whisky review 424 – Teachers Highland Cream blended Scotch re-reviewed

Some recent complaints about reliability but still a good blend in the reviewed bottle.

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Pranav Mistry says:

My preferred whiskey is ascending of my budget are Teachers Highland Cream > JW Double Black > Glenmorangie 10YO.

Would you mind suggesting an alternative to teachers.. with similar flavour and in particularly smoky characteristic of it.
So I might try them out.

Can you suggest?

boilerbonz says:

I bought a bottle recently out of curiosity when it was on sale — I find the flavor to be plain and flat except for an odd sort of peaty finish that is reminiscient of the smell of dried sweat socks.  IMO, most comparably priced blends, such as JWR, Dewars WL or Grants, are far better.   

Dave Brits says:

I have an unopened bottle that me father got from his work from the early 80’s..maybe 70s even..

adrian burridge says:

Mmm still noses paint stripper to me,but over ice very smooth,mmm with ginger ale ok ruins the depth,lets try another glass with water highland ,mmmmm that’s it far better got the ginger and lemon nice and peppery on the tongue never had that before thanks ralph,now one more over ice with highland water aghhh that’s its you take the high road and ……………………………………………

Max LeBreton says:

Took me a while to like this one, but good to drink after a couple glasses of whisky…don’t taste the same as if you start with this one!

James Pahl says:

What a GREAT job you have!!

Tudval Stone says:

What I found lacking in all reviews of cheaper drinks is how it affects you (e.g. headaches, heartburn etc..) especially if you drink a little more than just a few sips. And than there are those reviewers who spit out, making the review absolutely irrelevant for somebody who plans to actually drink it.  All that was meant to say that I find that these days, these cheaper blends are absolutely UNDRINKABLE, regardless of how they taste. Do your internal organs a favor and pass.


tried this a while ago and it smelled and tasted good and the grain and sweetness was there and everything balanced except the finish,,over spicy harshness and lingering bitterness,,that ruined it for me and i returned the bottle,,other than that disappointment it would have been my brand

scarface says:

Hi Ralfy.. You mentioned this is for folks who like little bit of peatiness but not an Islay fan. Could you please recommend me some more similar whiskies which are lightly peated and smokey but not overwhelming. thanks.

MrPhantom95 says:

I bought this whiskey but I don’t know much about whiskey and i’m swedish. So what is Blended whiskey?

Prafful Shekhawat says:

Teacher’s Highland Cream. Well, it’s a blend. … Teacher’s is reportedly a blend of around 45% single malt with Scottish grain whisky, which is quite a bit higher than the 20% to 30% found in other widely-available blends. The dominant malt is Ardmore. You could checkout and compare it’s DutyFREE prices here dutyfree.buzz/alcoholic-beverages/teacher-s-1l

Yummy_Prosciutto says:

Seems like a good bloke who really loves his whiskey and has already had a few.  

славян я says:

не знаю, что он говорит, но виски говно!


so you ranking this on par with great king st???? and you gave naked grouse a close 82? but you are so correct on what you had to say of our taste buds changing daily,,seems like one night it tastes smooth the next its bitter etc and those good nights are rare too so to have ones palate perfect ready is rare

evhvariac2 says:

Thanks for reviewing this. I got a bottle and am really enjoying it. Tasting it side by side with HP 12. The HP obviously has stronger more distinct qualities but for the price the Highland Cream is amazing. Plus $50 left over for a couple dinners.

Siniša Petrović says:

great review mate, subscribed 🙂 Cheers

TheJStamey says:

Please tell me you didn’t use the word “nigger” at 6:35 into this review.  I’m hoping it was something else that your burr obscured.

Jackass Whisky and Pinto Beans says:

This is 43% abv in the States.

Dave Fromstave says:

Ralfy is the best.

Jakob Jakobson says:

I’m sipping the exact same whisky while watching this. I really agree on the most part.

Jason Debly says:

You may be tasting Ardmore, but not GlenDronach. The latter was a core malt of this blend for a very long time, but no longer due to a change in corporate ownership. GlenDronach has been replaced with another malt and hence a lot of the reason for the change in flavor. At least that is my take.

uniformal1 says:

So teachers Highland cream vs Johnnie Walker black label?

Which one is the better value? or should I be comparing it to red label?

Randy Warren says:

Ralfy I have to tell you that this stuff is so smooth, and I think quite tasty. I’ve tried black bottle, and I actually like the teachers scotch better. With a little water added, it is an excellent blended scotch. I had to do a bit of searching to find it in Indianapolis Indiana. I finally found it, and couldn’t believe how cheap it was to purchase. Just thought I woul
d share my opinion of this more than affordable scotch.

jrichardsonsix says:

Ugh I’ve just drank a bottle of Jura origin single malt over the week and I bought a bottle of this ugh it’s like someone’s poured a bottle of whisky through an ashtray. The only way to drink this is to close your eyes and down it as fast as possible. Marks out of 100 57

Lorand Deka says:

I decided to try Teacher’s for myself mostly because it’s been mentioned by you a number of times through the reviews. For a first taste of peat and scotch in general I’ll admit it’s very different and challenging but I’m enjoying it. Thank you.


please ralfy
i cant find teachers 12 blended . can you help

Andrew Stanton says:

How many years do you wait before re-reviewing?

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