Whiskey Vault Ep 125: Sheep Dip Blended Scotch Whisky Review and Tasting with Heaven Hill Cameo

Today we taste and review Sheep Dip Blended Scotch Whisky.


Chace Hawkins says:

What do you call chewing tobacco for a sheep?…

Immoral Practice says:

Ive heard you say “i have that bottle in my office” so many times im wondering if your office is really a 2nd whiskey vault

Bubba Catlett says:

for fathers dad the kids got me Blood Oath Pack 3 please help and review. Will be sending you something soon. Where can I send it.

Hnter says:

sheep dip is 53$ here yep nope

Fyodor129 says:

I’m famous now! Thanks for checking out the cheap stuff. I’m a new whiskey drinker. I’ve stayed away from the top shelf so far because I suspect that I don’t yet have the palette to appreciate all of the subtleties. Given that I’m a central Kentuckian who lives very close to Heaven Hills Bourbon Heritage Center, that was an awesome choice. I recently enjoyed a bottle of their 6 year BiB a little too much. I appreciate it guys, and I love the videos.

Fenxis says:

FYI I came across a random review of Amrut Spectrum on reddit; which does use casks from a mix different woods.

Slanj Bo says:

I got a 1L bottle of this for $53 Canadian. It does say on the box it’s a blend of 8-16 year single malts. Maybe an older bottling? I say for what I paid I’m not disappointed, and still has great depth for only 40% ABV.

Brad L says:

I’d like to hear your thoughts on a shootout between Sheep Dip and Monkey Shoulder. Maybe with Black Bull in the mix. And Black Bottle perhaps? Ok the Black Bottle is a stretch…

NiceGuy Jo-El says:

a question just popped into my head. first of all i freakin’ love the channel. still coming down from rex week. ok so when blending on the spot to make a poor-man’s, would the flavor change if left to marry for an extended period of time instead of drinking it just after mixing?

Drew Mason says:


David O'Neill says:

Have you guys tried Peat Monster?

Luis Wells says:

Sheep Dip also put out an Islay Blend. I bought a bottle that was accidentally priced at the price of this Sheep Dip. I absolutely loved it! I went back to the store and they had unfortunately discovered their error and returned the case. I was unable to get another bottle at any price. I’ve tried to order it in Kansas with no luck. Try the Sheep Dip Islay Blend I’d you can find it. It is great!!!

Max Phillips says:

I have looked at this….but never bit. Thanks for the info. Now to watermelons. My father knew the points in the woods where kids would sneak into said field….so he would split sone watermelons lengthwise, eat the heart and put them upside down in the field. The ground hornets, (yellow jackets), would bore in from below and start a party. Kids would come in after dark, kick the half Mellon…..( can’t type anymore for all the screaming!!)

Oliver Richardson says:

I was wondering with making a whisky smoky it comes from the drying of the barley to stop it malting further?? but with whisky that is not smoky how do they dry the barley?

Andrew Harrison says:

9:38 mark

Benny Higgins says:

try BUCK! such a great whiskey and the name is fun to scream! You can even take a literal buck shot to the head….

jan ivar markussen says:

JD i closer to 80 here…expenve stuff might be cheaper

Fishpig65 says:

I spied a jug of this at my local store, The name alone cries for purchase. Ye Olde sheep dip.

Austin Harvey says:

Hey guys, another great video like always!!! So I was recommended by a friend to get a bottle of Glenfarclas 25 for my wedding. I want to know what y’all think of this Scotch and if this is what you would recommend or if there is something else in that price range that would be better. Also can y’all do a tasting of it as well!!! Thanks and keep the videos coming.

cameron davis says:

kessler blended whiskey 7.99 a bottle before tax i think that is what he was reffering to

Randall Janc says:

Sheep dip gotta try that one.

Dan McGlade says:

Dear Whiskey People, I live in California, but I am going to be transporting a vehicle to Texas on a 5 day trip coming up at the end of June, then flying back after the 4th. I’ll be driving the route via Flagstaff AZ, Albuquerque NM, Amarillo TX, and finally Dallas. Are there any distilleries I need to put on my travel itinerary? Love the show! Any help is greatly appreciated!

charlie.g.hague says:

Every time I see this whiskey I think of the Primus song Natural Joe. “Late at night, he sneaks on down to the liquor store. For a bottle of sheep dip.” I do love me some Primus.

Steven Raye says:

rex…bad assery, lol.

Raymond Mota says:

Sad to say that I just popped the cork on the Sheep Dip today after I dropped my kids off at school. Breakfast whiskey isn’t that bad. I really enjoyed the Sheep Dip.

Patrick Proctor says:

If we wanted to send in something, to whom and where do we address?

Burley Mullins says:

The whiskey that got me into whiskey is called Brennan’s Irish Whiskey. It lead me on a journey to love Irish whiskeys, BUT I’ve been unable to find it since. If you can snag a bottle, I’d love to see you guys do a review (even if just to see if I’m looking through rose-colored glasses).

GunnySGT1911 says:

I couldn’t help but notice the light reflecting Daniel’s head after Rex gave it a buffing. I never noticed it before, but now my eye is constantly drawn to it in this video.

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