Whisky Review: Aultmore 12 Year Old Scotch Whisky with Deanston 12 Comparison

Today we taste and review Aultmore 12-Year-Old Scotch Whisky and compare it to Deanston 12.

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11:27 – boof

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Erik Schlegel says:

Love the comparison to a well known whisky. Thank you

Ben Helms says:


Raster says:

Rex if I were a girl or something, and if I ignored the last thing you wrote in reply… the episodes from less than a year ago when you had the short hair cut and the short beard, man you were really cool looking. No, really, go back and look at those episodes.

I can’t believe I just wrote that. I think I’m trying to be nice. (Thumbs Up…, I mean I’m clicking that now on your video, I didn’t mean anything bad like something you should do… OK, I need to stop, I was just trying to say I enjoyed this episode. Are we cool?)


Daniel Whipple says:

The fact that Rex just suggested a nosing kit without calling it pretentious is absolutely incredible. #progress

Jason Michael says:

Lord Farquad, King of Moochland, may I request a double toast to the recent birth of my youngest son, and the 8th anniversary of meeting my sweet Mallory. The only fitting dram is obvious, and a perfect moochy manipulation of the rules of moochitude. So Please raise a glass of Macalan M to us on June 24. P.S. Daniel can have a glass too.

Entenkommando says:

Abomination? I see where this is going…hopefully

kappage11 says:


Jason C says:

If Rex is Lord Farquaad then Daniel should be wary of his gumdrop buttons being pulled off. Great video guys! Request for you guys to review Elijah Craig Barrel Proof

Jakej904 says:

You guys should try Wolfhound. one of the best Irish whisky I’ve had, and its only 18$

Max Huß says:

Daniel. How could you miss this?

Calling Rex Lord Farquaad. I am Disappointed!
I know he is your Boss now and all. But. MAN!
LORD F* wart.

0 Stars. You are not in the Band.

Jon Gardner says:

“Mind Heist” by Zach Hemsey, at the end, in case anyone was wondering. https://youtu.be/QpR4p41F8G4

Christian Deacu says:

I’m early, i just wanted to say. Am I crazy for tasting a heavily peppered steak while i’m drinking johnnie walker green label ?

decentradical says:

I don’t want my whiskey to smell like cheese.

Ach Raup says:


Matthew Morin says:

I guess we will need to provide Rex as a sacrifice to the whiskey spirits. After all, he did break the bone glass.

Eric Wright says:

love how you guys actually make a story out of your videos. its great for the people that keep up with watching, loving the cliff hangers

TheEtinder says:

What I did instead of buying a nosing kit is just go through your house. Most likely you are going to find similar smells to something you pick up in the whiskey. Go to your garage and you most likely will find wood, oil, or gas. Go to the kitchen and you’ll mostly likely fruit, vanilla, or cookies. The more you go around the more smells you would find in your whiskey that you interact on a daly basis.

Dakota Hampton says:

I love snacking on really dark chocolate while I enjoying Speyside or Highland whisky. I got that one from Sir Paterson and it’s a great combination.

Bryan Greer says:

No…Rex is Count Rugen from “The Princess Bride”

Andrew Lamgo says:

Rex you damn farquad.

leon wagner says:

Lord FWad? Master mooch? LMAO

RP says:

honestly… this haircut should probably just be the new permanent look

ExceriusGuitar says:

I’m glad even you don’t know how to properly pronounce Benrinnes. I have a bottle of it and I literally always call it “Benrines, benrinnehs, benrinnnsss..? anyway, it’s nice”

John Parr says:

1776 Daniel, we became a free country in 1776. There’s usually a huge party on July 4th to celebrate.

adalt84 says:

Lord Farquad

UnknowingPlayer says:

Pretty sure car to car refueling while driving has been done before. In fact I believe it has been done while setting the drifting world record.

Lorensoth3 says:

I keep wondering if the destruction of the mooch glass has freed some unspeakable evil upon the vault… O_O

Entenkommando says:

2:02 got some paint on your shirt Daniel?

David says:

Hey Daniel & Rex. I’ve just watched an episode of Still It: https://youtu.be/uWpf9N90Kqg and wondered if you would consider doing this on the Tribe channel, just because I’d like to know what flavour profile of all the woods you get, and I’ve not heard of nuclear aging before so may be a good experiment. Any of you other tribe guys agree?
Keep up the good work!

Dan Rhomberg says:

THE…ENDINGS>…Ugg! … You Magnificent MARKETING Bastards!…lol…I have never watched every video in a row without fail daily as they come out Vs. going back and catching up…The drama!…The suspense!….The anticipation!….The marketing?….Bastards!…Carry on.

Karl Porter says:

Buttered popcorn

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