whisky review 277 – Three best malt whiskies for beginners

. . . three available and affordable Malt whiskies which provide a range of flavours along with quality for a new whisky drinker.


Adam Dmac says:

As a confessed single malt virgin. I’m going to buy a bottle of the old pulteney on Friday. As for the experienced malt drinkers, is it an insult to drink beer with it?

Mr Bob says:

Mrs Doubtfire…

Wargamers Shut Up & Jam Gaiden says:

I wish I had watched this video earlier. The first whisky I’ve acquired is a Lagavulin 16. Which, is excellent, but I’m not sure of the differences between the Peaty/Smokey whiskeys and the non-peaty whiskys. I feel the Lagavulin is kind of lost on me.

Jimmy the Gent says:

by far the most interesting and entertaining reviews on youtube; thank you, Ralfy!

Rikitocker says:

I can get Ardbeg 12 in OZ cheaper than Caol Ila … and Lagavulin 16 is cheaper here than Caol Ila … figure that one out!

gavin Brown says:

I’m enjoying the videos ralphy me & my partner love whisky keep the videos coming

moody says:

Jameson VS Highland Park VS JW Black Label, which one do you prefer??

JClar72 says:

Hi Ralf! Have been watching for about a month, and have been enjoying your reviews very much. I don’t have that many scotch whiskeys under my belt, but have recently tried Glenlevit 12 and Glenfiddich 12 and enjoyed them both. I wanted to know which 15 year old you recommend that I should try first? Thanks, cheers!

haloonweed 69 says:

why do you put so much emphasis on “h” when you say any word with w and h like you pronounce “why” as hoo-y instead of y?

Andrew Birrell says:

i haven’t been drinking single malt long , glenfiddick 12 year old and glenmorangie 10 year old glenlivit founders reserve was amoung the first i bought, then i bought a bourban cask and 12 year old caledonia from edradour

Sachmojo1 says:

Sadly, as I sit here in Australia in June 2016, Caol Ila is more expensive than both the Laphroiag & Ardbeg 10 year olds, and only barely cheaper than Lagavulin 16. Sadly there appears to be no such thing as an affordable Islay single malt in Australia!

Wil Hobbs says:

I’m lucky…Laphroig quarter cask is available at my local store and I guess people around here ( in Canada) don’t care for it so it’s always on sale.
Lucky me 🙂

HybridEnergy says:

Caol Ila 12 for beginners? It’s my favorite whiskey but that shit is not for beginners lmfao. The peat , medicinal smoke, and dentist smell made all my beginner friends nearly quit whiskey.

80nrc says:

Hello malty moonlicht mukkers!

Need your help RALFY! I’m quite new to whisky and I’ve slowly been going through some of your recommendations and really starting to love and appreciate whisky. Every now and then comes a time for that budget malt moment and this is where I need your help. I’ve tried a few affordable whiskies and would really like to know your opinion on Islay Mist Deluxe. Recently it was rewarded a gold medal at the international spirit challenge 2016. The problem is that when you nose straight from the bottle it’s smoky sweet with noticeable tar and peat too, but when you pour it into a glencairn glass this fades away and turns into a really faint phenolic and acetonic sweet smell. Why does the nose seem so much better straight from the bottle? On the palate it seems very sweet, almost too sweet. I would really like to hear your opinion on this.

Travis H says:

new to you channel. also new to scotch. my question is would a Balvenie be a good starter scotch as well? Slainte

Richard T says:

Sadly here in Western Canada none of these malts are available … alas …

Sean3D says:

the lcbo finally has all 3 of these for sale online. bought them for my self one of each

Sean3D says:

just looked in Ontario Canada they have 0 in stock of two of these bottles but seem to have plenty of highland park 12 year

John Shope says:

Cheers to you Ralfy! I definitely hear it here. Bravo for branching out of the Glenlivet and Glenfiddich as immediate go to’s. I personally always resort to those because they are so incredibly mild, straight forward and widely recognized.

Bill Stryker says:

thank you Ralfy !

Kevin says:

I just bought Glenlivet 12 year, I just turned 21 last month

EpicUnderscoreStudio says:

As a new whisky drinker, I can understand why this topic is your most asked question, and while answers to this question are out there, they are actually surprisingly hard to come by! And frustratingly they do not offer as much insight about flavours as you have! Thank you kind sir.

John Deveau says:

Ralfy , I love your videos and have learned a lot from watching you. I am new to the scotch world, December 2016 was my first purchase. A bottle of Balvanie 12 yr double wood. Since then, I have tried and or purchased over 30 different scotches. I have tried both the Old Pultney 12, based on your review, which I loved… I have also tried the Highland Park 12 based on your review. I enjoyed it as well but have to say it was way more complex in flavor than I was ready for as a beginner. I think that one may be for someone who enjoys those complex flavors and has had a bit of experience with the vast array of what is out there. I had my newbie friend try it and he hated it! I would recommend something sweeter and sherried like the Aberlour 12 or Auchentashen 12 over the HP for beginners. But, I’m not the expert! Haven’t tried the Caol Ila but have the Laphroig 10 and Talisker Storm. Beginners stay away from Laphroig as an intro to Islay. The Talisker is much more palatable as an intro. Thanks Ralfy, and I look forward to your next video! I’m a huge fan!

xiaguan whisky says:

nikka and suntory for me (beginner) so far. but will look into some scotch Whisky soon. i like bitter earthy / leather / tobacco (puer tea) any scotch i could like?

poolehart says:

What’s the best coke to put with whisky?

Petr Barna says:

Great channel 🙂

Whisky Reviews Trenny and C says:

Great choices! sadly Old Pultney 12 is $100 in B.C. These readily available gems are taxed like crazy out here. Cheers from http://www.trennyandc.com/

steve wenger says:

ralphy love your Videos,,can you make a Video about Pairing whisky with Food,,with wine i know exactly what two eat but with whisky i end up always eating or breed or walkers shortbread

123Fritz says:

Great recommendation, I love all three of them.
Although I would not call myself a beginner, those standards are very good, I return to them every once in a while and they are stunning. Frankly, there is not such a thing as a beginner whisky. Just my humble opinion:-)

leedogification says:

A whiskey lover AND a Dr. Who fan! I think I will have to subscribe to this channel.

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