What’s The Best Blended Scotch Whisky

What’s The Best Blended Scotch Whisky – Trenny and C do the bracket blowout comparison of 8 popular blended scotch whiskies. There can be only one Top Blended Scotch Whiskey!


Shawn W says:

Just watched your review and then followed up with Ralfy’s. (/www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aEtGOuLXsU ) Maybe you could add his along with your viewers suggestions for future episode?

Joe Libby says:

First T and C vid I’ve watched. The review was great but, intro song made me subscribe. LOL …also, my personal vote is for Teacher’s. I like the slight peat smoke thing it has on the nose.

Plutofox says:

Teachers was my goto drink whenI was an alcoholic…. you have no idea what you’re talking about boys!


They left out several great scotch’s such as the 12 year old blends.

cato says:

Best blended scotch is Black Bull 30

xiamengbaby says:

Teacher’s is bottled at 43% here in the US. Which gives it an edge for me over some of the other similarly priced blends (that are mostly at 40%). That and the peatyness that’s lacking in most modest priced blends now. I get a 1.75 liter around me for about $30. Another decent blend is BankNote 5 yr old, also bottled at 43%.

foodquig says:

This was a lot of fun to watch… I would love to see you do eight more, and then have the winner take a shot at Teacher’s… Meanwhile, I’ll raise a glass of Duke to your health…

Tucson JJ says:

Well done, guys! I agree with your selection of TEACHER’S.

More flavor than my old standby: Dewar’s, which is still very nice.

Daniel Paradis says:

Loved the video, maybe you could try comparing some medium level blends like johnnie walker black, chivas, etc.

Ralph Watten says:

Go ahead, blend the Teachers with the J&B. ta da aaa best scotch in the WORLD!

Steve Walther says:

Blends are supposed to be mixed. So why is the highest selling whiskeys rated poorly by experts?

eric gilbert says:

J&B or the green bottle of burn. I always have a bottle Ballantine’s and a little disappointed that there no Whyte & MacKay Special

Jose Piñeiro says:

Great fun guys! Greetings from Argentina

John Deveau says:

Entertaining but you need to do the taste test blind! Takes any bias out!

Mark Haakana says:

Fun review guys! I also like teachers and I put a little Ardbeg 10 in to spice it up a little.

soren123 says:

Might have to give the winner a try. I’ve tried and enjoyed JW Black, Chivas Regal 12, and Chivas Royal Salute 21.

conserve America's values says:

Johnny Walker red was made only for mixing. Never neat

The Whisky Scout says:

I have always liked teachers myself a good budget blend

kimbalxyz2 says:

You guys are badass, as the current politically correct thing to do, would be to spit out each tasting ! I thought I was watching Seth Rogen the first half of the video ! I knew the other dude was not Franco, go figure. I will have to try the Teachers as I have not had it for 6 to 7 years.

Frank lampard says:

Teachers is pretty good as it is, but try adding a dash of sherry influenced whisky to it ( I added Glenmorangie Lasanta). It really adds some complexity and balances out the peat notes by adding some sweetness.

Beto Magno says:

Famous Grouse or Teachers?

Ralph Watten says:

Who’s writing down the results of the test. It looks like they’re all going down pretty well.

Nico Juarez says:

¡Blending blended scotch whiskys in the stomach! I got two more bottles for the money if I’m allowed to suggest. Whyte and Mackay Special and Black and White.

JA M says:

Nice stuff, guys. Good idea for a series… now you’re stuck with 8 bottles of crummy stuff to experiment with!

Duncan Harmsworth says:

Great Review Guys, Always entertaining! A great review of the bottom shelf, blended, scotch whisky. I just hope anyone new to scotch will try a popular blend like Chivas 12, Dewar’s 12, Johnny Walker Black, or anything by Compass Box as their “first scotch” or they might not come back! Just wondering… are you getting endorsed by the Bourbon companies? I watched your May 11 video on best bourbons for beginners and that had some good ones (Buffalo Trace, Woodford Reserve), and some great ones (Eagle Rare, Elijah Craig 12 FTW IMO), but for scotch you are reviewing scotches I would have to lean very far over the counter to see… I am just glad that the scotch you picked (no spoilers here) is the one you picked because I would agree it is the best of those too. I am just saying that I am a whisky/whiskey drinker who favors scotch, but I would probably pick the rich, oily, Elijah Craig 12 bourbon over the winner of this blended scotch competition. I really thought I was going to see some Compass Box/Johhnie Walker (Oh God, not the red, anything but the red)/Dewar’s/Chivas offerings in the competition for “Best, Popular, Blended Scotch”.

Anyway, thanks for the Best Cheap Blended Scotch Whisky Review!

Lionel Burns says:

Trenny, Phnom Penh, Duan Penh Riverside district about half a block from the Tone Le Sap river.

Lee Shellam says:

Just out of interest…. how many Scottish distilleries have you visited ?

Paris Nicolaides says:

One of your best videos. The whiskies you’ve selected are full of well recognised labels, with the exception of Glendower & MacArthur’s. I’m not surprised that Teacher’s took the Championship although I half expected the Bell’s to do better. Two more blends to consider are Dewar’s and Whyte & Mackay. Thanks for the great show.

Jackass Whisky and Pinto Beans says:

This is a good segment.  Everyone likes brackets and Bracketology!   This is a bit hard to follow-maybe some overlays-brackets aren’t brackets without the brackets.

Lionel Burns says:

Gentlemen you missed the boat on this one. I’ve drank Teachers, J&B, Ballentines and Johnny Red among your contestants. The only other one I’ve ever heard of is Grants. One you didn’t have was Famous Grouse but it’s on the same level as J&B. My suggestion would be for you both to try Dewar’s White label. It’s much smoother than the ones I’ve mentioned and has a very slight peat smoke taste to it. It’s even better than their 12yo. Not sure on the US price because I live in Cambodia (15 years in SE Asia) and there are no US fed taxes on it so it’s only $10.87 for a 70cl bottle wherein J&B and Famous Grouse is $13.95. Teachers gave me a bad bad hangover so I never tried it again. I’ve been at it for 53 years so it ain’t my first rodeo either.

Paul Mainwaring says:

You’re making a sacrifice on our behalf guys respect…Teachers almost 50% Ardmore Malt and a great, great blended whisky..slainte

Sebastian says:

Did I just watch a video of you two getting wasted?

Jackass Whisky and Pinto Beans says:

Glendouer(sp) is Duke.

Dr David Ragland says:

if you have a less than upper quality spirit, raise its spirit with the likes of a splash of Laphroaig, particularly a cask strength expression………..keep up the good work

Kan Gill says:

Curious how you’d rate Famous Grouse if it was there in the mix ?

mmckick says:

Monkey Shoulder? Famous Grouses’ selection maybe, Johnnie Walker black. *sigh*

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