whisky review 335 (1/2) – Buchanans 12yo

. . . this trad-blend took me by surprise with it’s quality. Great complexity for the age and readily available in South America.


Les Waller International says:

Nice tidbit of info within the review! Since we always drink bottled water, I keep a bottle of water at my desk and drink it in a separate glass while sipping my whisky to keep me hydrated and to reduce the alcohol content for my system. 🙂

delabutte1 says:

Ralfy, I’m drinking th 18yo Buchanan as I write this, and it’s a delicate balance of peat and fruit. Would love to get your thoughts on this particular blend. 

Renato Shalom says:

I guess I am a Lucky one! I kept 3 bottles of Buchanan’s after my father passed away 10 years ago. I am guessing they are much older since they taste quite good.

Random Person says:

This shit got me fucked up hard in Mexico

m t says:

felt like I was watching a Harry Potter movie

Don Julio says:

I only came here to get at paisa bitches 😀

Raster says:

I just bought a bottle of Buchanan’s Deluxe 12yo and it is horrible!

This is undrinkable. You can mask the taste and use it as a source of alcohol in a drink, but that’s it.

I am creating a list on my computer that I will label: Never ever buy this product again.

Ralfy, there’s something going on here. I purchased my bottle at one of the state liquor stores in Vermont (USA). This product is garbage.

I believe there is some sort of huge difference between what you have tested, and the nearly the same labeled product sold in the US. Mine shows an ABV of 40% and the label on the bottle is just slightly different.

Sd Athen says:

Awesome, review. Bought a bottle this past weekend and definitely a great drink to sip on. Wife does a mix with Ginger Ale but straight is tasty.

Official 1998 says:

This drink made me lose my favorite hat.

dabell12 says:

I not impressed of  Buchanans knowing that is 12 years [test younger] very bitter & light no much going on. For the money, on the same years of maturation  I will prefer Dewards 12 years. just my humble test and opinion

Kathrin Theis says:

found several bottles at Walmart on clearance for $6.00 US each! we bought all they had. I agree it’s a lovely whiskey and I feel just smug to burst! makes me think of a wood fire and a caramel Granny Smith apple. Perfect for fall.

krod616 says:

I just tried some for the first time. On the nose it is superb but I didn’t care for the after taste very much. Still a glenlivet guy.

John Davolta says:

Buchanans is very popular in South America, or at least in Colombia and Brazil

Ember Flametongue says:

Thank you! I already figured out a much safer way though. I cut off the red foil around the top…it just pops right out once that’s all gone. 🙂

Morris Nell says:

92 for a blend whow 

HoustonDram says:

The cold “bath” works amazingly well! I chose to use a bit of water with the ice in the second glass (bowl) to make it easier to pull the whisky out and replace… It is going to make a mess either way condensation and all. I only use this on the hottest nights. Otherwise I will sit out and enjoy the rapid change in flavors and smells, if you start with good whisky every sip will be good and a surprise. You never know exactly which of the flavors that was hiding is going to come out and play!

Darren Barksdale says:

A great whisky. I love the 18 yr old.

Peat Lova says:

Ralfy, why not Macallan? How come you never review Macallan products other than the 10yo you did years ago? I would like to see you review a Macallan 18yo sherry oak. Thx!

Enio says:

Buchanans 12y is one of the most famous whisky in Venezuela. 

J.J.Castells says:

May you review Buchanan’s 18 y.o. Please, ralfy? Best regards

Daniel Saucedo says:

I dont like Buchanans

medieval46 says:

Interestingly Mr. Ralfy. I Just had this whisky tonight in a Casino in Las Vegas. It was the only Scotch whisky available at the bar I ordered it at in the convention area which is known to have limited offerings than the casino floor bars. Anyway, I found it interesting that you speak of temperatures of hot regions having a possible different effect on the whisky. As a worker in the casino industry, I do know that many of the spirits are stored in warehouses that get incredibly hot in the desert of Las Vegas summers, some Casinos warehouses are notorious for leaving bottles of whisky, beer, wine and bottled waters out in direct sunlight on scorching hot 115 degree summers for hours until they get wheeled inside the warehouse or into the casino. That being said, I had a different experience with Buchanan 12 year old than you described here. I got an extremely heavy peat and smoke on the nose and in the taste so much that it overwhelmed the other notes to near obliteration. After adding the drops of water, I could taste a chili note that came out of nowhere even though the peat and smoke still dominated with a vengeance, none of the other notes you mentioned came out in the tasting except for the chili note. The finish was dry as sun bleached bones left out in the Las Vegas desert. The back of my tongue and throat is still trying to re hydrate hours after the drink. I mark this down as one of the most intense scotch tastings I’ve had yet. Could it be possible that the storage of this whisky in a hot warehouse during the 119 degree heat of summer changed it inside the bottle and affected it when opened in December? You may be right on heat effect of whisky Ralfy. I’m going to have to try this whisky again in a different casino to see if there is any difference. Thanks for your great channel Mate.

Derek Sparks says:

Great review Ralfy just found this gem at my local liquor store for just under 10 dollars! The last one on the shelf and the manager told me I could have it for 9 bucks! Great scotch definitely on my top 5 whiskeys.

Sebastian Aguirre says:

Just found your page… I love you.

Baltazar García says:

Buchanans is very popular in Mexico but its not very common to find it in bars across the USA, tastes great and totally recommend it

Michael Dorman says:

i get a wee touch of peat in there too.  does anyone else find peat in this whiskey?

whiplash77 says:

im from venezuela and we love love love Buchanan’s Scotch i have a bottle right here with me 18 i don thing anything else have you ever try with a little bit of coconut water ?

Marcos Soto says:

I drink Buchanan’s 12 all the time it’s my favorite

james sane says:

can hardly find this in other part of the world

Andres Perez says:

nice review thanks!
what do you think about the Buchanans master and the 18yo ?
Thank you

Ember Flametongue says:

I want to convert the bottle into a bottle lamp, but in order to do that, I have to somehow remove the reservoir inside. Is there a trick to doing that? Thanks.

kaloke19 says:

What 6 bottles did you purchase (2012) and choose not to review?

Brendon Fraser says:

I watch you every day Ralfy, keep it up! you have devoted fans in Canada!

Etc Hosts says:

Mexicans love this

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