Whiskey Review: The Balvenie DoubleWood 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Today Daniel does a solo tasting and review of The Balvenie DoubleWood 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

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Lorensoth3 says:

It’s hard to believe it’s already been two years, never expected to be this involved in any sort of YouTube channel but glad I am. I hope you two enjoy your time off and get to relax at least a little. Looking forward to our adventures in December with a glorious new whiskey advent calendar. Sláinte!

Jack McCain says:

3 days no sleep and working… could be METH

Rowland Hempel says:

When I was in the shower this morning my wife came in and said, “Bobby, I had a terrible dream last night – Rex had taken over the Whisk(e)y Vault for a month and made poor Daniel’s life a misery. It was horrible, truly horrible.”

“Don’t worry, Pam,” I said, “it was only a dream and everything is back to normal.”

“Thank goodness for that. Oh, I almost forgot,” she added, “in my dream you were killed in a car crash.”

shadowspy81 says:

My favorite scotch! It was my gateway scotch and always have a bottle at home. If there is anything else that is like double wood then I’ll drink it

Devin Vassmer says:

I’m not sure how it works being a non profit but if there was a way to monetize this channel or even the other and enable ads, you could take the money from that to pay someone else to edit the videos to at least lighten the work load on Rex’s end with this gig. I can promise noone here would mind watching a couple ads for you guys.

gmb9227 says:

*** PLEASE review Balvenie Caribbean Cask! *** PS. Keep doing the Lord’s work!

Michael Wilson says:

So quiet…

richard scales says:

Have you guys tried anything from The Lakes distillery in the UK? I haven’t had chance to try their own single malt but the ‘One’ blend that they produce is right up my alley. price here is about £30 which is a bit expensive i think but not unaffordable. Distillery is also in a beautiful location.

Triplecap says:

🙂 I’ve enjoyed the ride too.

The Blind Leader says:

I appreciate you, and this kind of video so much I only wish I could like this video more than once.

Still It says:

Rex half dead. . . Yeah I can believe that! Hahaha. Thanks to both of you. We all appreciate the blood sweat and tears!

John Wright says:

Hey Daniel, when you source out liquor prices on your phone, which web site are you looking at? I need a good site for Canadian/US price comparisons. Love your channel and you guys have gotten me into whiskey to the tune of $700 in October lol. However, I did calculate that based on Canadian shot sizes, a $65 bottle of whiskey is the equivalent per drink to a can of old milwaukee so life is good. Today I added auchentoshan 12 to my collection as I was lacking a “breakfast whisk(e)y” Thanks!

Kim Nis says:

If I want a really sweet and also fruety Whisky. Which one should I try.

And it is I who thank you Guys for making these video. A lot of love to you here from denmark.

Garrett Pastuzyn says:

I dont know I have never have ever said this in a comment but my dogs name is bourbon

Brandon Bentley says:

Great video Daniel. I’m fairly new to the whiskey world and have really been enjoying different types of bourbon especially. I’ve been working through a lot of your older videos and noticed you have a bottle of “Defiant” American single malt on the shelf in the vault in some of your older videos.  I live near the distillery and think a video on it would be cool as it might be better than the other American Single Malt you and Rex did.

Donald Sanders says:

Ahhhh the Balvenus.

A toast. A true classic.

“Heres to 8 hours. 8 hours of work, 8 hours of rest, and 8 to do whatever the hell i please”

Tough to do but you guys deserve a holiday.

Joshua Allen says:

The somm without the mooch

Brad L says:

Take a break guys we will support you when you get back.

Sean T says:

Work hard… Play hard!!!

Alpha says:


79mini says:

It’s like a reboot Danny boy running solo, and soon the other half will come together for magnificence.

Tyler Jeffery says:

Yoi know what, just a fuck yeah. You guys rock. Thanks for selling out to us and everyone who watches you.

Dylan Kruger says:

It feels like I just watched the last episode of Friends.

Tim Huffman says:

Thumbs up Daniel & also kudos to Rex & Chad for the effort with editing. You guys are fun to watch & I look forward to each and every video. So far (thanks to your preview videos), my beginnings into Whisky begun with a bottle of Buffalo Trace which I loved. Then, I got a bottle of Elijah Craig. Which again, I loved! Now, I am working on a bottle of Sazerac Rye & I really enjoy this! I’m constantly watching your videos and listening intently on your feedback. You truly are a couple of magnificent bastards. I thank you

Josh Mcdonald says:

A drink to you and Rex, the gods of magnificence

Manuel Stamatiou says:

The whisky Agency review

Kevin Curtis says:

Can someone in the tribe explain “rounded” vs “spikey” notes? Maybe with a couple of easy to find whisky examples of each? Thank you!

Rafael Nardi says:

Nice review only video for a change of pace. You could do more of those once in a while!

Aleks Gutierrez says:

Ok, so I’m gonna put it out there out of curiosity rather than anything else. But it’s burning inside for me to ask…why does Daniel always tilts his shoulder? Is it a tic? Or bad habit? Again no ill intent just curiosity. Cheers y’all! Keep up the good work.

Jason Werner says:

Star Wars nerd here. Love the Solo reference!

Coach Friday says:

DANIEL – I love, Love, Love this video! But I also really love Rex. I cannot wait to see if you guys every make it to WI. To the nights we wont remember and the friends we wont forget

Thomas Mccomas says:

Thanks for all of your hard work Daniel, Rex, and Chad! Keep the GREAT content coming!

Tucker Grabher says:

Loved this video! The extra stuff you guys do is great, but the reason I came to this channel in the first place is the whisky.

Ryan says:

0:44 All I can think of is the last scene of Bridge on the River Kwai.

David Koenig says:

Well done Daniel… But I never expected to miss Rex this much

Phil Artonio says:

All of us LBs appreciate the work and effort. THANK YOU Daniel and Rex, cheers.

Paul Kim says:

Great video and work in general!!

Ryan Benefield says:

My wife got me a whiskey subscription to Flaviar and then I stumbled upon this kick ass community, I appreciate all the knowledge and insight I’ve learned so far and look forward to much shenanigans.

Richard Luong says:

Yall are awesome

StuieDubbya says:

Been a subscriber for a short while (following MR episode), however first time commenting.

Thanks for what you do, guys. This community is something I didn’t think existed in the world of whisky. It can be very easy for us whisky noobs to be put off by snobs & those who know a little but say a lot… but you’ve fostered a really cool group of people around the world, and promote a positive attitude. It’s pretty darn special!

I came for the whisky, I stayed for the shenanigans. And long may both continue!

Spencer Morley says:

A change from the ordinary, but a refreshing one at that! When things get back into full swing, you guys should do a mini-feature on Travel Retail whiskies. I mention this because I’m going to be passing through a couple duty free stores in the next couple weeks, and have almost ZERO idea what I’m looking for. I might pick up Balblair 2004 Bourbon Matured, but that’s just a shot in the dark. Any input you have on this front is MUCH appreciated!

Rudy Cerrillo says:

What are your thoughts on the freedom oak barrel?

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