whisky review 594 – Springbank 10yo scotch (re-reviewed 2016)

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Rian Creamer says:

Ralfy, hope all’s going well over in Bonneville 🙂 This or Clynelish 14? I am one of the two year, ‘newbies’, you refer to in the vlog; and as they seem to both be quite distinct and ‘characterful’ malts, which would you recommend I gave a try? Thanks

I have tried Glenfarclas 12 and definitely thought it tasted more ‘musty’, rich and had more Earthy tones than other whiskies I have tried. – possibly the dunnage storing and fired stills?

Amir Barda says:

I believe Ralfy delays the malt Mark because it is exceptionally high.. I would say over 95 I think he’s making sure ..between 95-96

maciej wrotek says:

Ralfy how is Your liver doing ?

Spehmaster G. says:

Ralfy.. Have Springbank just changed the label or is the whisky different too?

Brian Skala says:

.Just brought my second bottle yesterday. .hard to find. They went with a redesign and more simple. Love it but wish they went for a canister! This bottle is more diverse then when I bought in 2014.

Aaron Hanes says:

you should review Bundaberg Master Distillers Blenders Edition 2015 Rum

tino v says:

my first springbank thx to ralfy but for sure not the last one top malt for your money

Nicholas Rodriguez says:

I’m loving you’re videos Ralphy thank you for all of you’re reviews. I like you’re insight and the way that you explaine the spirits in depth. Usually I look to you’re reviews before I buy anything. Thank you for u for the good work and I was wondering if you can do a short series of aperitifs I’m interested to hear a review of yen raki, uzo, vermouth, grappa i.e.

Rusty Scalf says:

You don’t mention that fact that this is a Campbeltown malt.
Is that not significant?

Ty Hargett says:

Ralfy, I got to try a bottle of Springbank 10 tonight. I also picked up Glendronach Alardice 18, and special Jim Beam un-chilled filtered bottled at 50 abv, a vatting of 5-6years old. Oh boy I’m spioled for choice as you say. Springbank is more fresh fruit to me. Apple, white grape juice, some pear and peach, and a good deal of all the berries that I was made to pick as a kid for jams, pies, and somtimes for wine. There’s some of the smell of a blown out candle on the taate, on the finish rather. And a little bit of bourbon barrel abd vanilla all the way through. Ralfy, your right, Springbank is something else.

Marc Wiebe says:

should i buy this or the 12 year cask strength?

Jennifer Tacbas says:

Hi, Ralfy! Just opened a bottle of Springbank 10 with my husband and enjoyed our experience! In you review, you mention you have a Facebook page, but I can’t seem to find it. Could you please give me the link or more information? We are fans & have been since we started our whisky journey last year. Thank you!! Jen

TheMaalis says:

Hi Ralfy, thanks for a great re-review. I have become quite familiar with the 10 yo Springbank, and I was thinking whether to try the 12 yo Green or the 15 yo next. I believe they are quite different, which one would you recommend if you’d have to choose one?

noel monkey says:

How ya ralfy quick question sprinkbank 15 cud u review plz

Mikko Pylkkanen says:

Ralfy, your latest Benrinnes review is labeled as private. Probably by accident…

UnboundOdysseus says:

Ralfy, I want to thank you for this review. Scotch is fairly expensive in Ontario, Canada so I don’t spend recklessly. I took a chance on this Springbank 10 because of your review and could not be happier! Lovely stuff. If you have time, check out my (admittedly amateur) whisky blog. Sláinte !

David Kasman says:

Stop worrying about Ralfy’s “malt mark”. A mark won’t tell you how it tastes and smells anyway. It’s obviously good stuff and not crazy expensive. Just buy a bottle if you’re curious and decide for yourself! It’s like cars, you can read the reviews and use them to narrow your selection, but until you sit in them and drive them you can’t tell what they are really like.

Dave Badingo says:

Ralfy I could listen to you all day. I have been drinking the malt mixture for 43 years and never tried Springbank. Guess what my next one is? All the best on the salt.

U.S. patriot no more says:

‘A hint of wasabi’?  Wow.  I’ve never associated wasabi with Scotch whisky before.

Manhattan No bartender can get it right says:

I opened a bottle of this and 12y cask strength about three weeks ago, drank them down to the Springbank print on the shoulder of the bottle in the first few days, didn’t like either of them and Ive previously had the 12 and enjoyed it.

Came back to them last night and they are really agreeing with me now! Dont know what changed but it was in my favor. Grossly overpriced (as most scotch is) but good if you an afford it.

Paul McArthur says:

Ralfy! Just tried a Shieldaig 18 yo and purchased the 12.  Was wondering if you had tried this and would love for you to review it!  Cheers, malt maroons.

TheMakhnovist says:

Hi Ralfy. Thank you for sharing your whisky passion with us. I’m a big fan of Springbank and drinking both the 15yo and the 12yo Cask Strength at the moment. I would really love to see a review of the Springbank 15yo – I don’t think you ever did it?

Powerslider says:

Bought this and was blown away by its phenolicness and freshness. Left it half full in the bottle for 2 months and it turned dusty and boring, particularly on the nose. Reminds me i need to co2 my opened whisky’s…

Bob Roberts says:

Hi Ralphy, I’ve decided to review you. I hope your sense of humour is as strong as the cask strength scotch you like so much.

The Box
Modest, simple, but how many of us enjoy drinking our scotch in a rural outhouse?

The Nose
Problematic, chips, grease, congealed fats, B.O. Would you sit beside him on a bus? Not on you Nellie. His manky coat looks as if it escaped from a charity shop in the 70s.

First taste
Surprising, not at all like Rab C. Nesbit. Educated, articulate, perfect grammar, this is an academic in schemie’s clothing. Probably a teacher or a lawyer in an earlier
incarnation. Strangely addictive. Downright engaging.

damillionmalania says:

Since you asked, there was the futurist/transhumanist philosopher Fereidoun M. Esfandiary who changed his name to FM-2030. He rejected names based on ethnicity, religion, gender and so forth and went with 2030 because he thought it would be a remarkable time to be alive and that humans would have found a way to stop aging and live forever by then. Sadly though taking all kinds of medical precautions to live until 2030, he died from cancer in the year 2000 at age 69. Probably due to not drinking whisky, but that’s just my personal theory. 😉 I think his body is still in cryonic suspension and some have hopes that they will be able to ressurect him in the time he so much wanted to experience.

A bit nutty, but yes, someone changed their name to at least include a number! And he had the colorful mind to go with it.

William Candrick says:

Great review. And you look great! Keep up the healthy (balanced) life style!

Tommy Lee Jones says:

Ralfy, how come you taste this entire list of things? Is it experience, or do you taste many things on the side so that you could recognize them more?

Bill Knotts says:

I could only watch till you added the water. Adding water to that fine craft whisky requires you be taken into the nearest glen and shot.

battery opera archives says:

“ugly” …yes I agree. Lovely work , sir.

cfosterk says:

the new 10 is a fantastic dram ralf. not sure about the new packaging, but quality contents!!

Brian Skala says:

this stuff is fantastic concoction of sea and fire!

Eamonn OToole says:

A smashing whiskey. I bought my first bottle at the weekend after having sampled a few drams in various pubs. Upon opening though the cork broke (well crumbled) and, despite my best efforts to remove the remaining quarter of the cork it fell in. I almost cried! Couldn’t be bothered driving an hour back to the off licence so my Springbank 10 now resides in a Laphroaig bottle. All offending bits of cork removed 🙂

Drunken Tailer says:

Sprang for the 15 today meself for my first Springbank. Lot of barbecue(hickory wood smoke) on this one! Fantastic! Worth the extra cost here in the US, but probably not too often! The light peat smoke was there when I popped the cork, but I covered the glass for about 45 minutes as I was busy. It transformed into classic wood smoke! Excellent whisky. I plain old do not like peated whisky(after about 12 years of serious whisky drinking and many attempts to acquire that particular taste) and was happy to find this really isn’t one. Great stuff. I will be going for 10 as well in the coming months. Only one shop with 40 miles carries Springbank and I got the second to last bottle of 15 on the shelf. It has been on the shelf forever though. To be honest I had looked at the Springbank before but was unwilling to take the risk given the US prices($59.99 for the 10 here and $93.00 for the 15). So glad I came across your plethora of Springbank videos.

Unity Gain says:

In my state we have a Liquor Control Commission. They determine what can be sold in our state and how much it will cost. For years I’ve been told that Springbank was not on the approved list. I was surprised to find a single bottle of Springbank 10 year old had just arrived at my favorite shop today. They were just as surprised and a little confused. I generously took it off their hands. Thought I’d open it up and enjoy it along with Ralfy’s review tonight.

This story does get even better. They also had one other surprise in a recent shipment. They received a single bottle of Glenlivet Nadurra that they did not order. Generally I wouldn’t buy such a thing as they tend to be NAS. This one however is a 16 year old cask strength example. It’s non chill-filtered and 60.2% ABV. Life can be awesome sometimes.

halstof67 says:

“Some things do not change”: the magic of true single malt Scotch Whiskey.
“We live in strange times:” The science of oxidization. (or, how to keep the olde magic in an already opened bottle)

At the small gas volume levels of a bottle of whiskey, the elemental molecular weight isn’t the determinant factor:

(never mind the first intelligent but hopped up/stoned poster, but consider the proceeding posts, and “eddy diffusion”).

The proceeding was written for red wine, but applies to whiskey:


Standard aquarium airline tubing from Walmart. About a 3.5′ section with a scissor-cut “V” in the end that goes in the wine bottle.

1) open a new bottle and place it on a microwave or something similar a little bit elevated from counter-top
2) place a rubber gasket cork over the opening of the bottle
(they used to be available in black only, a pre-LGBT variety – not that there’s anything wrong with that – other than allow me to make fun of you as I make fun of myself – IOW: once you’ve had Black, you never go Back 😉
3) keeping the gasket cork over the opening, only raise as much as necessary, insert the “V” end of the air hose all the way to the bottom
4) place a receiver vessel below on the counter, and insert the Private Reserve gas canister’s tube into the wine bottle along side the airhose
https://www.amazon.com/Private-Preserve-True-1026/dp/B001AS4NCM/ref=sr_1_1?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1470977406&sr=1-1&keywords=private+reserve (or buy whatever non-oxygen canister you want, this one has good reviews)
5) start a siphon into the smaller vessel below, as the wine bottle drains, blow short bursts of the Private Reserve canister occasionally, keeping the rubber cork as firmly in place as can be
6) Keeping the rubber cork in place, pull the hose and canister tube out when enough has been drained and shove the cork in

True, as Ralfy has said in a previous master class, it takes about a year for a half filled bottle of Scotch to start to go “flat” (too oxidized to still taste as vibrant as day one uncorking), but it still would be advisable to pour a freshly opened bottle into a smaller vessel and reseal via this technique for superior storage.

Zachary Fazzio says:

Hi Ralfy. Would love to see you do a video on “Building a Basic Whisk(e)y Collection”, or some other such title. Perhaps not so much a list of specific distilleries or brands, as availability can vary so very much from country to country. Maybe more of a list of types or categories, a la “a top-notch Speyside, a good Islay, a wheated Bourbon, a special edition or two, a solid rye, a good Blended, etc.”….Just a thought.

Takis B says:

Hello there Ralfy from Greece! I have been watching your videos the past year and started to learn about whiskey from you!I really thank you very much. I have tasted about 20 drums and i have read about many more. I really enjoy Highland Park 12 as an introduction to next level, when i go out i drink Glenfiddich 12 cause is affordable and easy to drink but i want you, to suggest me the best REPRESENTATIVE in your opinion whiskeys by region. I think my kind of whiskey is a little peated but i want to taste the represenative types from all scotish regions. In my list there are Springbank 10, Glenlivet 15, Balvenie Double wood 12, Bunnahabhain 12. I really dont like the Macallan whiskey and the lagavulin. I hope you make a video with suggestions by region so a new taster can have an idea of the whole picture. Thank you for journey Ralf!

Johan van den Berg says:

I always have a bottle of Springbank 10 on the shelf. It is brilliant. Any plans to review the Longrow 18 year old? It’s currently my favourite.

Benjamin Abraham says:

Review a South African whisky such as Bains

Ryan says:

Hi Ralfy – I suggest reviewing the Benromach Sassicaia Finish if you can find it!

Homer Simpson says:

You teach us as much about life as you do about whisky!

Slàinte Mhath says:

A very informative and engaging whisky review! But where is the malt mark? 😉 Isn’t it lovely how everyone is insisting on a malt mark? What is the difference between 90 and 91 anyway? How does a ralfy 90 compare to a Serge (WhiskyFun) 90 or a Michael Jackson 90? Are they the same? And what about comparability across the years: Is your Dalwhinnie 15yr (rated 90 in 2010) really better than Lagavulin 16yr rated 87 in 2016? The regular viewer knows that your ratings have become stricter in the past years. Probably good timing for a vlog on malt marks and what they mean?

KingSlayer says:

Hi ralfy! I put whisky in a mason jar and add toasted white oak, the color with in one to two days gets dark in color, my question to you is why whiskies that have been in the barrel for 10 or 20yrs not as dark?

Stampistuta says:

Am I correct in saying Springbank malts their own barley?

Dramned! ! says:

Words say enough, no Malt Mark necessary, I think 😉
Next to the Bruichladdich Ten for me this is the best 10yo malt available!

David Cristelli says:

I would love for you to do a video on travelling to different regions. I’m going to Speyside in a few months and would love to hear your advice on which distillery tours are best, where to stay, etc. Cheers. Love your reviews.

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