Whiskey Vault Ep 131: Aberfeldy 12 Year Old Scotch Whisky Review and Tasting

Today we do a review and tasting of Aberfeldy 12 Year Old Scotch Whisky from the Aberfeldy Distillery.


UnboundOdysseus says:

Once you’ve been married 15 years (as I have), and you have three kids (as I do), looking like an idiot is a foregone conclusion. Embrace it. I was also a lead singer/guitar player before I became a “respectable” member of society. In music, like in whisky tasting, being confident allows you to fool people into thinking you’re competent (even when you’re not). I’ve been putting off buying Aberfeldy, since I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews. Thanks for this, guys. Slainte mhaith !

micky1497 says:

I thinks it´s very funny to see grown man taste whiskey but get their cursing bleeped. Anyways good work and may the fun never go away 😉

jason tran says:

Hi Daniel and Rex, do you guys have any Australian whiskey in your vault? sullivans cove is something I was given recently, and being a beginner whiskey it is something that I would probably shelve and drink when I get a more refined palate.

Moshe Brodt says:

Hey guys. You’ll need 101 whiskies to beat the record as Chivas has done 100 in its Century of Malts. Good Luck! 😉

Andrew Harrison says:

Try to crack THAT one. It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot. Let me know.

DaytonaUKPC says:

what a pair of total prats

Tribe Time Ty says:

Monkey Shoulder is immediately what I smelled when opening Aberfeldy 12. I’m pretty sure it’s the same whisky marked up $20…… Please take the following comment in an endearing light because I really do like you guys, and I look forward to your entertaining reviews……. Rex, what the F man? Please tell me you’re not growing a dirty, wiry, rat’s nest on your chin like Daniel. That mooch necklace is creepy as hell. Very Marlon Brando Apocalypse Now. However, I’m not sure you currently out-creep Daniel’s ratty beard, tight black shirt, Mr. T necklace combo……. I say this lovingly. And I’d be happy to do a whisky for razors swap ; )

Jesse Steele says:

Being just recently turned 21 (as of this June), I’ve watched a good bit of your videos so far, I’ve recently just tried whiskey after having never had alcohol before. I recently tried Stranahan’s Colorodo Whiskey and Slow and Low’s Rock and rye. I was curious as to what y’alls opinions were of these 2 specific types of whiskey were. Or if I had to pick one, I would prefer what you thought of the Stranahan’s over the Slow and Low. Thank you for any responses at all 🙂

Thwip_Snikt says:

Here’s how I learned that “older” doesn’t mean “better”: A few years ago I picked up a mispriced bottle of Aberfeldy 21 that was priced like the 12. I figured spending $40 on a $150 bottle of whisky couldn’t be a bad idea. Sadly, it was a little too floral for me, but it was just close enough to good to get me to try the 12 year, which I really enjoyed.

Anyway, suggestions for the sign-off:
Daniel: “May your crazy stay this side of legal”
Rex: “May your lazy stay this side of buying your own shit”

Peter Schumacher says:

Daniel, you could just get a bottle of Dewar’s, and then add one whiskey to it. Bam. Work smarter, not harder.

RayD70 says:

Wanna see my plaque? /dead

Vitotaylor36 says:

How tall is Rex? I know Daniel is like 2′

Chace Hawkins says:

Rex makes a second dad joke!

Andrew Webb says:

New sign-off:
D – “May your crazy stay this side of legal”
R – “May mooching never let your wallet run dry”

Whoa! I also should probably congratulate you guys on reaching 4.4K!! It’s been great watching Rex bring in all these fellow mooches! And… I guess Daniel helped too… ( But really you guys are both great. Congrats)

Adam Farnsworth says:

This weekend I tried an aged vodka. Basically whiskey, but interesting branding.

I don’t really have anything interesting to comment today, but I wanted to type something.

Douwant2play says:

Just rewatched this episode and realized Rex made a dad joke!

Jamie Lott says:

hi there guys, just wanted to say recently found your videos and have been binge watching like crazy.
I’m usually a bourbon drinker but love sampling some of the whisky coming from Tasmania (I’m an Aussie so may be a bit biased)

I was wondering if you guys would review Sullivan’s cove French oak?

I was at a tasting back in 2013 and really enjoyed their products and picked up a case before the prices went up ;).

If you guys are ever in sydney Australia feel free to come mooch a drink or 5 haha

SchruteFarms says:

I went out and got Dalmore 12, it was soooo good. “Daniel’s voice”

Justanotherparatrooper says:

When phone ringing Dad says ‘If it’s for me don’t answer it.

officialJTSprad says:

First off, I love the show. I just turned 21 in May and have found that I really enjoy Whisky/Whiskey. So far I’ve only had a couple of Bourbons (Evan Williams and Maker’s Mark) and a Japanese Whisky (a White Oak Akashi Blended Whisky I believe). Since I am in the phase of trying things and finding out what Whisky I love, I want to try some Scotch. So my question is: Is there a Scotch that would be a good starting point? I really don’t know where to start. I’m not sure if this will factor into deciding what to try but I drink whiskey neat. Thank you guys for doing this show! I am only at the beginning of my journey to becoming a Whisky enthusiast and this show has helped to spark an interest and to become more informed on said interest. Once again, thanks! -JT

Trayce Cochran says:

Aberfeldy and finch… Rex with the dad joke! Daniel should be able to now select one of Rex’s kids to sacrifice to the whiskey gods. Or… just a really good whiskey to drink in front of the mooch without him being able to partake.

Sheila Fragola says:

too much bs. pls just review the whiskey.

Triplecap says:

Guys I really disagree. This is heavily colored, chill filtered 40% dreck. I was sure you were going to hate it too. (To be honest, and actions often speak louder than words, you did move on to Smokin’ almost immediately.) The Dalmore 12 I’d say almost the same, but at least it is more drinkable. I also bought the Aberfeldy 18 earlier this year (duty free through MIA), and it really wasn’t much better. Half a bottle left in Rio with no regrets so I didn’t have to check a bag. This is one of the most insipid drams out there.

PS. We do agree on Duncan Taylor and never telling your girlfriend she’s wrong.

Doinx05 says:

i own a bottle of the aberfeldy 12… it didnt last a week. fucking friends keep drinkin my whisky… i need to lose some friends…

Nicolás Scarcella says:

New shirt idea: Rex’s face and “I drink Whisky… Because i care”

Sven Lancaster says:

Dewars white label is shite. Dewars 12yo is a big improvement.

Bubba Catlett says:

Can you guy tell how the makers get the different flavor notes in whiskey. So if you are stilling, how to do it. Please.

Zylon Tex says:

Andrew Webb??????????? DANG IT

Martin B says:

This was the bottle that the kids picked me up for fathers day! Love the peppery/spicyness at the back end. It’d be great on a cold autumn or winters day – but I’m not sure it’ll last that long.

Adam Krepp says:

You should review Lagavulin Distillers Edition…because Rex cares and deserves it.

Icarus says:

I picked up a bottle of the 16 year old recently, great stuff!

jrcu19 says:

I would love it if they review one of Garrison Brothers bourbon.

Steve Walther says:

Is Dewars better than Alberfeldy?

PwnageEngage says:

Daniel, what is the coolest whisky-drinking memory you have? Rex, what is your favorite (but obviously less-cool) whisky drinking memory? Alternatively, what is your favorite whiskey mooching memory?

Thomas Bonnell says:

So I had an opportunity to buy Dalmore 12 (108$ +/-) today but I decided not to because I could buy a bottle of Aberfeldy 12 and Laphroaig Quarter Cask for about 20$ less… Am I crazy for not buying the Dalmore 12? I figured I could save money and have two great single malt scotches. I know the Dalmore 12 was reviewed and was one of the best scotches ever. What are your thoughts?

Drew Mason says:


Rockdoc St Augustine says:

I was drinking Highland Park 12 while I was watching this. Serendipitous. I know big words. OK, one big word. Highland Park…. good….more.

Terry Dolan says:

I think this channel is maybe my second favourite after the hoonigans, questions! Is there a video that explains what the tower is for and maybe a tour of the facilities? (I swear until two days ago I thought it was Daniel’s house)
Second thing, are you guys or the academy on any sort of social media?

chuck430 says:

just tried it last night and wanted to go back and see what you guys said about it, I didn’t get the smoke either but I got what I thought was raisin or some sort of jam. I’ll go back tonight and see if it was peach.

Rex, “Finch” was that a dad joke?

Steven Jardine says:

Hey guys, not sure if you have already done it yet but would be good to see a review on glendalough 13. I was on the wicklow way with the good lady and stopped in glendalough as we passed for a dram. Was nice whiskey, only problem was we got lost on the trail the next day and had to hitch hike to the next town….

Shane Mendiola says:

Not big on Canadian whiskey, but I needed a bottle in my collection. I picked up Caribou crossing, any thoughts? I thought it was ok, but you’re pallet is far more advanced than mine Sir Daniel.

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