whisky review 244 – 5 recommended Blended Scotch Whiskies

after much research, tears and tantrums, 5 decent Blended Scotch’s

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Ryan Exley says:

have you tried johnnie walker explorers club, royal route is really nice!

Fetz17 says:

Hi Ralfy, would you consider doing a review of Dimple 15 year old Blended Scotch? It’s one I can seeing at my local off license and am tempted by it 🙂 

Radio Laboratory says:

…in other words is there a low end % of malted barley that will/can qualify as a Scot malt blend.
Thnx agen Ralfy…cheers

TheAndreiul says:

Hi. What do you think about Chivas Royal 12y or Jack Daniels no.7 ? What would you chose ? Which one has the strongest smokey-woody-oak taste ? I love that taste/smell.

Jorge says:

Hey Ralfy excellent reviews, how about a Whyte & Mackay Special review? We are drinking one bottle now and taking care of your recommendations, greetings from Venezuela!

Worldwave says:

Hahah, thanks Ralfy, I’ll be sure to try if I can get my hands on a bottle. Pretty rare to find one of those here in israel as not too many people take care to import any Whyte & Mackay stuff.

DJS says:

“Raisiny, brown sugar sweetness”. I’ve been trying to nail down a good description for ages for that grain whisky flavour that seems to be very closely replicated in most cheap blends and that’s pretty damn close, nice work Ralfy.

TheJStamey says:

Have you ever or are you ever going to get into Japanese week.skee?  In the movie “Hombre” (with Paul Newman) the bad guys are in bad shape.  One of the best movie Mexican Bandidos, Frank Silvera described their predicament by saying the gang leader, Richard Boone, didn’t bring water, “he’s only bring week-skee”.  Ever since seeing Hombre I have to prounce whiskey week-skee. 

As you said, ” the quality of what we engage with during our lives assists with defining the quality of our lives”  For good or ill, my life has brought me into contact with lunatics, pirates, fast women and movies with Frank Silvera.  I don’t know if that’s quality, but it was hilarious.

PS:  I actually watch your reviews and got some Forty Creek based on your suggestion.  I had to special-order it here, although it’s available in Kingston, Ont.  It’s exactly 105 miles from my driveway to the border at Ivy Lea.  However, where Interstate 81 passes to the east of Lake Ontario they get tons of lake effect snow and only fools and truck drivers (I’m the former and was the latter) will go that way between November and April.

Could you please review Old Overholt?  The whis…excuse me, week-skee probably.isn’t that good, but the name strikes Americans as funny. .

DrMontague says:

You state you are not an expert! If you are not, then who is?!

Mandolynnrose says:

Tried the Monkey Shoulder for my “first” whiskey drinking experience. It was delightful. Thanks Ralfy.

julle huu says:

lol finnish alko have wats 69 and i liked it it stayed on my mind long time but alko didint have other o theas lmao g

Siddharth Udayakumar says:

This was the most helpful video,as a student living in India,this is very helpful we get 4 of these Blends (except the White Horse).I can’t afford Single malts ,I usually drink rum and cheap whiskey or rum but on a good day I do buy a blended scotch whiskey.Personally my favourite are Black and white and Vat 69 ,though I never tried the White horse   

Wisely Snides says:

My Grandad use to love VAT 69. I got it for my dad and he loved it and so did I. I would say it was one of the better blends I have tasted, along with Monkey Shoulder.

gerrymillar46 says:

vat 69 the popes whisky my dad called it

Glen M says:

What is the three legged ornament representative? Like your candle or lantern to your upper right , our upper left screen. Your reviews are greatly appreciated. Do you have any recommended travel companies that do distillery tours?

Peter J Puleo says:

I have heard that bottle color is important. A darker glass helps reduce light exposure to the liquor and therefore helps preserve its flavor. I know that some beer manufacturers are quite insistent on this point.

Wisely Snides says:

I love Whyte and Mackay. Thanks for the video for the other blends.

jenny chok says:

hi ralfy, is passport scotch a good whisky?

SirJabsAlot says:

Hmm where are the Doctor Who trinkets that are normally in the background??

Radio Laboratory says:

Ralfy hey.
In yor opinion/or law how much malted barley (%wise) must a Scottish blended W whisky posess

moody says:

What does “robust” mean here for Whyte & Mackay?

Jorge says:

Thanks for your kind reply, cheers and good luck! Will go this Friday for W&M 13…

pi17835 says:

Recently had a dram of Vat 69 and of Black & White and I was a bit disappointed (especially from the B&W) since they were Ralfy Recommended… yes the prices are low, but I expected more. I think Teachers is my favorite low Budget Scotch, but once my “testing period” is over, I might have the Tomatin Legacy as my cheapest Option (or the Teachers maybe). Anyway, got two Whiskys for Mixing. Btw: Ralfys tip of Mixing Whisky with Apple juice works very good for me!

capjiekia says:

ralfy, have you ever taste monkey shoulder ?

RusticMinded says:

Malty Mavericks

24magiccarrot says:

I don’t like the fact that you don’t review whiskys that aren’t very good, I’d rather you did that way we’d also know which whiskys to avoid as well as buy.

Ben Locker says:

Ralfy, love your reviews! Would you consider reviewing the dimple pinch?

grandslam1998 says:

Top class old boy. I drink blended whisky because I like them esp Vat 69.

Dole Bandit says:

Very little actual review of the five whisky`s in question given that the video is over eleven minutes long

Willow TheWisp says:

how’s A’Bout   “” 40 Creek””?   or “Canadian Club 12yr old”

Vegard K says:

Vat 69 is the only one of these which is available where i live, but then again it is amazing.

Jaymz Anthony Pokrivnak says:

I find that the black and white is rather smoky and rather very tasty for a blend much better than most the others since im an islay drinker.

wozzlepop says:

I don’t really understand why blended whiskys remain so popular now that single malts are so much more widely available now in UK supermarkets. Bells: £16.49. Old Pulteney 12: £24. I have the taste buds of a donkey and even I can tell blended whisky is utter rot. Its not just Pulteney though; ASDA have over 50 malts on offer at any given time. Far far more than previously and at practically no profit prices. The weird thing is, having worked in a supermarket myself, people just don’t buy single malts for some reason. I see many an old boy reaching for Bells or Grants or Teachers and can count the sales of single malts with age statements on one hand. Why?! I guess malt whisky is still the preserve of ‘upper middle class people who don’t buy it in supermarkets’? Oh well! More for me!

Worldwave says:

What do you think of the Whyte & Mackay special?

Tomas Novella says:

Hi Ralfy! Why haven’t you mentioned the Old Smuggler as well? You have given it higher mark than to any of these in your review.

Mark Wilson says:

I love it when Ralfy drops bits of wisdom into his reviews.

*Liam Eserda says:

I find the Ballantines 12 YO better (more tastier) and balanced than the 17 YO. Anyone agree?

William Erb says:

what do you recommend for a blend with a good amount of peat and smoke. I live in the US. so if you could list a couple to make sure I can find one available that would be great. thanks.

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