whisky review 550 – Black Grouse blended scotch

. . . a pre-mix sherry-peat-smoke liquor that offers a peat-blended moment for less money than many other whiskies.

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Heather UpChurch says:

Just found your channel recently and I love it! We’ve picked up the famous grouse a few times and liked it ok (better than some others at a lower price point that we’ve tried), so we decided to try the black and we kept getting this horrible iodine/medicine-y taste at the end that was just awful. Would that be the ashy note you mention or could you tell me what it might be so I don’t ever get anything with that in it again lol? Thank you! 🙂


and btw famous grouse only gets better as the bottle lessens

Michael McKillop says:

The first thing I notice in this, and indeed the normal Grouse, is the Highland Park “hot water bottle” note on the nose. Anyone else get this?

Paulius Berenis says:

How about Black Grouse Alpha Edition?

itsFisch says:

Sad to see what’s happened. I used to defend The Famous Grouse quite aggressively a few years ago. I need to find a cheap blend. Glenmorangie is burning holes in my pocket.

Je Gad says:

Is this the same as “Smoky Black”? This has different packaging. I prefer the cheaper, regular old, Famous Grouse.

Jacob Crim says:

Its so much cheaper to drink at home, and you dont have to worry about the driving situation…its a winner


ohh really ralfy ,you are a rude snob when it comes to the famous grouse,,i found it to my licking as a perfect sipping whisky that lacks all the harshness,fiery bitterness of snob whisky drinkers ,,mix? really? and you think george dickel was a good sipping one??? haaaaaa i would not mix me piss with that one

JoeSzilagy/ aka: Joe Slant says:

Strangely, that part of the video from 13:21 to 13:28 reminds me of something an old girlfriend of mine used to enjoy, though I can’t seem to recall exactly what it was. Hmm…..

dirk diggler says:

You know he did it before he started the video just to make sure lol

Melanie says:

Just had a the Black Grouse on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California with a wonderful dinner at the Churchill room. Went well with food. Who knew? Really enjoyed this and ended up bought this when I got home.

TheZlantan1926 says:

hi Ralfy,which is better black grouse or famous Port Wood Finish?

B U says:

Something about this review. You didn’t seem in all that great of mood. Even though the whisky got an 83, not many positive remarks were said. I hate to see your thoughts on a really bad whisky.

Sophie Watson says:

Hello Ralfy.
Love your videos! But will you do a review on Lidl’s Abrachan scotch whisky?

scobev says:

missed seeing a new review today! hope u are okay!
God bless & keep u safe!

GeoNeilUK says:

I take it you’re not a fan of the Grouse!

It is the default whisky though, still, could be worse, it could be Bell’s!


you forgot the smoky black grouse

PeatSmokey says:

Ralfy… have you (or anyone) tried the Cutty Sark “Prohibition” blend?
its 50% abv at $26. and readily available in the States.

Thomas Müthing says:

Ralfy, pubs are DYING all over the UK because people drink at home!

SirTrollingham says:

Quick question, here in Canada a bottle of Black Grouse costs substantially more than Teacher’s ($35 to $24, after tax), yet you gave them very similar ratings. Do you think that it would be worth paying an additional $9 for the Black Grouse?


geezus christ, Ralfy!

david brown says:

Hi Ralfy, will you be doing the black grouse alpha edition. saw it in waitrose in more polished packaging than the normal black grouse.

ummglick says:

“Dearer”..wot a strange meaning for more expensive….. black is ok if you are on a budget.

Gerald Rivard says:

Dear sir how do you feel about Duncan Taylor 12 year or the 18-year the blended Scotch what’s your what is your take on this particular Blended

Chuck Iringtwice says:

Hi Ralfy! You mention peat in this whisky. How does that taste come to be in Whisky? Filtered through it? Added? Thanks for your being here to help us novices out!

Aaron Davies says:

Ralfy! I love watching your videos. Here’s a unique malt mention for you. Hello you malty heart warriors! Its a shout out for my son, whos my little heart hero. My 2 year Nathan has a condition called Ebsteins Anomaly that affects 1 in 200,000 people and he’s had 20 surgeries in his first 2 years of life including 6 open heart surgeries. It would be cool if you gave a mention to all of the little heart warriors out there in one of your videos. Cheers!

Andre Rebuffi says:

Hi Ralfy! I have a bottle right here and it is 43%, is this another “version” or just a mistake?
Your videos are really something else! I’ve watched a lot of them over the years, it’s great that you do this! Congratulations!

MRswiftkow says:

i really dont like a whiskey that is too sweet, like a jack daniels honey tenessee whiskey, too sweet. with this grouse, does that sugary taste really plant itself on your palette?

Hayden CL says:

Ralfy, please do a french Whisky review!

Kip Strange says:

Great channel by the way. I’ve been drinking whisky about ten years but i’m more of a cask ale fan. Really enjoy your tasting notes. Ha ha my wife and i get a bottle of grouse every weekend although i like The Macallan.

Caroline Volkner says:

So famouse grouse that bad huh?

Saltire says:

Haha Ralfy telling it like it is as always! Don’t know enough about blends just now, but want to experiment with some of the decent cheapish ones to see what I can mix them with; and save the single malts for another time. 🙂

Steve Walther says:

Great smoky blend on the rocks…delicious..

AloofAntares says:

Haha, really smooth pouring in the end. Exact on the mark.

William Wong says:

One of the most entertaining vlogs Ralfy 😉 I like it when you are right on the ball! If you can make a vlog of this, then why not of the others which you find not upto the mark, so that we as buyers – BEWARE & TAKE CARE!

Ivo Pires says:

ralfystuff The beginning of the movie, it’s so FUNNY! Keep going with the good humor and the great reviews.

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