Whisky Review #227 ARDBEG 10 vs. LAPHROAIG 10….scotch tasting….YouTube

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Peat vs. Peat which one comes out ahead…or in a peated world can they both win???????????


Sal Renzulli says:

That little outro…thought you guys were going to break into ..Move ’em on
(Head em’ up!) Head em’ up (Move ’em on!) Move ’em on (Head em’ up!) Rawhide!

Douglas Pettit says:

Calm down Bart!

mbratchie1 says:

The Ardbeg tastes more elegant to me.

Gachain says:

It was a Blustery Damp Day in Brooklyn so It is only Right that I enjoy a PEATED Whisky tonight; so I am enjoying TÉ BHEAG (Chay Ve ahg or Veeg) while watching your HEAD to HEAD Vs between ARDBEG 10 and LAPHROAIG 10

TÉ BHEAG Nan Eilean 40% ABV 2nd Pour



A Blended Scottish Whisky from the Isle of Skye

Blended By Praban na Linne (Prah Bawn Nah Lynnah) Shabeen of the Pool (small body of water)

Let it sit in the Glass 30 minutes

COLOR: Medium Reddish Brown with a number of Legs Running Slowly. Nice Ring

NOSE: Brine, Licorice

PALETTE: Light Creamy Mouth Feel Sweet Arrival with Licorice. Peat Smoke Rises nicely as I swirl it; Mixing with the Sweetness. Some Light Pepper. Light Sweetness remains amidst the Peat Smoke.

FINISH: Light Sweetness going down; followed by Drying with Some Pepper, Briney Notes remain as I breathe along with Licorice and a Hint of Peat Smoke

This is my 2nd Glass, In My opinion, this is a Very Good Blended Peated Scottish Whiskey. The Light Sweetness on the Palette mixes nicely with BUT is Not overwhelmed by the Peat Smoke. A Flavorful combination. I would prefer a Thicker Mouth Feel from this NON-CHILL FILTERED Blend, but there is a Nice combination of Licorice Sweetness with Peat Smoke.

As an IRISH Gaelic Speaker, I greatly appreciate the significant use of SCOTTISH Gaelic in the Name and the rest of the Label. The Isle of Skye along with some of the other Scottish Islands has a small but significant Gaelic Speaking population and this Blender is Keen to uphold it, MAITH SIBH (Mah or My Shiv) Good For You (Plural)

Jeff Lewis says:

If you’re smelling clay, it’s time to give peated whisky a rest… similar to anosmia. (edited for spelling error.)

TruelyBadassAmerican says:

I pulled the trigger and bought a bottle of Laphroaig 10 this weekend… Best purchase in a while! I love it.

Kevin Baker says:

Inspiring me to go and do likewise…I’ve never had them head-to-head, either. For that matter, I don’t think I’ve had the Laphroaig 10 in a few years (I usually go for the cask strength, too). I’m really enjoying the versus format, btw; any others in the works?

oldmanwitherspoon says:

not sure I’m sophisticated enough to tell much of a difference. I’ve tried both and they seemed almost identical to me

Clarke B says:

Nice video. FYI – Anything under 46% has to be chill-filtered. No coloring added to Ardbeg!

gabrielgv0619 says:

Confession: After a little over a year into my Scotch adventures, I’ve yet to even any Ardbeg offering despite the fact that Laphroaig is my favorite bottle. Question is, with which Ardbeg should I begin? BTW, really like the head-to-head format you guys use from time to time.

Welsh Toro says:

Ardbeg 10 all the way for me. The U.K bottling strength for the Laphroaig 10 is a crummy 40% along with chill-filtration and colour. All my favorite Laphroaigs these days come from independent bottlers.

Sean Mc says:

Watching this for the second time… and love that Caveman reference 🙂 Great review guys!

Raster says:

That was pretty good! Made me want to pull out my two bottles and taste them along with you. I checked the time (here) It’s 9:30 AM… guess I can’t do that.

Dr David Ragland says:

Have you guys ever gone out on a limb and created your own blend?? Equal portions of both the fine whiskeys you have there would be a good blend. I have done this before with other whiskies and it worked very well…….keep up the good videos…..

Al Paterson says:

Hey Scott for the nose try this out … for this Ardbeg 10 (46%abv round here $95) keep your nose stuck in the glass for a full two minutes non stop:-) .. it takes a long while to get through that huge peaty smoke blast and you will be surprised to see the other aromas start to come through the peat …. Good stuff you guys – get lots of rest – The 12 Hours of Boom tomorrow July 8/2017 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! SLANGÉ from Montreal

Malted In Montreal says:

I get major smoked salmon on the laphroaig 10.

Michael Knight says:

Thanks guys! I prefer the Laphroaig 10y as well. Lagavulin 16 has to be the smoothest peated scotch I’ve ever had. But I still love the Laphroaig – it is always in my stock at any given time.

Jerry Bartlett says:

Scott I am like you I lean more to the Sherry flavor scotches but would likes to try to get into the peats. With this being said would either one of these the best choice or do you have another suggestion to bring to the table.

hratch zeitunlian says:

A friendly and on offensive comment , Question .How can you do a serious head to head comparison of two heavily peated Whiskey …. Both have strong and long aftertaste , the first sip already overpowers the others. And second of how can this tasting be objective when you are comparing , 43% with a 46 % and make a statement that you get Heat out of the the 46% . Cheers

Brandon Pisoni says:

Two of my favorite whiskys, great video. I get a mint, earthy peat and smoked meat flavor that is dry and very robust with a lingering finish with Ardbeg.
I find Laphroaig slightly more simple and versatile with a medicinal, beach campfire smoke, wintergreen/camphor flavor and quite a bit more sweetness.
Couldn’t choose a favorite here to be honest.

Stephen Hollabaugh says:

Love them both. The Islays simplified my scotch single malt purchasing decisions. When I buy a single malt it will always be an Islay.

Alistair Robertson says:

Lasted 10 seconds before turning off.

Gachain says:

Hey Guys, Very informative Review, Particularly enjoyed hearing about the difference in the Peat experience between the Two. I have yet to have ARDBEG but LAPHROAIG Peat is definitely like a Campfire to my Tastebuds. Looking forward to ARDBEG 10 for the fact it is Non-Chillfiltered.

Hatchet Team Toledo says:

My first was Laphroaig cask strength.
I was sold the second I opened the bottle..

Luis Wells says:

Come to the dark side, Scott. We have PEAT! I love both of these great scotches. And I’m as over-the-top about 10-year-cask-strength as Bart so I never tire of him mentioning it.

Nathan Redman says:

Laphroaig all the way. Even with the color, chill filtering and lower ABV. I just enjoy that Laphroaig character – heavy caramel, vanilla and seaweed. Licorice and smoke finish that lasts for days. Ardbeg comes off fruitier to me which is fine but I rarely go back to Ardbeg. Everyone likes different things…good thing we have lots of whisky options. Cheers…dummies.

foodquig says:

Both are my go-to stormy-night-by-the-fire Winter drams… Unless I have some Port Charlotte on hand, that is.

MrJ4ckie says:

I find it curious that you don’t get the lemon/lime notes from the Ardbeg, most reviewers I watch (and myself) mention a strong citrus note and often a minty note as well…and find the Laphroaig noticeably ‘warmer’, much less citrus, more sweetness, and (for me) a certain ashy note.
I find them to be pretty different, but I’m also not a fan of Laphroaig.

Craig's says:

Yes, Laphroig has caramel added and is chill filtered, but Ardbeg is non-chill filtered with no artificial colouring.

Chip Reid says:

Ardbeg, Laphroaig, and Lagavulin are all within stumbling distance of each other on the island of Islay. Please try smelling the glass after the liquid is consumed. It’s wonderful. Thanks guys. Awesome video.

Jo Allan says:

Laphroig should be medicinal, Ardbeg is much more Islay ie peat, they should be quite distinct. I think you guysare a bit mixed up.

Tommy Lee Jones says:

Who is this Pete and why is he in all these whiskies?!

steveparadox1 says:

£47 for Ardbeg or £25.20 for Laphroig (on offer)… not sure which one to go for? I’ve had Ardbeg before and it is my favourite whisky I have tried (I’ve only just really got into whisky) I had Laphroig once but that was before I got the taste for whisky so cant properly recall. Not sure whether to just pay the extra for Ardbeg or take the chance on laphroig…. hmmmm….

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