Whisky Review: Ardbeg 1815 Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Today Daniel taste and reviews Ardbeg 1815 Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

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11:27 – boof

** What’s with the necklaces?

Rex is a whiskey mooch. His necklace is a manifestation of pure glory – forged from the irradiated bones of eagles and wolves. Also a tube sock.

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It’s time to break through the emotional bias with facts and science. That’s what this school is about.

** The only valid definition of “good” whiskey is “whiskey you like to drink.”

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contentioushackery says:

I feel like this whisky deserved this episode.

European Engineering says:

I think once a week a video like this should happen. Just Daniel and no Rex. Let him nerd out because fellow nerds like myself really appreciate hearing his thoughts and insights uninterrupted. Love ya Rex, but the occasional change of pace is refreshing too!

Michael Angley says:

I love you Daniel, but I miss the mooch! It’s like there’s only one testicle now…

Jonathan Cousin says:

Rex is good but his was also good.

Darrian Weathington says:

Daniel just had a whiskey mini podcast by himself. And it’s kinda great

Mose Chun says:

Why do I feel through out the video, that Rex is going to Kung Fu the door in at any given moment, and take the Ardbeg 1815 with him? Chad must have edited the video in such a way it seemed Daniel was looking back at the door. Brilliant, but there will be consequences.

Michael adams says:

More videos like this please

Davide Pagotto says:

Daniel, you (Magnificent) Bastard ahahah! Can’t wait for Rex’s reaction! And btw, thanks for making me fall in love with Laphroaig! Greetings from Italy

Darryl Mosier says:

See more of an example of the need for Daniel week!!!!!!!! Sorry rex you had your turn.

Holden Hunter says:

is it just me that’s waiting for Rex to swoop through the window like S.W.A.T?

Shirosen says:

… Let’s have a Rexless week…

cmdrmeldoc59 says:

‘Tis the start of Daniel week!! (Ish) this is exactly what we need! Feels so refreshing to just have talks about the whisk(e)y, and I’ve been missing it since last Christmas calender.

Daniel Vermaas says:

@ Daniel: New wood (virgin oak) doesn’t suck up whisky but new make spirit as the spirit is not whisky yet. Maturation in wood transfers new make spirit into whisky…. Other thing 🙂 Is it not possible to create a poor mans Ardbeg 1815 using Dalmore/Glendronach 21 and ad a few (or more) drops of younger Ardbeg to it? (preferable it should marry for a few weeks to be effective) You know what I mean 🙂

Jim D says:

Daniel mentions Christmas whiskey and I’m reminded of his review of the whiskey advent calendar reviews.

Darrian Weathington says:

Rex! Selfless? Dan your the funniest small person I know.

Pat McDermott says:

Tasting notes and everything – I had forgotten what those were! Rex, take a few more days off, Daniel needs his space!

ErrantScholar says:

Can we just have Rex on donation day only. Really enjoyed Daniel actually getting to talk.

Shawn W says:

The only thing that would make this better would be live with a split screen of Rex going nuts not being able to try the Ardbeg

Oroth Zin says:

Rex’s punishment for forsaking Canadian whiskey week. He shall NEVER find the unicorn Ardbeg but must smell it lingering in the air. mwa ha haa! Awesome episode today! Love the shenanigans but it’s nice to chill once in a while also. Hope Rex and family get better soon. But still no unicorn Ardbeg.

Dylan Northrup says:

Sounds like quite the special bottle! Looks awesome too! I’d want to keep that to myself too, lol… Lock it up, so Rex can’t find it!

Karl Porter says:

Lol…Rex is gone and there are in-depth, on topic tasting notes. Rex always tries so hard to pull things back to giving notes.
And the image is even a bottle-cam close up

gwaihir windlord says:

I’m torn. Great review for those of us who like spreadsheets but miss the scoundrel.

H Hildering says:

Nice gift from Brad..around 5000 euros over here :O nice review Daniel!

Rebel1776 says:

Yes move to Halifax, I would only be a few hours away in Maine. lol

Maddin56 says:

You are one evil man Daniel

wolfloverify says:

i think its good to get some solo episodes. Gives us a break from the ball busting

Andrew Pryde says:

When Rex comes back his moochy powers will grow bigger than you could even imagine. Don’t poke the Spirit Eagle, Daniel. Rexweek 2, Electric Boogaloo seems to be incoming.

nope avi says:

The mooch is losing his power!!

Andrew Kall says:

Is it just me, or does Daniel look more hi def than he does when Rex is around?

ty buxton says:

Does anyone have any recommendations for whiskey aged in cognac barrels? I have been struggling to find any.

Vincent Gerard says:

This is brutal.

djr 001 says:

Usually I find myself wondering where the in depth tasting bites went, but today I realize that without all the humor and banter, the videos just aren’t as enjoyable.

Jayson Bucy says:

Can I like this one twice, both for the poetic justice involved and for the fine, fine whiskey?

Darren j says:

Why do people, including myself, rub their finger tips again their thumb when talking about tasting something. At 3:05 and 4:27 you do it

Sean C. Brophy says:


Sean Derrick says:

At lunch today, I was retelling how I started down the path of being a whiskey mooch. With the Master, now an apprentice again, I figured you’d like to hear my origin story. It’s a bit of a long story…but glorious.

In Spring 2018 I attended the Detroit whiskey festival. Like any other festival, you get a card with tear-off chips, one chip equaling one whiskey sample. When my group got there, we went straight for the scotch section. The first line we jumped in was Highland Park and I ended up talking to the Rep while I was next in line. He started by asking what I’d like to try. I explained I haven’t tried Highland Park before and normally stick to Islays. He then started a detailed talk about peat parts per million and aging which I was able to follow along with, thanks to the vault. Due to this he seemingly avoided my friends, giving them each their samples and sending them on their way. Meanwhile, he proceeded to give me each of the different whiskey’s he had brought: Including the 10 YR, 18YR, Magnus, Valkyrie, and Dragon Legend. At the end of the talk, he took only one chip and set me on my way with at least a 2oz pour of Valkyrie. I walked away thinking…so that’s how Rex feels.

The most glorious mooch of the night came at the Dalmore both. While waiting in line, my girlfriend and I began talking about a micro-distillery we had just sampled and how it would be good with a cigar. Overhearing us the Rep from Dalmore came around and began talking about how they had their Cigar Malt to sample. When our turn came we chatted up the Rep, sampling multiple Dalmores, for only one chip each. When we turned to leave, now really liking Dalmore, I mentioned the Vault episode about the poor man’s King Alexander III. Explaining that I’ll need to try it if I ever came across it. The Rep stopped, reached under the bar, pulled out a bottle, and poured us a sample. They only brought one bottle and it was a “by request only” sample. Since the Rep was impressed I said it by name, sight unseen…no chip.

I never considered whiskey mooching until that festival. But the spirit eagle was alive and well that day. I’ve been on the path ever since.

Malt Chronicles says:

Quite the bargain at just 5000 euros! Holy hell.

Ryan Layton says:

That throwback toast!!!!!!!!!!

XxXhardcoreshredderxXXxxxXXxxxxxXX says:

I love both you guys! Your videos are awesome. But I think rex should also let you get serious with notes and details as some of us really love to learn more about how these profiles are. However the other half of me is saying: Yes yessss rex and daniel shenanigans because it’s also very entertaining. I think you both have unique styles snd it works well but I’d say rex should just give him more time to speak when its tasting time! Then after let the chaos reclaim its position haha

M Irvine says:

0:01 I miss Rex! Just kidding, appreciated the nerd-out with Daniel.

FiairFlair says:

‘Welcome to the Whisky Vault. Now you may notice something. Something missing. It’s… something. It was right on the tip of my tongue a second ago… Probably not important, let’s get on with it.’ *reviews 33 year old whisky*
Nice review, by the way. Best episode in ages.

Steven Cooper says:

this was simply way too efficient.

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