whisky review 571 – Lagavulin 16yo re-reviewed 2016

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TheParadigmShift says:

Too bad Lagavulin ruin their product by adding fake coloring… I usually buy Ardbeg as they do not add e150a caramel

Holcombi says:

what order should I drink Laphroairg 10 Ardbeg 10 Lagavulin 16 and Octomore 06.1?

Thome90 says:

Lagavulin 16 and Ardbeg Ten..my two heavily peated whiskys i could drink every day….Laphroaig not so much….besides the peat there just isn’t much else to it in my opinion

Bocaj says:

Hopefully Ralfy will be reviewing the 8 year…

barry smith says:

dont know if i was lucky but my batch was amazing much like that of yesteryear batch began with l6155 but was similar too johnnie walker black but more notes to it even leathery tastes seemed unreal i suspect newer casks were involved but this was somthing different to the newer stuff i have tasted recently

Gnyus-1 says:

This is my favorite to date. Love the strong Peat and smokiness of this whiskey. Perfect for the end of day wind down.

llnorthwindll says:

@ralfystuff – really enjoyed your review sir (not that I needed reinforcement for my love of Lagavulin) – your command of language is beautiful. Subscribed today, can’t wait to spend more time on your channel, and maybe be swayed to try some different whiskeys!

Matt Young says:

Not a fan of this stuff. I don’t care too much for clove flavored whiskey. I would say it has a peety / clove like flavor.

TellMe IfItsReal says:

I would have rated my recent purchase of Lagavulin 16 as a 70 out of 100. I returned my bottles to the store and received a full refund. Luckily I had the discipline not to video myself smashing them in the street with a baseball bat.

Mr Moff says:

My favourite bar none. I’m drinking Laphroaig tonight.. A noted change, But I’d far rather be drinking the Lagavulin 16

Dave Martin says:

Put it in a good screw top bottle. Like a ‘Teachers’ blended scotch whisky bottle. Screw type bottles keep booze as close to its original condition when bottled as possible. Or even the cheap plastic screw tops from cheaper supermarket booze.

Mark Wilson says:

Lagavulin tastes better than Highland Park 12 yr old, at least to me – not too sweet.

Rockdoc St Augustine says:

I understand what you mean. My cousin had a bottle of Glenlivet 12 from the early 90’s in his cabinet. It was much more complex than the bottle I had purchased earlier that month. Scotch is much more in demand these days so quality has been tossed aside. This is not to say that the Scotch is bad; it could be much better and not so hurried.

kevin p says:

just picked this up at costco for ($58.99). First experience with a single malt with this much smoke/peat. Loved it!! Up until this point I would have told you my favorite scotch blended/single malt would have been green label/Macallan 12yr… I think this replaces both those even though it is completely different. thanks for the reviews ralfy.

South Dakota Dude says:

During review #93 you poured a bit more and took a sip neat and later put some water in. In this review you put water in right away. This alone, more so than the year of the bottle, makes them much different. I think this is why your malt mark went down here. How about you? I enjoy your videos. Thanks.

Paul Mainwaring says:

I am surprised that Ralfy doesn’t give this a higher mark, this is a phenomenal Malt and the mark doesn’t reflect that. Of course there are better and much, much more expensive pleated malts but as a Malt this is outstanding.

cassius969 says:

tastes like a housefire

Holcombi says:

Islay single malts are what made me fall in love with scotch. Ardbeg 10 was my introduction but everything Islay I’ve tried has been magical and wonderful.

Malt Mondays says:

Hello fellow whisky lovers! Please check out my review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KisCx6rQKm0&t=201s
I’m just getting started and would love to reach some new people!

MrAppie9090 says:

The lagavulin 16 is my only mainstay whisky, to me it’s one of the best peated whisky’s out there. It’s really an accessible peated whisky, smooth and smokey and really complex. It doesn’t overwhelm the tastebuds like some of the heavier ones.

G Art says:

Am no a big fan of peaty whiskies, I find them too harsh. Not many of my pals are fans either & we’re all Scottish.

Lycosa says:

Yep… It’s still 16 years, they cant lie. But yeah more younger zing in it… I like this whisky, my first whisky ever…. islay single malt scotch. Next whisky will be a sweeter with less smoke

Mike Morrell says:

As far as your tip goes about storing your bottles strait up, I lost half a bottle of Johnny walker blue by keeping it strait up. The cork dried up and the whiskey evaporated. Had to destroy the cork to try and get the remains out and it tasted terrible. I agree that distillers should be using modern corks for better long term storage. I’ve got a Johnny walker green pure malt 1 liter I’ve been holding sideways for years. Are you telling me it might also be spoiled?

swankrecords says:

Real men drink Lagavulin 16.

Amit Sribhashyam says:

Lagavulin and Laphroaig , the only peated Malts I can ever enjoy !

Ex0rz says:

Recently bought the 8 year old… Was a bit afraid of the young age and the high price tag of 60euros (same as the 16yo). But I remember you saying  something about the age just being a number and the size of the cask… Not regretting my purchase! I think my mate just bought a bottle of this 16yo… Gonna taste today and compare!

Вячеслав Куренной says:

Пол русски можешь разговаривать . Видео пожалуйста перевод. Спасибо за ранее.

luelladream says:

I disagree with your rating , I believe is too low for such a prestigious full bodied scotch .

Truthspoon says:

Tastes good as soon as you open the bottle, but after a couple of days it loses its freshness and seems flat and suddenly lacking in spark. Advice with this one is to drink a bottle in one go with a bunch of fellow connoisseurs, drink it while it all holds together.

Thome90 says:

there are many people that don’t give the whisky time and don’t add water even if it has like 46 vol….how do i know whats right? is it a matter of taste? or is it a matter of alc % or just the whisky itself? whats the right way, please teach me senpai

Harley Dangan says:

I love Lagavulin! Although I disagree that peaty whisky is an acquired taste because I instantly loved peated whisky the first time I tasted it!

The Ileach (cask strength) is also good but you have to splash enough water to it to reduce the harshness but too much water will mute the flavor.

Martin is god says:

This stuff is amazing. Takes a real man to sip this

Gustavo Miguens says:

Hi Ralfy, I’m from Argentina and here, the Lagavulin 16 is too expensive, so I had the chance to get one from a friend travelling from Spain to Argentina. It cost me 47 euros. Do you think it would worth it? I never try it, I love smoky whisky 🙂

David Brudnicki says:

I love Lagavulin…and Daleks!!! Great job on this review.

Mag Gad says:

Hi Ralphy you mentioned some other peated whisky produced outside of Islay worth trying, but I don’t know the spelling of some you mentioned. I know Longrow & Benromach, but what are the others you mentioned ? thx< =)

MisterHardTruth says:

I don’t drink Whiskey really. Certainly not to this depth. But I was doing research on Glenfiddich for an ad campaign I was doing a while ago. I stumbled across your channel and ever since I check back in. I find your reviews very interesting. Even as someone who only drinks Jack Daniels and coke on a Friday night. haha.

Ethan Donohoe says:

Opens to a coconut an vanilla cream. (Sea salt) kinda crazy but wow! 1 third h2o and 2 1/3 fuller. Lagavulin (16 year scotch whisky) what does this guy say I’m 2 min in. To a 24 min video.

Tudval Stone says:

I first had it 15 years ago and it was very good. 5 years ago I was disappointed as the peat was much less., but it was richer and sweeter. so still good, but in a different way The last bottle I bought a few days ago is a total let down. It’ very peaty ,again, but less polished.. very hot (peppery), harsh almost undrinkable for me… I’d never guess it’s a 16 yo. Definitely the last Lagavulin I’ll ever buy.

Rian Creamer says:

Seems a lot of less than favourable comments on this at the moment . . .

I opened a bottle I got for my Bday (Feb) recently and was surprised by what I got. This was probably the 1st whisky I’ve had any real expectations about though – namely a bit of a rich, smoky, peaty thing, something ‘like’ Uigeadail. 1st impressions were of a rather thin spirit that didn’t seem to deliver any of the above, perhaps a bit of a smoky taste. However, realising I was perhaps skewing my judgement I thought I’d reassess with a more open and enquiring mind . . .

First off – adding water was a no no! Just thinned it out too much. A bit of air time really helped bring out the sweeter notes. Definite peat/smoke and sweet notes on the nose but not as heavy as say an Ardbeg. I actually really liked the taste – reminiscent of licorice torpedoes at first then a wave of smoke followed by smoky tea and dry notes. A touch of bakers ginger in there as well. Very pleasant. I know Ralfy isn’t a fan of ‘smooth’ so I’ll say it went down remarkably easy – no harsh notes whatsoever. Like standing over the penny tray in a sweet shop whilst the living room out back burns and peat smoke creeps through the door!

Sorry for long post but this one puzzled me and I feel I’ve learned a valuable lesson or 2! Avoid Having expectations or pre-judging a whisky and be prepared to give it some time, and at least a few nips before drawing any conclusions. Overall, enjoyable but feel it is over-priced. Seems like batch quality isn’t so consistent and a higher abv and NCF would really help this imo!

A6 C64F says:

I’m a Beer guy who knows some about Beers, I can count on my left hand how many times I’ve tasted Whiskey 🙂 Somehow I stumbled upon this video and made up my mind to buy a bottle 😀 Guess what, I f*cking like it 😀

reptilianskin says:

I really like Lagavulin 16 very much. But I consider it a luxury experience, and therefore do not drink it often. A more affordable Islay single malt that is readily available where I live is Bowmore. But the best value for money in my opinion is Blended scotches. They are so many out there with flavour profiles to suit the majority of tastes.

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