whisky review 537 – buying scotch whisky in 2015

. . . the technique of avoiding disappointment !

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B says:

Greetings from Canada your channel is an gold mine !!! It s a shame we are restricted by government monopoly on spirits, we can’t do online/independent orders….

Turner C. Moore says:

The Fourth Annual Whiskey Obsession Festival will be held March 30 to April 1, 2016 in Sarasota, Florida. Join dozens of master distillers and professional brand ambassadors as they present over 200 whiskies from around the world.
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=effaR6VmB6g.
Website with ticket info here: http://whiskeyobsessionfestival.com/tickets/

dotri 1967 says:

Good point on the free market! All I can say to that is Amen! Brother, you’re preaching to the choir here.

Ciuparezu says:

what can you tell us about claymore wiskey? do you have a review about it?

wiplash says:

you have to try the the hidden Jewel of the Caribbean El Dorado 21 Year Old Special Reserve Rum

Gregor Horne says:

malt nuisance

Mark Nelson says:

Ralfy; I don’t have an educated palate, so I was inspired by your videos, to go out and try some Scotch. The best value for money I found, was Monkey Shoulder, by Glen Grant, at $50 U.S. Per fifth. I live in Washington State. I went to the local liquor store for this price. Then, I saw the same bottle online, from Malt Masters, for $24.95. I definitely feel ripped off now. Thanks for the heads up on marketing!

Brian Smith says:

Hi Ralfy ,
As a fellow malt mate,
Would you mind recommending a scotch that is the most similar to Springbank 12 year old cask strength?
It is currently unavailable where I live
Thanks a Bunch

Jack Dry says:

Hi Ralfy. Have you ever tried the Broger “Burn Out”? Austrian peaty whisky. http://www.broger.info/whiskys/#whisky-burn-out

Bryan Usrey says:

The proper term is persuasion knowledge for what you are talking about in the beginning of the video. I really want to try that Islay Mist 12 at some time. I used to buy the basic blend when I didn’t have the cash for malts.

FMichael1970 says:

Honestly – I haven’t purchased a bottle of ‘scotch’ in several months…Instead I’ve immersed myself in American whiskey (Kentucky bourbon, and Tennessee whiskey), and I haven’t looked back.

With the NAS, and rising prices on ‘scotch’ – I find whiskey from my native USA a much better value, and as good – if not better quality.

DilutedDreams says:

Yes indeed. We get royally boned on everything here in Canada. Liquor is pretty bad up here, but our tobacco tax? Through the roof.

Mea Culpa says:

The TotalBiscuit of Whiskeys

petestrat07 says:

I just subbed to Ralfy today and what I didn’t expect is to hear the little gems of wisdom that he provides in regards to government, marketing, media and consumerism. Way to go ralfy!

577666 says:

3.5 minutes into your vid and you are talking bullshit boring.

JClar72 says:

i had questions about scotch and realized that 3/4 or 1/2 of the way down a bottle the flavor is Lost. I won’t be buying scotch anymore, what is the point so only 1/4 of a bottle is to be enjoyed and after that the flavor gets Lost, no more, what a waste of money, but i guess the only way it would work is if you find 2 or 3 other pple that can enjoy the bottle on the same night and everyone just pay a 1/4 of what the scotch is going to cost???

A_Wise_Young_Man says:

0:40 What the fuck are you talking about you daft twat?

Sherry Greene says:

Ralfy, looking for a lovely single malt for a Christmas gift for an experienced whisky fan. Would be willing to spend $100 USD but less is okay too. Can you recommend a few please?

Woody Holmes says:

Nice wink economics, Ralfy….you know your Steve Keen.

jim glegg says:

love ur honesty. Crack me up.

Abraxis86 says:

In the equatorial tropics?! If you want mosqitos try the Canadian Boreal. They will eat you alive, no joke. I remember last time I was up there, I woke up to go for my morning run. I soon found I wasn’t running for leisure I was pushing my pace to stay ahead of the damned blood suckers. I distinctly remember looking behind me and seeing a dark cloud in hot pursuit. Nasty business. Beautiful mix of forest and rocky terrain along the shield though.

Ralph Reneau says:

Bravo! This is the best video I think I have ever seen of yours. I know it’s somewhat older, I am not someone who always watches videos in order, but you pretty much said exactly how I feel. Especially being someone from the U.S. where whiskey/whisky has become ridiculously popular in the past few years, so now no matter what you do you most of the time feel like you’re paying for B.S., or at least I do. If it’s bourbon/American whisky you get some story about how they’re running out and it’s the last barrel ever, or you’re paying for grandpa’s traditional once in a lifetime recipe, or how they found the secret lost barrel stolen by pirates lol. Or if you’re buying scotch over here they play on the fact that some of us are so removed from any historical/cultural/world knowledge that they try and tell us either 1. That magic elves made it, and show us a mix of clips from Braveheart, and Keebler Elf commercials lol. Or 2. That scotch is a drink for the rich and/or elderly aristocracy, and that it is beyond our reach as common people, and so we should be more than happy to shovel out loads of money to get a taste of wealth. And if we don’t want to spend that kind of money we have to drink blends that are so bad that great blended Scotch producers like Compass Box didn’t use them, because they were they weren’t sure they were whisky, or if someone had too much to drink at the distillery, and used the cask as an outhouse lol. Well I’ll leave it at that, but I just wanted to say thank you for saying how a lot of us feel, because I have no problem paying for a great enjoyable experience, but as you said there is nothing more disappointing than going to buy something you might have even saved for only to want to spit it out at the people who marketed it. So once again thank you, I do quite enjoy your reviews. 🙂

Norman Lao says:

Hi Ralfy! I absolutely LOVED this video and for me…and I agree that it is disheartening to buy a bottle of whisky and feeling that it was a mistake = buyer’s remorse = not wanting to continue tasting.

I have found great success with Drinks By The Dram. Their themed “flights” (like Islay Tasting Set: Bowmore 12 year / Coal Ila 12 Year / Laphroaig Triple Wood / Kilchoman Machir Bay 2014 and Bruichladdih Batch 2) are 3 cl samples which essentially have allowed me to taste five different whiskys, all of which informed me in one way or another, if I wanted to continue my experience with that product with a FULL bottle purchase or if that tasting was enough. Because this endeavor is a rather expensive one, it is nice to be able to try before you buy.

However I THANK YOU for your incredibly well produced and informative videos. You always give me something new to think about.

jim glegg says:

oh, duh, it’s special J&B

Greyswindir says:

Thus far I haven’t come across the Islay Mist in America Ralfy, but I’m keepin’ my eyes peeled!

Guy Sebastian Chard says:

The Glenlivet 18 is a great example of poor quality whisky with a high price

Gregor Horne says:

whisky pest

Jaemin Yim says:

Can you do a summary list in your videos of the lineups of whiskey. I sometimes do not have time to watch through the whole video and a breakdown of all them in worded format would be nice!

Ben Dhiman says:

Ralf when I come down to Scotland can we meet up for a wee dram and discuss this wonderful nectar of the gods.

Mclean Gordon says:

The whole “bourbon” thing really pisses me off. Scotches should NEVER try in any way to taste like bourbon. I can get bourbon, aged 4 years or less, for under $15 that will taste more like bourbon and more better than any bourbon-aged scotch. Just stop. Be the spirits of the malted barley. Bourbon is totally different. It’s corn, or maize for you euro peoples. Totally different.

doug bulldog says:

oops no disrespect i spelt ye name wrong cheers Ralfy

cfosterk says:

benriach 18 dundas is lovely – a heavily peated whisky ‘finished’ in dark rum casks. I know £70 is steep but i now work on the basis of cost per year!!

Chris Sétian says:

Well the taxes here in Jordan are 200% for Tobaccos & Alcoholic Drinks !

Dankzzz says:

BenRiach is a darn good destillery..

doug bulldog says:

Happy New Year Malt mate Ralphy as always great entertainment while i sip and swell the new Year in have a good one ye ol whisky dram

thisguy12343776767 says:

Yes! preach free market economics! It really bugs me how much a good scotch cost in the U.S. a bottle of Lagavulin 16 is $80

Du Sky says:

Subject: Why do some otherwise fine whiskies smell like barf?

Hi Ralfy, DuSky from Vancouver in beautiful British Columbia. Thanks for all your Malty Majesty Matey! Your reviews are an essential part of my technique for avoiding disappointment. But as you point out, nothing quite matches the experience from the glass. I would like to get your feedback on a particular aroma profile that ruins an otherwise fine whisky experience- bile or vomit smells. Once I pick up these notes the rest of the experience becomes more of an effort to choke the rest of the bottle down, often a real (expensive) shame!

jim glegg says:

ralfy, good stuff, but I just notice J&B on the shelf. Why?

Jon Phillips says:

I could listen to you talk all day long.

chris lurring says:

great man great (said in Scottish accent), just found you ralfy, will be following you closely as I intend to build up a wonderful collection of whisky once more. many thanks chris


Very honest and real talk.

Tamages Kadub says:

great review. thank you sir!

Joshua Simmons says:

So I’m new to Single Malt Scotch (started drinking it 4 months ago). Since then I have purchased the flagship expressions from each of the active Islay distilleries, except Kilchoman because it is not available where I am. I have purchased the “Classic Malts”. And a few others I have had my eye on, Craigellachie 13, Tomatin 12, Auchentoshan American Oak and Springbank 10. I am caught between wanting to continue along the lines of the “Classic Malts” range and focusing on particular distilleries and purchasing their range (affordable expressions) to add to my collection. One particular concept that has my eye are the distilleries that still malt their own barley (The Balvenie, Laphroaig, Bowmore and such.)

Good idea, bad idea? Good start above or spreading too thin?

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