whisky review 324 – Glenfiddich 12yo Scotch re-reviewed

. . . a timely return to one of the most recognisable of Scotch malts which shows signs of quality improvement . . . and we hope that Donald will make some time for a bit more quality-improvement too !
Watch Fighting Trump on YouTube ( http://youtu.be/ADecI4xw-yg )

Also check out ( http://www.trippinguptrump.com/ )


Jim says:

Wouldn’t mind getting this again remember it had a lot of white chocolate flavour to it

Denim Jim's Hick Hop says:

I support Ralphy on his opinion of Donald Trump. I’m a Trump Supporter. But I love Ralphy and will continue to stay a subscriber! Your reviews are spot on! Love your reviews. Much love from a deplorable. Cheers!

Str8Annihilate says:

From the US, just bought bottle of Glenfiddich today because Donald Trump. Also because Glenfiddich 12 was the first single malt I ever had 6 years ago and I thought I would try it again.

Therunningman smash says:

Trump, the fool that he is….. as Ralphy says, is well… still a bully. Only now he is the President of the United States. And a bully

John Belk says:

Around four years later, and we’re still talking about Trump. Bought myself a Glenfiddich 12yo, and now I’ll be buying more, for sure!
Cheers from Puerto Rico!

Gurjit Singh says:

Spot on

Peabrain says:

Just tried a bit and found it hot but underwhelming.

There is only one KEK and Pepe is his prophet says:

and. here. we are. in 2017, with Mr. Trump being President trump.

Sebastian Huerta says:

4 years later and the trump comments are relevant and really encapsulate Trump and the relationship he has with the world

Ish Csik says:

Such a poignant review. This came up on the autoplay after “Seven Levels Of Intoxication”, random or not? Glenfiddich, a whisky for 2016, or maybe until 2020. Thankyou Ralfy for introducing me to Springbank, Arran and all the other independent distillers.

Lynn R. says:

If Trump hate Glenfiddich that is reason enough for me to drink it.

Mr. Prober says:

#MAGA, bitches

Tee H says:

I love the complimentary chats in between.

Ryan Tackett says:

Four years ago you hit the nail on the head about Trump…and this nice Glenfiddich. Some things never change!

There is only one KEK and Pepe is his prophet says:

9:24 Government and Crime are even more frequent bedfellows…

L Anderson says:

And now he is the president of the United States of America. Time for a dram I think!

Kin Peng Ow says:

I just bought a bottle of Glenfiddich 12 because of this video. I dislike Trump.

medieval46 says:

Fast Forward 5 years mates. Just for that Mr. President Trump, I’m buying a bottle of Glenfiddich maybe two or three. Don’t mess with me’ Malt Mates ever again. Let that be a lesson to ye’.

Obito Bastardo says:

Hello from 2017!

Robert Langdon says:

Pears, vanilla and apples in the nose. More vanilla, orchard fruits,
honey and heather in the palate. Medium finish. All in all, a perfect
beginners scotch or an everyday scotch. A word of warning: once you’ve
sampled this it will lead to the 15, 18, 19, 21 year old expressions. It
only gets better from here lads…. A bit pricy however you may get it
at a great discount by pre booking it on flemingodutyfree.com/ to get the best deal.

Rookie Freediver says:

It’s called a boycott. I’ll probably be getting a bottle.

Musicmann1022 says:

I was given a 12 year bottle last December. I just finished it and learned to like it. It’s a fine scotch – and I’m not a scotch drinker.

redmudpei says:

I got a bottle to try, having never drank scotch before I was intrigued.

I had shine that was smoother! All I could taste was alcohol.

Speaking of taxes, money, and power… #taxationistheft

Nick Amaral says:

I think I’m going to buy a bottle of Glenfiddich 12 now

fgomez750 says:

I would suggest taking politics out your excellent reviews. Just saying…

Da Ven says:

If Trump gets a punch in the snout, I’ll drink gasoline. And I’ll buy a Glenfiddich. Thanks, Ralfy!

clearevil says:

Trump is now my president, I need to drink a few bottles of Glenfiddich to deal with it. #helpusplease

Elton Joel says:

Ralfy, on behalf of all your American malt mates I’d like to apologize for my fellow countrymen electing that bastard Trump president.

I actually sought out this video because I remember watching it years ago and it turned me on to what he was doing with his horrible golf course and the “little people” being displaced by it.

I’m buying a bottle of Glenfiddich tonight as a small personal protest towards the outcome of the recent election.

I (we) think were all gonna need a drink to cope with the future we face…

BP says:

I will buy a few bottles straight away to support them. Slainte!

Spencer Max says:

I must have been about 10 years old or so when my brother and I were roped in to a tour of the Glenfiddich distillery with Mum and Dad. I remember the huge copper vats and pipes and different levels and view-points.

There was of course a tasting at the end. My brother and I were allowed a cheeky nip too and my God, it was terrible stuff – nothing like the cream soda and lemonade I was used to. How my tastebuds have changed over the years 😉

PS. My local Tesco have this for £12 off RRP at £25 so I had to buy a bottle.

Kiko H1ghest says:

Do you have your whiskey shop ?

E S says:

So Scotland is like America, the west is the best!

Auslo says:

well now that douche is president so im going to buy some glenfiddich right now

Cypeq says:

Just mixed it… you heard that right! Glenfiddich 12 is a mixer. I mixed it with laphroaig 10.

alick swiden says:

aaaand now he’s our president…..

Dennis Lichtenveldt says:

I still enjoy this whiskey 24 years after my first introduction to malt whiskies, sipping on one right now…
Some of my other favourites in the highland Speyside tradition are; Glendronach and Glen Farclas.
Back in the day, when I got engaged to my wife, I drank half a bottle of Macallan 8 yo… Loved them, 8, 10,
and 12 yo, no longer nowadays, they overplayed their hand.

Al Paterson says:

Being myself born in Glasgow way back in 49 .. it always warms my heart to hear you quote our Robbie Burns:-) .. just picked up a GF12 $56can. today and will try it next week with anticipation .. my last GF was a 15 year old some time ago .. also picked up an Aberlour10 $55can. on your advice that it might be better than one with more age to it ( also for a later tasting) … but at the moment a wee dram o’ Bushmills original 31$can. wonderful review – Slangevar from Montreal!

Thomas Hefter says:

Way to go Ralfie.  Unfortunately we’ve elected the guy you very astutely criticize in this one as the leader of what was supposed to be the free world.  Whisky and freedom gang together, yes indeedy.   Need to get me a bottle of Glenddich

Holcombi says:

who would have thought that a mere 4 years from when this was uploaded the bully who inspired it would be the president of the USA.

CoolFugginRanchKid says:

Donald Trump should be boycotted in every sense of that word.

astcal says:

typical anti-success, anti-rich, anti-development mentality of UK society — no wonder this country is becoming poorer and weaker. Just watch BBC’s show “scheme” — it is an eye opener for people outside of UK of how poor and messed up Scotland is.

But I forgive ralfy simply because of Scotch whisky 🙂

Cypeq says:

It’s that rare case that
it’s decent quality,
well priced,
worth every penny
 and even manages to make everyone happy as #1 seller in the segment.

Although It only costs a few pennies more to get highland park or old pultney or islays… much more charismatic stuff.

Lars Erik Vestergaard says:

Ahh, memories, Glenfiddich was my first foray into single malts. I was hooked. Haven’t tried one in ages.

One Bad Day says:

Clearly Glenfiddich will be my drink of choice throughout 2017.

Texxonn Noronha says:

Cheers to Ralfy & Glenfiddich…….M/s. William Grant & Sons in Dufftown, Scotland. a best way to Market and a black mole on Mr.Trump. for this double business at a time. Hats off ….Mrs.Ralfy…..pls fix your charge here…. perhaps William Grant approaches you to do more….review

Mad Mack says:

What a gentleman. I could learn a lot from this guy.

Derrick Black says:

Watching in 2017 and Trump is the President hahaha!

Wicked Coolname says:

Oh good, a politics infused booze review. The Scotts recently had a chance to become a free and independent nation. Instead, they chose to remain part of the UK. Americans are citizens, Scotts are subjects. We elected Mr.Trump to keep that witch, Hillary away and now we citizens have a powerful leader while you Scotts are still sulking the queen’s tit. And she’s the Queen of someone else’s country!

WikiPeoples says:

barely an improved malt mark over the initial review but i thought you said this was substantially better?

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