky lover – it’s in your eyes and in your tone of voice. Great videos, just keep up!

Saltire says:

Is the Glen Scotia in Markies Roy? Thought I saw it there the other day; may try it out. Always skipped past Tomatin Legacy, but may give it a look sometime as its always on the shelf in supermarkets. Saw HP12 for £20 in ASDA the other day but I was too late damnit! Ach well, got plenty of stuff there just now to enjoy, so no biggie!

Great vid, very concise and informative! 🙂

Preston Hodge says:

I’ve had the Tomatin Legacy. One of my favorites at a fantastic price point.

Don Castello says:

bhideo math Roy, thumbs up!!!
Deanston Virgin Oak and the 12er are always in my Bar .Much people say ah not good not complex enouth. But there have maybe better bottles then me in the Bar. Maybe there have forget the good taste. What means when i all days drink Whisky i loose
the taste i think. When i 2-3-4 days or longer not drink and then try 2 or 3 drams there are so delicious for me .Glenfarclas 25Y.
i have not try becouse i am in love with the 21 Y and love is so strong:))) Also Tomatin Legacy is for 22 Euro what a price and
best Kork what a present . Thanks for the leason . Slainte Don

bigjoebob says:

A dram good video Roy

Babbling Spoon says:

Good policy Roy. Keep up the good work. Cheers mate.

Brian Mundie says:

Love the video , really like yer teashirt roy , can i ask where i could get myself one

Mikksan says:

Very cool shirt you have, Sir!

The Spirit Safe says:

Love it. Judging by the bottle design, the crap one was a NAS Longmorn. The good one a Deanston. I recently bought the Deanston 12 and left a NAS Longmorn on the shelf. Plan to buy a G&M indie bottling of the Longmorn. The new distillery 16 is priced like some kind of practical joke in Canada.

matthew harris says:

Heads up to anyone intrested. Glen Scotia Double Cask is a a few pence over £25 in Marks and Spencers right now. Tried it for the first time at weekend and blown away by how delicious this was. So good I went back for a another bottle for cupboard.

Thanks Roy for the superb recommendation

Donner Pass Whiskey says:

Great video. Enjoy the Tomatin and will try the Deanston in the future.

A big thank you for organizing the World Whiskey Day all day streaming. I had no idea of the holiday but that morning set out from the country where I live to the big city to visit many liquor stores to find rare bottles. Returned home victorious with Elijah Craig Barrel Proof and Stagg Jr. sat down to have a dram and watch “It’s bourbon night” Saturday live and ended up watching all day and night.

pjfan173 says:

Really enjoyed your video. At the age of 55 I just start drinking some bourbons and whiskeys.

Dylan Northrup says:

Great advice! These are the lessons I try to pass on to all of my friends who are interested in whisky.

Pavel Skop says:

Thank you for perfect video, cannot help it, but where can I buy that tshirt? Looks awesome

Bill Sallak says:

Following up on this great video and your recommendations: I had the opportunity to purchase the Glen Scotia Double Cask at a local retailer for $32—easily worth a punt based on price point. I was not disappointed! The PX and active American oak do put it on the sweeter side with a distinct bourbon-y/sawdusty aspect that’s not always my thing, but the tannins are under control on the finish (my usual difficulty with drams like this). It scratches the same itch as Auchentoshan 12yo with 6-pct-points higher ABV and costing $10 less. We’ll see what air does to the open bottle after a couple weeks. Great for setting out at a party, as a transitional dram for friends coming over from bourbon or American rye, or for just pouring a glass and not thinking too much. Thanks for the tip!

Gachain says:

Totally agree with your advice Roy. I am certainly at the point where I look for Age Stated, Non Chill-filtered whiskies that are uncolored. Having said that I have enjoyed DEANSTON Virgin Oak. It is indeed a Finely crafted Whisky. Looking forward to DEANSTON 12 which ticks all the boxes you mention.

 BTW, I enjoyed your contribution along with everyone else on the SCOTCH TEST DUMMIES Whisky Tubers Live Stream!



Jerry Bartlett says:

New subscriber here. Enjoyed this one very much, thanks for your help in selecting bottles. Love the scoring system.

graham smith says:

Excellent information

Giotto Vongola says:

i give aage statement 2 points And Colouring 5 in my whisky decisions

Max Phillips says:

I love the fact that you can present information without it being a rant. And YES on the Deanston Virgin Oak!! That you for time well spent.

Paul Gibbs says:

Nice video Roy. Started my whisky journey three years ago after a trip to Edinburgh, had my eyes opened to the different smells and tastes this spirit has to offer. Just a quick thank you for yourself and your channel thats given me sound advice. Double cask is one of my favourites, and always have a bottle at home. M&S have it on offer on it at the moment to. Work night shifts some Thursday nights, but going to be joining your live stream this week. All the best. Paul.

Marek Domin says:

Where can I get a tee-shirt like the one you was wearing?

IntotheFire says:

This is definitely my favourite Whisky channel!!! Thank you for the fab content!!

Donner Pass Whiskey says:

Been diving into Scotch after much Bourbon and this video has been so helpful to make informed choices. Your ABCD’s combined with reviews of specific whiskey’s (Your recycled reviews included) have led me to some amazing Scotch. Knowing what to look for on the label really tells a lot. Thanks.

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