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MoahGentle says:

I’d love to see a video on blended scotch whiskies.
It’s like another tier of whiskies..

Lucas TV says:


Zteph _ says:

Vhery ice

racso nation says:

intoxicated veerrrrtyyy niceeeee pewdiepie

j1l9f9k0 says:

lol i love the pronunciation

Manamosy says:

I actually really enjoy these videos of his. It shows a side of him that he really enjoys and isn’t just random stuff like his other videos.

Rasmus Løth Petersen says:

If you like different styles you should try loch dhu 10 year old, dont read about it to much as it sounds weird go in blind and only know it has licorice in it. Weird but very nice

Sock’s OnLock’s says:

Isn’t it with tomato’s. (TRIGGERED)!!!!

T H I C C says:

I’m sorry but whiskey and cola is THE BEST

Kyle Hohn says:



wackylammo says:

Finally got one of each of them! So excited to try them!

jezus mondela says:

Why would you start with any peated whisky? I mean peat obliterate’s your tastebuds that’s why you always work towards the peated whisky’s with a tasting.
And trying to gradually increase the abv aswell.
I own a bottle of a’bunadh which i always drink undiluted but it’s ALWAYS the last bottle of the evening because the high abv will desensitise your tastebuds aswell and make it imposible to pick up any complex notes from the spirits you’ll drink afterwards.

fsocietyblackhat says:

See you chose good scotch here. Oban 14 is great… But Oban 18 is amazing! Try some Lagavulin 16 sometime too… Bc Ron Swanson said so.

holidaybananas says:

go to school for testing and record all of it PLEASEEEEE

Liquid Swords says:

2:09 Islay is pronounced “eye-lah”

JukeBB says:

Please make more of these videos… Please.

Thyrfir says:

You should review the Swedish wihskeys! Mackmyra, BOX and Spirit of Hven.

julle huu says:

imagine if all those whiskey snobs woud say ratings like pretty solid man pretty solid whiskey

Tea slurper says:

From Switzerland?

DanielleTakesPics says:

0:14 , the caption.

fsocietyblackhat says:

Scotch also made with peat smoking barrels which is a required law.

steve smith says:

already love pewds, now he likes laphroig and 120 proof Abelour. Very well done Mr Kjellberg

Christian Myrvang says:

Hey genius, “water of life” aka Aqua Vitae is Akvavit. As a Scandinavian you should know this boi..

Justin Walthrop says:

Did he hit up the whiskey vualt guys?

The Brennan says:

It’s pronounced Eye-luh.

KingDoms Kingdom says:

Personally I hate whiskey but love rum. I don’t know If Felix smokes fine cigars like me but I hear they go extremely well with whiskey like they do rum. Guessing that would be a definite demonitization though… quick enough to tax tobacco products but try to make you feel like a criminal for using them. God damn British government lol

Christian Myrvang says:

Wow, I actually got an email from Felix. Well, no I didnt, it was from PewDiePie_ God damn you hax

beansy is here says:

If I were you try the Glenfiddich 50

DKsaNn says:

*very nice*

Antilles1974 says:

If you liked Laphroiag, you HAVE to try Lagavulin!

Shabaz Hader says:

Drunk as fk

ross 348 says:

Oban is the western l9wlands to midlands in the hebrides

Connor B says:

But can it do this

Thomas Russell says:

Hello pewdiepie if you ever come up to Scotland the whisky society in Edinburgh is incredible to go and drink drams. Very nice

moshtito says:

you are my drinking spirit animal

Admiral Stark says:

we’re all here to watch a guy get drunk, i love it

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