whisky review 491 – Bank Note 5yo Blended Scotch @43%

young honest blend with a decent conversation for the senses.

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g man says:

Hey sorry if you have already done a review like this but would you mind doing a review on your top find single malts we would like to know thanks

Neil McKelvie says:

My go to blend. Similar’s and as nice Fat Trout, Isle of Skye 8 YO, JW Black.

J Frank Parnell says:

I get this stuff at Bev Mo in Southern California for $19/bottle and sometimes as low as $15.  By far the best value for a quality blend that I’ve found (and am likely to find). 

David Hembree says:

available in all our grocery stores, drug stores and liquor stores here in Cali and worth the small price tag!

Thomas Ray says:

Ralfy, just like a fine single Malt you just keep getting better and better the longer your at this. Dont ever stop!!!

alan wilson says:

What’s your oppinion of cocktails? Does Ralfy ever sit down with a Manhattan or an old fashioned?

Professor Plowmeister says:

@ralfystuff which scotch did you rate the highest?

stringchild says:

I get this for $21.99 in my area (St. Louis, Mo. USA). It’s very good. I bought all the bottles the local shop had months ago and recently saw they got some more in, and I bought a bottle so that I don’t drink all of my Balvenie 12 double cask. Lol. It’s one of my top go to blends. It’s every bit as good as Dewars 12. There is another Store in St. Louis Total Wine and more and they have a blend, Monarch of the Glen 12 yo. $18.99 USD. It is my absolute favorite blend. Bank Note is always a solid choice. Blows Johnny Walker away. Nice review.

TheCrazedRepublic says:

Hey Ralfy,
do you plane on making any more reviews on gin. Also what kind of gin would you recommend that has more of a juniper influence than other botanicals, that is not Tanqueray?

John Henfrey says:

Thanks for the review Ralfy. At £20 a bottle that really does sound like value for money.

prisoner06 says:

I LOVE this blend. I can get it in the local store by me all year round for about $25 a bottle.  So, cheaper than JW Black and IMHO 2x as tasty.  For a “silly” treat: enjoy a dram of this and then follow up with some Larceny bourbon.  A punny pairing to be sure but surprisingly compatible. Great review as always Ralfy!

musicisakindofloving says:

Would love to see you do a review of the “Bushmills Single Malt 16 year Old” in the future…

ch .kuhn says:

19.99 + tax and available in the Chicago area. Just had my first sip and had to sit down. Headin back for a 2nd bottle to add to the Armageddon stash tomorrow! WOW! For $20?!?!?!

Papaflo says:

Hi Ralfy, Love your vids

Do you have any experience with the “Mcgibbon’s Provenance” independent bottlings, there seems to be a lot of them about with reasonable prices on 20cl bottles – would love to hear your thoughts

gerwin pot says:

Ralfy, what’s your opinion about The Snow Grouse? I am a little curious about that blend that you should put into the freezer…


Hi Ralfy, I was wondering if you could give some tips on the Compass Box range, I loved Spice Tree and Oak Cross, could you recommend any others? Also a malt mention for you…. Malty Malophiles!

zeusminator says:

Ralfy we all want the same thing for WR 500, please don’t be shy, make a striptease, and you can leave your bunnit on, is now or never   😀

Ken Sanders says:

Fair score for, as you say, a decent blend for sipping or mixing.  I wonder if there isn’t a touch of Bowmore in it as I think I sensed a faint hint of violets?

Frank lampard says:

My favorite blended whisky. And only $18! While the age statement says 5 years, I get the impression there’s some older whiskies in this.

Matt Niswonger says:

I picked up a bottle of this locally for $17 and I am truly blown away. I prefer single malts, particularly well aged Speyside single malts, and I don’t usually care for blends. This is actually really impressive stuff for the money and I like it straight with a couple of drops of water. It’s young, so it isn’t going to be a smooth and complex drink, but for $17 it’s money well spent and a very good daily dram. It’s also refreshing to see an age statement and not have a ton of caramel coloring in it, as well as having it bottled at 43% instead of the increasingly standard 40%. Thanks for the recommendation Ralfy!

Thom Barden says:

Be careful, there’s a Cyberman watching you!

Rallerboy888 says:

Could you be persuaded to revisit some single malts? Perhaps Glenfiddich 12 or a different standard bottling that’s widely available? I am genuinely pleased with what you’re doing now, but oftentimes I can either not access or afford the bottles you review. Whilst I realise you buy for YOU and not for us, a revisit to some simpler things could be neat. Great review!

Jay Bee says:

Ralfy is the Jack Nicklaus of Scotch reviewers on every level, but mostly for his wit, intellect, and kind heart.

Judah Smith says:

I picked this up a few weeks back. It was an impulse buy. Generally I buy single malts, but I was extremely intrigued by the bottle, and color of the spirit. It was delicious. I truly enjoyed the experience, and I find your review is “spot on”. I think for $20, here in NY, USA it’s a great deal. Definitely a nice “budget” sipper. An unknown lil gem. I’m a purist, I don’t mix. I drink my scotch either neat, or with a drop of water to open it up, and on rare occasion a cube of ice. But I generally only use ice with cheaper spirits, or some bourbon whiskeys. But I digress, to sum up your reviews are very informative, and entertaining. Keep up the great work, Ralfy.

Fetz17 says:

Hi Ralfy, what are your thoughts on Lauders Blended Whisky and Campbeltown Loch 5 year old Blended? Both have been recommended to me! 

TheJamesawesome says:

Any plans to do any Irish whiskey reviews anytime soon? 🙂

JP Lewtak says:

Ralfy, do I understand correct? Five-year-old blended whisky must have spent in casks at least 5 years, i.e. the youngest component must be at least 5 years old. Does it mean that we treat grain spirit from Coffey stills as a component as well? Hence, does it need to also spend at least 5 years in barrels? If so, then I think it is not viable to mature the continuously distilled spirit in barrel; since a distillery is waiting for it anyway, it would’ve been much better if a nobler distillate was inside. Could you please dissipate my doubts?

Maltfusion says:

I have fooled experienced malt drinkers with Black Bull 12yo which goes for about 38€/32£. 50% malt, 50% strength and sheer quality of casks delivers one classy blend experience.

Nabicus Maximus says:

Tried Cutty Sark, put me off blends.

TheJusnic82 says:

Ralfy in a way you remind me of that dude on the “most interesting man in the world” commercials about that nasty dos equis beer hahah I don’t know why but you could make some badass whisky commercials like that 🙂

Ruslan Sirota says:

What a positive guy!! Seriously able to take so many perspectives on things!! thank you so much!!

Unclejona says:

Nice one Ralphy , as always, good luck on the 500 (hope you’ve got something good planned)

The Persian Atheist says:

Try some Albanian Konjak ( Skenderbeu)

oliver dosh says:

im new to whiskey drinking having just turned 21 this June and sadly haven’t had the extra funds to buy whiskey for a few months however watching your whiskey review always brightens up my day almost like im enjoying a malt moment myself 
so thank you Ralfy for the joy you help foster in my life by sharing the joy whiskey brings to yours. 

degmar says:

For clarification – this is a better whiskey (83) than Johnnie Walker Blue (82)?  I have a hard time believing that.  When you rate a whisky, are you factoring in non-taste qualifiers like price, packaging, reputation?  

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