Whiskey Vault Ep: 102 – Johnnie Walker Double Black Scotch Whisky Review and Tasting

An episode of The Whisk(e)y Vault hosted at Whisky Marketing School in Austin, TX.

Today we taste Johnnie Walker Double Black blended scotch whisky from John Walker & Sons.

We also make a casual reference to “The Boosh”. You should check it.


LemonTanko says:

Please do Highland park fire edition recreation!! I’m a sad and poor student, and this is my favorite so far

Ryan Wine Dane says:


Juan Pabunan says:

I do love double black.

Van Guillamun says:

You guys cool, but i think after awhile those whiskys slowly getting you guys. i can tell.

DracoRogue1218 says:

What does Dan want in his coffee? 0:00

sofakingdrunk66 says:

I always get sweet buttery silky toffee notes from JWB but never seem to pick up those smokey peaty flavors that some people get all the time in the aroma.. Its an totally unique whisky that gives different levels of satisfaction to everybody that chooses to drink it..

Cory Simmons says:

Why is it so much fun to watch other people drink whiskey?

TheKidLowShow says:

try Whiskey Acres Rye Farmcrafted Whiskey and tell me what you think

Lorensoth3 says:

I’ve been watching these videos almost non stop, this is one of my very favorite openings. ” Cream. No. CREAM! NO! CREEEEAAAAAM! NOOOOOOO!”

spoonthumb says:

Have you guy done a review on johnny Walker Black label (not Double Black)? Also I couldn’t find Laphroaig 10 year old. What?

saintsfan39475 says:

I love idiots. I also love whiskey and the idea of a beginners chart, especially where scotch is involved.

Christiano Debarry says:

Whats going on? This is DOUBLE BLACK not BLACK. They’re completely different…

laplantski says:

I’ve watched a few vids and no fresh pops or cracks.

Mr.Galvanize says:

No word of a lie, I was just sticking in my once pourer into my johnnie walker bottle, and bam, I dropped it, I managed to have only 1 drink out of it, fucksticks!!

sniper x says:

i want you to try this it is awesome take everclear and use it as a high wines for a wiskey blend

Shornetastic says:

Noob noob?…GAT DAYUM

ZYC says:

Hey guys, love your channel. I’m a bit puzzled by this review, though. You are talking about the Black Label 12 Years Old, however, the bottle shown is Double Black?? These are two very different blends from JW. What gives?

KING george says:

Daniel looks like the most aussie bogan of All time

Matt Daniels says:

My bottle down song is the imperial march from star wars.*i know, im late to the party*

Joshua Fogarty says:

You both have beautiful… personalities.

Artificial Frequencies says:

My guess is that it’s not oily because they Chill Filtrated the **** out of it….team biscuit

whip8 says:

2017 is your year. This channel will explode

kjonzy9 says:

The ending was classic…lol

Barry Macokiner says:

That had to be my favorite intro hahaha

Grovesrussell says:

Daniel did you ever think you would get whiskey wind tunneled when you made this episode lol

Justanotherparatrooper says:

What did the daddy tomato say to the baby tomato? A: catch up!

A. P. Heffel says:

You guys are great!
I’d love to see a JW comparison video.

laplantski says:


Johnny Kabanzi says:

We want johnnie blue

laplantski says:

I like the pop and crack of a fresh bottle.

Jonathan Schell says:

Do Jack Daniels. That would be funny.

Raster says:

Update… You do realize there is a product called “Johnnie Walker Black” and a completely different, more expensive product known as “Johnnie Walker Double Black”, right? You are tasting Double Black, and you are calling it Johnnie Walker Black.

I guess it’s an honest mistake. No one’s perfect. Oh well…

reddevilunited77 says:

That looks like the new Black Bottle. The old one was much more peaty…

Raster says:

WTF! I’m a few minutes into this video… You guys keep saying “Johnnie Walker Black” What? This is Double Black.

You betta correct your mistake before I get to the end of this video… You better!

Bruce Leotaud says:

Double black is always an easy whisky. You should try Jhonny Walker Island Green.

loopy64 says:

The double black is my base line for scotch. I drink double black or something better.

Ross Fudd says:

The Bottle says “Double Black”, Why are you calling it JW “Black”? You never looked at it to correct yourselves. WTF

Slanj Bo says:

You keep calling it Black Label when its Double Black, and such a difference between the two! Still love the show, and Double Black, I’ve also noticed the Double Black from Duty Free far deeper and smokier than the normal North American retail market.

Kevin Vinh says:

What do you guys recommend using to take your whiskey on the go?

Not too many people in my family drink whiskey so have to bring my own. Flask?

Itso TT says:

This is just the best thing ever …two cool as fuck dudes get drunk on camera ….fucking EPIC

Holcombi says:

Since starting the new channel no comments have been read. Rex? Where are the peoples comments?

Ojesh Bogati says:

why don’t you do a video on different whisky producing region of Scotland.

Jacob Sweat says:

So I picked up a Black Bottle earlier this week due to your recommendation back in episode 45 as an entry into smokey/peated whiskey. While it is more “complicated” than most of my prior whiskey experience, I don’t find it to be exactly “challenging” or “aggressive” like you have described. Does that mean I’m ready to venture into some of the Islay SM like Ardbeg or Laphroaig?

Ryan Taylor says:

In my personal log of the reviews you guys have done I just wrote “at the point where it begins to fade there is a mouth feel note of cream. cream. CREAM! boosh, suck it Daniel.”

and yes I used “mouth feel” because I know you don’t like it

Ryan Tarabocchia says:

They keep say black not double black perche? Its only 2 mins in at the moment

Alex Martinson says:

Gents , what you are tasting is double black and not black.

Mark Reardon says:

Quick tasting fact take a drop and place it on the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and then hold your hands over your mouth and nose and breath in. It really brings out the peat

Drew Mason says:


Greg Hicks says:

That’s what I call in my house as a healthy pour after a shitty day at work lol!

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