Whiskey Vault Ep 141: Aberlour A’bunadh Single Malt Scotch Review with Rebel Yell Bourbon Cameo

Today we do a review and tasting of Aberlour A’bunadh Single Malt Scotch Whisky with Rebel Yell Bourbon making an Appearance.


Andreas Stavrou says:

Please assign bands and artists to whiskies based on their respective profiles and once you do, please let me know which whisky is attributed to Sir Elton John! :p

alexithymia says:

Great videos guys, new sub from the Land Down Under (cheers Modern Rogue). Went and got the Hibiki Harmony based on your prev vid, great drop. Any chance you could do a review vid or just a few words on the Nikka blend, From the Barrel. Cheers

Jorge Ripoli says:

Love this scotch and the high proof one end up being better because it last more than a regular bottle hahahaha

speed rakk says:

red or sweet vermouth used in manhattans says speedrack the bar manager

wideone23 says:

They had a Rebel Yell tasting at my local store. The Small batch Reserve was noticably better. Still not supplanting my standby Knob Creek.

Adam Smith says:

I’m really enjoying your channel! I’m a newbie (I’ve only had four bourbons, and two rye whiskeys so far) and your channel is helping me figure out where I might want to go next. I was wondering if either of you have heard of Cedar Ridge bourbon? I’m from Iowa, and Cedar Ridge is made in Iowa, so I’m curious to know what you guys think of it. I know they have a bourbon, a single malt, a 100% wheat whiskey, and I think they have a few others. Anyway, thank you for the great videos!

Rafael Ortega says:

Thanks for the review of one of my favorites! Talking about music and stuff, Daniel do you still play guitar and put out records? or are you on hiatus?

Ryan Taylor says:

Rex did that bottle just mooch your glory?

Still It says:

Loving what you are doing here guys!

Have been looking for whisky education without the snobery for a while. I have some back catalog to catch up on 😉

onemon22 says:

I used to watch Ralfystuff from Ralfy.com good after noon my mighty malt mates. I got tired of seeing him in the same clothes in every video.

Ivo Pires says:

Nice review! Most of the times I don’t agree with American people reviewing whisky, because they talk about flavors that i don’t know… Like sweets and beverages sold in America. I’m from Portugal living in Taiwan. Whiskey Vault you make the reviews with knowledge and interesting. Keep going.

Keith Petersen says:

Is this a scotch review or a comedy act. C’mon

Richard Cushion says:

Hey guys love the show! At the same price point (for me) I can get Highland Park 12, or Johnnie Walker Green, which one would you guys go for?

Tim Dietrich says:

Have a bottle of this and find I usually drink about half the glass neat, then add some water to finish it off. This is a whiskey I typically finish the evening with due to the sweet and fruity notes.

Saltire says:

Bought batch 55 of this A’bunadh at the same time as another cask strength sherry monster (and neighbour distillery I believe), in the Glenfarclas 105. Just finished that one after struggling with it for months, and I really couldn’t get to grips with it at all, just too oaky for me even when I practically doubled the volume of the drams with water.

I hope the A’bunadh is better when I get around to it. I quite enjoyed the 10 and 12 yo basic expressions, they weren’t bad at all.

Ferisalgue says:

Hey guys, whats your favorite Johnnie Walker out of the basic lineup?

Jason Cloyd says:

So I weirdly started my entire whiskey experience with Lagavulin 16. It was powerful at first but by the end of the first glass I loved it. I recently was watching Nick Offerman’s Tales of Whiskey and I decided to recently pick up a bottle of Oban 14 as a result. It is quite different from the Lagavulin in some ways yet similar in others. I wondered if you could review Oban 14 and tell me your thoughts.

Terry Bradford says:

Rex, that is a great way to describe tasting whiskey at times.

levans6824 says:

Hey Guys! Another great video! Picked up some Aberfeldy 12 to try because of one of your vids. Man that stuff is tasty. That was my first ever single malt and I loved it! I normally stick to bourbons, but I will definitely be branching out now! Thanks for the recommendation!

Pew Heretic says:

Rex’s instructions at the end of the vids aren’t working like he intends. I hit the like button, click on subscribe and leave a comment. But every other video has me unsubscribing! I’m never going to make it through the older damn videos if I have to start over with every other vid!

Is this why I need to drink whisky?

Peeekaaay says:

Just got a bottle of Aberlour and I can’t feel my lips now. But damn I like it.

Mark Haakana says:

Love the A’bunadh! I enjoy this with a fine cigar. Thanks for the review, entertaining as usual.

Andrew Harrison says:

Rex back to his old tricks at 8:27

redgrif51 says:

A new mooch-piphany!
Always enjoy the videos. Keep up the great work. I’m sure I’ll eventually have a worthy question to ask.

Until then, I’ll just say that I’ve now seen a few “This whisk(e)y is like this music/song” remarks. I know that Daniel has a rich and storied history in music. Is a music comparison something you experience with all or many whiskys, or is it just an occasional thing that pops into you head every so often?

McChrill says:

Yondu in the beginning?

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