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Rockdoc St Augustine says:

That hat is the most ridiculous, stupid hat I’ve ever seen and where can I get one?

Bob Hope says:

Anyone, please help me.

I’ve tried Lagvulin 16 y/o and I am so deep in love that I don’t think there is anything in life better.
As a newly realized peat head, is there such a thing that is better than lagvulin 16? I don’t think so, can anyone please prove me wrong and give me a list of better peat whiskies I should try?


May the peat be with you.

Raster says:

Sorry… here’s the stuff that gets me voted off the island…

c = original fluid oz
p1 = original alcohol percent
p2 = desired alcohol percent
Diluting whisky (p2 < p1) x = additional water to add x = c (p1 - p2) / p2 x = c * m m = ratio of additional water to original pour Example: c = 35 ml p1 = 0.40 p2 = 0.30 x = 35ml (0.4 - 0.3) / 0.3 x = 11.6666 ml x = 2.37 teaspoons ----------------- 4.92892 ml/teaspoon ----------------- Here's my table for a 35 ml pour (1.2 oz): The amount of spirits you pour into your glass: c = 35ml 40% to 30% = 0.3333 * c = 11.667 ml = 2.3670 teaspoons 43% to 30% = 0.4333 * c = 15.167 ml = 3.0771 teaspoons 45% to 30% = 0.5000 * c = 17.500 ml = 3.5505 teaspoons 45.8% to 30% = 0.5267 * c = 18.433 ml = 3.7398 teaspoons 46% to 30% = 0.5333 * c = 18.667 ml = 3.7872 teaspoons 47.3% to 30% = 0.5767 * c = 20.183 ml = 4.0949 teaspoons 48% to 30% = 0.6000 * c = 21.000 ml = 4.2606 teaspoons 50% to 30% = 0.6667 * c = 23.333 ml = 4.7339 teaspoons 54.2% to 30% = 0.8066 * c = 28.233 ml = 5.7281 teaspoons 55.7% to 30% = 0.8567 * c = 29.983 ml = 6.0831 teaspoons 57.0% to 30% = 0.9000 * c = 31.500 ml = 6.3909 teaspoons 60.7% go 30% = 1.0233 * c = 35.816 ml = 7.2666 teaspoons 35 ml = 7.101 teaspoons Tribal Counsel has spoken... Raster... you have been voted off of the island, now douse your torch and leave peacefully...

goudan says:

Hey guys! This is one of my top scotch! And I mean TOP. The peat is there but sweeter, mature, old, woody, les heartly/muddy then the Amrut peated. Warm, well crafted, i love it. I noze it 15-20 times befor taste it, the peat tens to leave the place to dry fruit, i have to say cherry like the Glenfarclas 12 but sooooooo old and smoked salmon hahaha Sorry but it’s there, in there, perfectly balanced 🙂

declaminator says:

With all due respect (OK, without ANY respect) you guys are clueless ass-clowns.

Simple Diversion says:

Lagavulin: The mans drink! Great stuff.

South Dakota Dude says:

Your review is wonderful here. I do Love this 16 the best; it’s at the top of my list. I appreciate and give credit to the 16 year maturation and have devoted my loyalty to the dedication and patience that Lagavulin gives to their cornerstone product. I like Laphroaig’s Quarter Cask very much; however – for $25.00 more (roughly) I’ll go to the 16 every time. The 8 year is a little “green” to me. Would love to try the Peat Monster and Benriach Solstice 17 year but I cannot get them here. Ardbeg – example of trying too hard in my opinion to smoke it up as an NAS. I liked the Uigeadail but again (being an NAS) I’ll go to Mr. 16 every time for $7.00 more. Have a great rest of the week.

glencoda says:

Hey Scott, if you don´t get the sherry thing in the Lagavulin 16, you should compare it to the 8 or 12 year old. there is something different in it, that imo doesn´t just come from the age.

Love your reviews 😉 Check out Glencadam 10 and 15 if you haven´t yet!

Jason Voorheese says:

I’ve considered Lagavulin for a less extreme Islay, along with Bunnahaibhain and Bowmore. The 16 used to sell for around $80 over here, but they took it off the shelves soon after (at the time, the thought of dropping that much on a bottle was pure insanity!) I’m also a fan of wine and tea notes…

schwarzblatt says:

A classic branding for sure, and a great intro to Islays and peated Scotches. One question: why so heavy on the E150 and chill filtration? And can we at least have labels that tell us whether a whisky has this or not? We shell out good money (90USD where I live) for these liquors and deserve to be informed.

Jeffrey Daniels says:

This is mothers milk. True nectar of the gods. I just wish I could find a bottle, is there anywhere to buy a bottle online?

Dee Piper says:

This is Ron Swanson’s favorite scotch. 🙂

Martin is god says:

I drink a bottle of this a day. It’s amazing how clean and lovely the buzz is. The flavor is amazing . Nothing like waking up and sipping this all day.

Brad Bjerga says:

You guys are older gentlemen but you act like you are 20 years old. Tighten it up

Kevin P says:

I have nicknamed this scotch, “dragon piss.” If you haven’t fried your palette, this shit is like drinking the devil’s piss.

brecht van der steene says:

nice review !! scott i know you’re a big fan of sherry matured whisky, so am i 😀 One of my favorites is the glendronach 21 parliament (some tasting notes, raisins , dark fruits, dried fruits , brown sugar , chocolate) you should definitely try it, I’m sure you will like the 21 parliament a lot
but i’m also a fan of peated whisky Last week I purchased the octomore 7.2 Travel Retail Exclusive edition

Tim Porter says:

First off let me say that I love this scotch. I think I’m on my 3rd bottle and have another bottle in reserve unopened. However, with that being said, I hate that these distilleries artificially color their products. It belittles the product and insults the consumer. I really hope the practice stops. It’s one of the reasons why I really like ardbeg, kilchoman, and bruichladdich, they just don’t do it and are proud not to. I don’t mind the chill filtering as much but it is done just so they can get the lower ABVs into the bottle. There is no need to chill filter if you keep the ABV at 46 or better. Ok, I’ll climb off my soap box. Keep up the good work boys!

Cypeq says:

I find this interesting some can’t pinpoint sherry in it… maybe that’s batches maybe that’s the smoke. But It was one of the first things that struck me that it’s a nice sherry blend, and I was in awe how masterfully balanced it is between smoke, fruit, wood and sherry notes. Like someone is striking a chord on a piano.

And you mention hazelnut ;d that’s one characteristics of the sherry cask.

Springbanker says:

vastly overrated and overpriced imho. Who needs lagavulin when there is Ardbeg and Laphi? and if i want less punch in the face i’d rather have Caol Ila, simple as that

Orlando Munguia says:

is this more like a Talisker as opposed to an Ardbeg or Laphroig?

Lockguy 26 says:

Intense . Smoke . Peat . Balanced 94 Whisky Advocate Islay, Scotland- One of the great classics from Islay. Remarkably balanced, with very dry and assertive flavors offset by the sweetness of Sherry oak. Complex, full-bodied, smoky, peaty tastes combine with a salty tang of the sea in this elegant yet powerful Single Malt. $85.00

Christopher Varnava says:

the best from ISLAY by A LONG WAY !!!!

Patrick van Elewout says:

It is indeed a wonderfull dram. (Although I like Laphroaig a tiny bit more). When you like smoky, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Jonathan Bean says:

so just to be clear, your reviews aren’t actually reviews but rather tests? interesting

Pradeep Rajkumar says:

DUMBER and DUMBERS remembrance.. I am a single malt fan and from SOuth India- Neighboring state of AMRUT FUSION…-Living in Melbourne VIctoria as a citizen…

Love you mates do ISLAY region whisky.. I LOVE ISLAY- LAGAVULIN 16, Laphroiag 10 & Quarter CASK, Ardbeg UOO GHA DHALL & CORREY

Owen Davies says:

I think this is a really nice dram which i have a bottle , one thing i have notice is when I first opened it was very powerful but as you make your way through the bottle over the moths it losses it noses and taste ,

Rockdoc St Augustine says:

I drank some of this today. peaty, very peaty but I liked it.

Corey Martin - Big Poppa says:

Good review. I love Lagavulin 16. You should try the distillers edition if you come across it.
Sherry cask finished. Delicious

Iestyn Jones says:

First single malt I ever bought. I had no idea about the peatyness of Islays. Blew my mind, Was not too keen but grew to love it. Bit too expensive for a regular so I tend to go for Laphroiag.

Sal Renzulli says:

I just can’t come around to this. I had the same reaction with this that you describe when you tried it initially. Just too harsh for me. I’m sure that I could add a cube or two, but at the end of the day, I’m still not there with Scotch’s of this type. Love the hat.

SeymourSkinner says:

I love the Lagavulin 16
My favourite peated whisky, nothing else tastes like it
Great review guys !

JA M says:

Some good points. I totally agree that it’s a great introduction to peat. I find Laphroaig a bit too much (almost sickeningly so), and this is a nice balance; the sweetness balances out the smoke nicely.

snowmobileracer69 says:

How about a lagavuli 16 vs laphroig and ardbeg 10 shootout?

Mr Bob says:

Smells like Bondo. …nice

Orlando Munguia says:

bruno, have you tried Bowmore 12 year? maybe put it on the list if not. It will finally be the one to turn you to the dark side. trust me.

Carbines Right says:

A lot of the color of lagavulin and laphroaig comes from added colorant (E150)

BDF30 says:


Matthew Newlove says:

nice to watch u guys review this i got given my first bottle of lagavuilin 16 for xmas as i just been converted to laphroiag which i love but this is amazing sweet burned liquorice comfort food 95 plus or minus infinity happy new year!

Karl Fenner says:

I can’t stop sayin’… “LAGA-VU-LIN!”

Malt Mondays says:

Hello fellow whisky lovers! Please check out my review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KisCx6rQKm0&t=201s
I’m just getting started and would love to reach some new people!

MM Dizzle says:

There special edition 16 year old is sherry cask and delicious. My favorite peated whiskey ever.

Douglas Pettit says:

Tried this over the weekend. I wasn’t impressed. Much prefer the Laphroaig 10.

roy roy says:

I just had it tonight and haven’t had it in a long time and I could taste the sherry in the finish. No sherry on the nose because the peat is overwhelming. As for colorant, I don’t see the point, but I purchased e150 to try it out on vodka, lol and TWO DROP made my vodka bottle look like whisky. Tricked my friends with it. To me Laphroig 10 is awful. The Cask strength version that is, to b clear. The burned tire crossed with turpentine taste is just to much. There is no love for it. It ruins taste.

Bryan Allison says:

When he said body putty I was like WTF? Lol

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