whisky review 611 – Antiquary 12yo Scotch Whisky

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Tomislav B. says:

Ralfy, can you please suggest some more whiskies that get significantly better with leaving it in the glass some time before tasting?

Mark McColl says:

Swapped it for Bells? Maybe he was a masochist.

John Henfrey says:

Thanks for the review Ralfy. Have dropped behind here a little I am afraid

Brian Duncan says:

Brilliant! Thank you.

pannerden123 says:

please review a Millstone,because….well,I dont realy have a reason just a suggestion. thanks

Ossie Weinert says:

Terrific review Ralfy! I’ve learned a lot and I’m enjoying my whisky more from watching your reviews. Thank you, Ossie

Daniel Feldman says:

You are a tough grader. Hardly see you give out anything above an 89. I mean who would want to try a scotch whose grade is in the B range. I’m sure there are some scotches that have blown your socks off, but I bet you gave them grade of 92 or less.

spankmeister says:

First saw this one in your line-up in the previous video, then by chance I came across a bottle at my local bottle shop. I bought it without knowing anything about it other than that your review was forthcoming.

TheJohn8765 says:

I completely agree with the time-scale approach to tasting whisky. I don’t drink much scotch, but when I do, I like to go from neat to well-watered, just to see where that scotch likes to release the most flavour (and then make a note of it). And I might take over an hour or so to finish an ounce of it. It’s really amazing how good quality scotch changes with such small incremental mods. Hell, even a crappy blend can approach palatability if you give it a bit of time and some space.

I’m genuinely envious you can get such a nice blend for only ~$30 CAD, Ralfy. The best we have around here for such a low price point is Teachers (which isn’t anywhere as good as it used to be).

Can you recommend some likely candidates for those of us outside of the UK?

Joel Weidenfeld says:

Oh yes, the English are the most sycophantic wanna be royalist morons ever to walk on the planet, however, your friends father might have had a better reason, a real reason, he probably, if it was something he couldn’t afford, didn’t want to spoil his tastes….he didn’t want what was available to him to SUCK!! It’s like in America, if you liked cigars and Someone gave you a great Cuban cigar that you couldn’t afford or even get , why smoke it.

Alistair MacFadyen says:

One to taste at Christmas, thank you Ralfy….excellent review

eric gilbert says:

I usually just mix Rob Roy’s, but I could try coke.

Alexandre Kassel says:

Hi Ralfy I have something to ask.
I believe youtube has a feature allowing you to add automatic captions to your video. It doesn’t work perfectly, but it definitely help us, hearing impaired and deaf, to catch what’s going on on your reviews, which I’m sure are great but still have to find out about that.
Could you please use it ? It would be great.

Triplecap says:

Picked this one up based solely on this review. $29.99 in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Remarkable at the price, I’ll just leave it at that.

FirsToStrike says:

There’s a new Tomatin 12 bottle, 43% ABV, would you consider reviewing it Ralfy?

Steven Calwas says:

A nice breakdown and exercise of taste elements in order to achieve a enhanced whisky perspective. Thanks! One thing: The “Blend,” “Single Malt,” etc. cards could use a refresh. They’re getting pretty grubby and worn out. Just try not to put on too much weight replacing them. 🙂

Kelly Drover says:

Thanks for the malt moment Ralfy…. I hope you make a stand alone series on tastings. It just needs to be put down for reference so we can get the most out of our hard earned money. Thanks again Cheer!

Saltire says:

Love the bottle design, almost like a Platonic solid.

jumpingwhale says:

ralfy could it be time for a nice clynelish, or are they to rare or a mortlach. i never tasted a good mortlach snifsnif

Jackass Whisky and Pinto Beans says:

One  minor quibble.  It’s not really widely available in the states.  Only two places I have found(on wine searcher)sell it(at decent prices).

Paul Mannion says:

Hi Ralfy, I picked up a bottle in the auctions that I think is from the 80s, would you expect this to be better than the currant version ?

David G Anderson says:

This episode is a prizewinner, Ralfy. Your “single blend” description is worthy, and the wait-time technique is useful. The fifteen minute rest time must allow for the volatiles to flash off leaving the base notes naked and unmask’d, so to speak.

Jimidrammer says:

@8:38…Notalotawata 😉

Juan Montilla says:

Hey!! Ralfy I’m a big fan, love your reviews. Would love a re-review of Cragganmore 12

No Nonsense Whisky says:

Nice one Ralfy. I had seen this on a shelf but passed over it due my list already being so long. Think I may bump it up a place or two though!

Elizabeth Long says:

◔ ☼ ◔
..^~^ ..always goOd ‘;;;’

bmitch167 says:

nevermind I just found your review of it…. excellent reviews all these years!

Lautaro Mon says:

Hi Ralfy, great review.
I bought a bottle a month ago and was impressed.
We have seen a lots of blends that went down in quality, this one, is not the case.
At some point, it reminds me the old black grouse.
Cheers from Buenos Aires.!

Reb Mordechai says:

Shalom all you Malty Mensches.Our Whisky club is called the “Malty Mensches”.

A Mensch is Yiddish for a really good person. Someone who everyone respects for the way they behave and the good things they do.


WhiskyWhistle says:

Superb review, Ralfy! What a futuristic bottle – Battlestar Galactica characters might have drunk such a whisky. Tomatin – have you tried their 14 year old? Sounds like this is your favourite blend since I started watching. I am very thankful to you for my ‘Ralfeducation’ – you should offer diplomas for those who surpass 500 episodes with an exam!!

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