whisky review 450 – Black Bottle Blended Scotch re-reviewed

. . . this used to be a classic peated blend scotch, but with recent re-branding it’s not so peated now in smell and flavour.

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John PS says:

A shame to change this nice blend.

themaltbar says:

Ralfy do you know if the 10 or the 18yo have this same drastic change?

becraul says:

In Spain we do have the black bottle with the old form. Does this mean it is the old version for sure?

Nitron DSP says:

that got pretty philosophical towards the end … eh, I might start stockpiling, i am pretty young

MiserablerHurensohn says:

The new Black Bottle has showed up here in the States. It was cheap enough to take a chance on. For the US market, it’s bottled at 43% and it looks less caramelized as the one you poured in the video. Even though it’s nothing spectacular, it seems a decent value for the money. I may add a bit of Caol Ila or Talisker D.E. and maybe it will be more like the Black Bottle of days-past.

DoctorPicklesMD says:

Hey Ralfy. I found a bottle of Batch 6 A’bunadh at a local bottle shop and I was wondering if there’s that much of a difference between the unopened bottle of batch 42 I already have, and if it’s worth paying about 95$ USD for

Brendan R says:

What a true shame. The old BB had character and was an excellent blend. Not sure where they dug up the “old recipe” but did it ever occur to them that they changed for a reason? With rye whiskey making a comeback because of how it blends for cocktails, why would BB take all the character out of their blend, which had to be better in cocktail than this Dewars White Label rip off that they have now.

Christopher King says:

Glad I had one of the previous NAS bottlings last summer!

It was a very nice blend but I would have preferred some more heat… It was very well balanced at the expense of a memorable peat moment.

Rikitocker says:

What did you think about the NAS standard version of Black Bottle Ralfy? It has just hit our shores here and looks to be the old stuff, not the new bottlings.

Rikitocker says:

Cheers Ralfy … we in Australia are getting Black Bottle (2016/17) now in the old Bottle … not the new Bottle you seem to have there, are we getting old Black Bottle Remaindered stock or is this the same Black Bottle you are getting in the old Bottle?

Voncile TV says:

I really enjoyed your video. Please check over out my channel. If you like, we can do a sub for sub. Xoxo

Luis Wells says:

I admit I never tried the previous Black Bottle. However I really enjoyed this expression. In the USA it is 43% ABV. I found it very easy to drink and quite flavorful. It seems creamy and sweet with a small hint of peat. I bought it for $21(U.S.). I found it to be a very enjoyable drink for an excellent price.

Freddie Slaughter says:

How does that compare to Monkey Shoulder?

Daniel Osegueda says:

Ralfy , just bought on old bottling but the label is different, its still a green bottle but the the design in the front has been replaced. It’s not the black colored bottle and I was wondering if you tried it and how different are the 2 green bottles, the original which you reviewed and the newer green bottle with the newer label. Thanks!!

David Caldwell says:

two cases of Black bottle by Gordon Graham & Co.
from before the fire that burnt down the distillery and lost the old receipt in the fire back
in the 1950’s.   I was wondering what you thought the bottles would bring
per bottle at auction.   And which would be the best auction to sell them.
These were inherited from my father who had them in the cases in a wine storage room.
any info would help.


Stephen Malturin says:

Bought a fifth of Black Bottle on sale for around $20 USD today. It certainly isn’t the blend I remember…it is good for the price, but I have an overwhelming urge to mix in a shot of Laphroaig. Cheers sir, keep up the good work.

Billy Hughes says:

Aaah….this is a disappointment.  Was gonna buy a bottle of this from the online retailer I use but I will NOT now based on the review.  Wish I would have bought a bottle of this a few years ago before the change,…..

themaltbar says:

Looking ahead Ralfy, think it might be an idea to maybe tuck a bottle of this new BB for a 2014 earmark, should they be able to succeed in recapturing the old peaty recipe… strictly a reference collectible.

Michael Lynch says:

I just bought the new bottling of this having never tried the orininal. I actualy bought it because of Ralfys older review. For me i thought it was a good scotch however its most likely because im comparing it to similar new bottlings. Im envious of all the whisky knowlage you have but sometimes ignorance can be bliss.

John Byrne says:

I found bb on Islay when my son asked the locals in the pub what they drank, so we did too then bought 4 bottles from the grocers for £15 each. Wonder what the locals will drink now. As for me am interested in an Aultmore but my favourite font of knowledge (Ralfy) hasn’t reviewed it yet it seems.

Luis Luaces says:

Hey Ralfy, what is the highest mark/score you have given in a review ?the top three highest rated maybe? I know you have mentioned it’s sort of irrelevant but I’m just curious. Thanks, great videos/reviews by the way!

Moo says:

I’ve found my local nisas to have the old black bottle in.

It’s a real shame what happened to it I just can’t get into the newer one.

Christopher Cobblewright says:

Bottled at 43% here in the States.

John PS says:

Give it a try. Managed to buy 2 bottles of the old one today.

Finch Gould says:

I just had a dram of “the new” Black bottle right after a dram of Nikka from the cask (very good!). Not a good idea! The BB didn’t have much nose to speak of and tasted “watery.”  A disappointment, even for the price. If you’re on a budget ,try Bushmills Black Bush, a cheap Irish whiskey with a good nose and good taste, which Black Bottle lacks!

Adele Williams says:

Ralfy, youre bang on with the banana!! Couldnt put my finger on it but you’re right…!

renz82 says:

I found a bottle with 43% here in USA .. amazing taste .. not sure why you say 49?!

Jason Debly says:

Black Grouse was another blend that was initially very peated but then was abruptly changed to more sherry influence. Not a good change.

Dan Green says:

Ralfy, love your whisky reviews – nothing like them on the net.  Coincidentally I just bought a bottle of this three hours ago based on your old review, but I’m pretty sure I got the peated Islay version – it says “original blend” and it’s in a green bottle.  I sure hope so!

I happen to live in Japan and I confess, I find your reviews of Japanese whiskies especially fascinating – most of all when you discuss your travels to Japan and the differences between Japan and Scotland culturally, and how they impact whisky production.  Have you by any chance tried the Nikka “From the Barrel” blend?  Quite an unusual and distinctive whisky in my opinion.

spankmeister says:

Nabbed a bottle of the old stuff today. They had another one on the shelf so I might just go get that as well. This new version doesn’t sound like my cup of tea tbh. 

Dave Martin says:

very tasty!! Great Value!! Bought a bottle in Webster NY. Better than the grouse or ballantines or teachers… Some Islay peat.. replaced by highland and speyside sweetness..

themaltbar says:

Hi Ralf well done stuff.
Do you suppose a drop or two of
Caol Ila or Ardbeg could coax this blend to somewhere where BB used to shine. Or is it just too different ?

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