whisky review 378 – William Lawson’s scotch whisky

cheap and cheerful, and decent too.

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SuperMegaMantus says:

Have you ever done a review of a whisky in wich you gave 100/100?

KaosNoKamisama says:

Thanks Ralfy!
By the way. Are there any decent (and more or less avialable) blends that resemble the Speyside style?

Sir Karadoc says:

Hello Ralfy,
French guy here so excuse me for my English.
First congratulation for you videos, great guidelines for someone discovering the whisky world. (Not discovering but I’m considering myself a rookie 🙂
Second: I found at at a very small local retailer a 70cl bottle of Sheep Dip 1990 Old Hebridean for 80euros (~68 pounds) and a bottle of Glenfarclas 30yo (old bottleling (like the one you reviewed in the review 300)) for 250 euros (~215 pounds).
Should I buy one of them or both ?

john smith says:

Ralfy said Chivas 18 is better than 12, a lot better than 21 and better than 25. And you know what?…

RALFY KNOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

zeusminator says:

Ralfy, do you know at master of malt you can make your own whisky? it is worth the pain or better make yourself.

Bram Claes says:

Have you tried the new 13 year old version? I liked it 🙂 

William Maguire says:

Hi Ralfy, it’s very hot here in the Channel Islands.Shorts & t-shirt weather. I see you are still wearing your coat & bonnet. Is it cool in the Isle of Man or is it your damp bothy that leads you to dress up for winter. I really enjoy your vlogs.

roijas says:

Every time I watch one of your reviews, I picture you in your personal library reading books on Scotch, possibly smoking a pipe. Your knowledge is so in depth!


The 13 YO is also the sweetest blend, as sweet as Glenfiddich 12. Diabetic sweet!

3256ds says:

good one ralfy! but then again , all your vids are grand…………..p.s. still looking for my ralfy glen glass .

Dagan Manrique says:

How many years does the first William Lawson have?

Norman Bates says:

i love that accent

Dharish Kumar Bissessur says:

hey Ralfy… can you review a 13 year old Aged William Lawson’s scotch whisky..

msfsaint says:

For the price, drank neat… It’s unbeatable. No mixer needed. Maybe a cube or two, but otherwise… If you’ve got the money go for it, but this does the job. GOOD and yet CHEAP whiskey. Great review!!!

puffyHamster69 says:

Thank you for the excellent review 🙂

This whisky is highly available here in France, and I enjoy it quite often.

I would suggest that you accompany this whisky with some pieces of dark chocolate, something around 70% cacao. The spiciness of the malt in the whisky and the aroma and flavors of the cacao yield a truly magnificent combination, in my opinion.

In fact, it would be interesting Ralfy if you could do a vlog about whisky and food combinations. For instance, I could imagine that a peated whisky could go well with some deep BBQed pork ribs 🙂

Niko Bellic says:

In Russia william lawson is shittest shit ever

lionofgod9 says:

review good stuff








john smith says:

do you like it more than the 18?

chivas 18
royal salute 21
chivas 25

which one get the first and which one get the second place?


Malt454 says:

Sounds a little edgy, like Black Label, not “blended to the centre” like JW Gold and Blue. For more on old bottle effect, as it applies to miniatures and far older bottles with different chemical glass composition, check out Ralfy’s talk with Angus at Mulberrybank Auctions in Whisky Review 307.

Sir Karadoc says:

I think I will buy the Old Hebridean for sure. But for the Glenfarclas, I’m actually considering buying it for a gift, so sorry to bother you but other question, new Glenfarclas 30yo are cheaper than this Old bottling. So does the an older bottle justify such a price difference ?

notme123123 says:

Ralfy, how big is the bothy?

crisklm79 says:

hi Ralfy, another great review.
what is your oppinion (marks) about Four Roses Small Batch, Ridgemont Reserve 1792 and Bernheim Original Small Batch?
thank you.

Dram Stroker says:

how can i forget… my first alcohol poisoning

Equity213 says:

Hi Ralfy, have you tried any single malts from ‘The English Whisky Co.”?

I picked up a bottle of single malt spirit from them called “chapter 4”, 18 months old, no colour, non chill filtered and 46%. I paid 19$ Canadian for it.

I was so impressed I went back and cleaned out the shelf.

zeusminator says:

Very interesting review, thank you Ralfy. Despite it is one of the worst whiskies I’ve tried,
very young, oaky and rushy to me.

Ricardo duncan amar says:

hello ralfy…..  rio de janeiro city in Brazil send you a big hug.

Dan Fisher says:

Ralfy, should we be looking for you at the Open Championship this weekend?

Malt454 says:

You’re some distance from being the bad boy of whisky yet, Ralfy – still a lot of truth to be told and a lot of industry parades to be rained on, but you have gone farther than most. It is an illustration, however, of just how much the “good boys” of whisky are in the pocket of the industry that you are “the rebel” by comparison.

Dick Pakker says:

tnx nice review

Luis Viloria says:

Yo les daria al nuevo 75 u 80.

KaosNoKamisama says:

Nice to see a blend review again Ralfy. Thanks from all of us who are in places where single malts are brutally expensive. Between Lawson’s and Vat69, which one would you take and why?

vorga dekay says:

I love the comparison of the old and new versions of the same blend. The JW red and this… really fascinating… any more plans for more this in the future?

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